Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast

OLP 031: We Are Equally Broked

January 31, 2022
Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast
OLP 031: We Are Equally Broked
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In this episode of Or, Learn Parkour: Join Jordan and Sylvie as they tackle the season of love head on by actually avoiding romance altogether and focusing on self-love instead. Specifically, talking about what about the things they love about having ADHD!

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CW/TW: Mental health, ADHD, explicit language, coughing noises, sniff noises, drug references, loud noises, yelling, rambling, singing, covid-19, mouth noises, garbled speech, discussion of eating food, alcohol, blood


Cover art by: Krizia Perito

Theme: There Is A Dark Place

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Speaker 1:

There is a dark place, but I'm not going no, no, no. My way there is a dark place, but I'm not going. No, no, no. My way.

Speaker 2:

Hi, I'm Jordan and I'm Sylvie. And this is or learn parkour. It's a podcast about ADHD done by two people who have ADHD. We sure do. After all this time. Yeah. Wild. This is what episode? 30. Holy Moses. Yeah. So that's weird Uhhuh.<affirmative> being perceived for 30 episodes and some change. We got some bonus episodes in there. Yeah. That's something. Thanks for listening. Yeah. Whether this is your first time listening to the show or you for some reason have been keeping up on our episode. That's we're happy you're here. Yeah, we are. We are happy. You're here. Bewilder and confused, but happy. So thanks. Yeah. Let's uh, normally we kind of goof a little bit at the beginning, but should we just jump right into, let's just, let's do something completely, not ADHD and just do it. Just get straight to the point. Let's just, yeah, let's just do it. All right. Yeah. So, uh, this week since, well, okay, so here's the thing. It may be the very end of January by the time this drops, but you know, what's coming up Valentine's day Valentine's day. Yeah. Valentine's day. And you know, I understand that people may have some mixed feelings about it as a holiday, but in this house, it is a fan favorite.<laugh> this is true. We do like to decorate Valentine's day, DEC, chorus, just like really cute. I love pink. I love red. I love purple. I love hearts. I love hearts. I really love hearts. We both just really love hearts. I think that's the biggest part of it. It really is. We both love hearts. And I will say I do have mixed feelings about Valentine's day sometimes, but regardless of any of that, it is like the best dessert holiday hands down. Yeah, no, I, I think that's fair. Everyone is pulling out all the stops mm-hmm<affirmative> to get their, their sweeties sweetened further. I don't that's a great tagline. Let's work with that. Sure. Said no candy company ever<laugh> um, yeah. Whew. I mean, yeah. It's Valentine's day time and you know, we like hearts. We like the holiday. We are not immune to celebrating Valentines. Oh, uh, Valentines, Valentines. Mm-hmm<affirmative> uh, I think that's it. That is it. I was trying to think if there were any other good ones. Like I don't, I don't know, calendar time. It's when you do your calendars for the year together, because you were too seasonally depressed in January to work on your 20, 22 calendar. So, okay. But me and who though<laugh> me and who though? It doesn't have to be. Doesn't have to be a coy thing. I know. Doesn't have to be a, a poly thing. No, it does it doesn't that's that's true. It can just be you in your calendar. Well, well, so anyways, it is the season of love. This is true. We are not gonna do anything even remotely in the spirit of that. Cuz we are actually just gonna talk about what we love about having ADHD. Yeah. Cause we're not always super positive, you know, with good reason, like having ADHD, like it's a disability, it's pretty severe for both of us and yeah. It can cause a lot of pain and frustration and just not feeling great about ourselves sort of feelings. Right. And I don't think we're alone in that. And I know that a lot of people tune in to kind of be like, oh yeah, look, these people who have ADHD, but are adults and are doing it anyways and you know, going for it. Like, I, I know that's a like relatable. So I feel like it's important for us to, to talk about some of the good stuff sometimes and what, what better time than to take the romance holiday and make it more about self love. Love that. Yeah. For both of us. Yeah. Same. Yeah. So that's what we're talking about. Yeah. I tell you audience what we love about having ADHD. Yeah. I know. That's so people can sort of have that. Oh, ADHD is a superpower mentality. And to be clear, that's like not what we're doing here. If you feel like ADHD is your superpower. That's awesome. If you hate having ADHD, I'm not gonna say that's awesome, but it's valid. Mm-hmm<affirmative> you're allowed to feel that way. You're allowed to feel literally however the you want about your own and what goes on inside. It mm-hmm<affirmative> is what I'll say mm-hmm<affirmative> so if you think that ADHD is your superpower radical, love that for you. If you don't radical, love that for you.<laugh> that said let's just do it. Let's just do it. Let's just do it. Tell me what you love about having okay. I will do that. Yeah. Cause we're just doing it. We're just doing it. So when I looked this up, cuz I did Google, it match a lot of the things that people said were like, I love having a lot of energy and like I love being really passionate and I kind of relate to those things. But some things that I didn't see on a lot of lists were like, well, so here's the thing you have inattentive ADHD. I do. Yes. And I think that's probably worth noting is that you have inattentive ADHD and I have combined type ADHD. Yes. So our, the things that we love about our ADHD are gonna probably be different cuz we experience ADHD differently. That is true. That is a good point. It makes total sense that you wouldn't necessarily vibe with the like I have tons of energy and like I'm like able to use that sort of passion or whatever the. Like, not that you're not passionate obviously, but yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. Definitely a different experience there. That's a great point. I do have inattentive ADHD. And honestly I think that's one of the things that I love is my imagination. I have gotten in trouble for before many, a time mm-hmm<affirmative> of not paying attention or daydreaming or just going completely off topic. I mean, I've heard it explained of like, if you know, some neurotypical people might think a then B, then C an ADHD brain might think like a then C then square, then horse triangle, then 87 65 cherry pie then Z. And sometimes that can be difficult, but I do love<affirmative> that it makes me think of things that other people wouldn't necessarily think of. Mm-hmm<affirmative> I mean, I'm a creative person. That's what I went to school for. I'm a writer, I'm a theater maker. And I don't know if I'd be able to come up with the things that I've done, if it weren't for the way that my brain works. Mm-hmm<affirmative> yeah. Cool. Yeah. That, that it. Yeah. No. Okay. You're looking at me like you're expecting I'm like good. No, I, I did not.<laugh> you thought like, I didn't know if you had anything of it to say, I wasn't just gonna like bear along. Well, here's the thing, dialogue. You say things sometimes that are like very, very poignant and heartfelt and you're very well spoken if I do say so myself, I think that you art, I mean, I'm very biased cuz I love you very much. And you're my roommate and Bessie and co-host and co Catt, parent. But I think you're very well spoken. And so sometimes you just say things like that and I'm like, yeah,<laugh> like, I'm not gonna goof on it. I'm not gonna take what this beautiful language that you've, you know, constructed for everybody and just on it. You know what I mean? I, I can do that myself when I immediately for get that we're doing a podcast and start drinking bubble tea in the middle of it. So yeah. Sorry about that. Like honestly, it's fine. I was just like, oh Forcey yeah. I mean it is sitting right in front of you. I did put mine on the floor. I'm I'm gonna do that now. Mm-hmm<affirmative> to, to specifically to remove the temptation, to do that.<laugh> to be clear, it wasn't like, I was like, mm yeah, I did that because I'm better than Jordan. No, I knew exactly that that would happen to me too. I just thought my head I'm just, I'm usually so bad at remembering to stay hydrated and like drink my drinks that in any other circumstance that would've been a win, but it's not right now. So I think we should still count it as a win. Okay. Because thank you. It's a podcast and we can edit it out. You know what I mean? Yeah. That's fair. So like the auditory thing, like that's nothing compared to you being hydrated and healthy. And if any of you in the audience have any to say about that, you can talk to me directly<laugh> we will out back behind the Denny's<laugh> we will be posting Sylvie's personal cell phone number. So all of you can message them directly about this. Are we really, I I'm gonna say no. I'm gonna say that's a, probably a bad call. Yeah. I was a little, a little scared, but also a little excited<laugh> I don't talk to very many people. So there was sort of that, that level of like friends, but then there was the horrifying level of like, no, not on the internet. No, no, no.<laugh> not a lot of what my mama taught me is like ingrained. But that one sure is. Yeah. Don't give strangers on the internet, your phone number. Mm-hmm<affirmative> strangers on the internet already know a lot about us cuz we do a podcast mm-hmm<affirmative> so yeah. We're speaking of we are doing that it currently. Oh yeah, we are. So what's the second thing on your list. The second thing on my list. Yeah. I like, I love that's what we're talking about this week. Mm-hmm<affirmative> I love lamp. Sorry. I had, I had to, I had to, sorry.<laugh> just hit him with the anchorman jokes when they least expect it in the year of our Lord 2022. Oh my God. My abs hurt so bad. You can't make me laugh. Oh yeah. Jordan went to the gym. I did. And it was a bad choice. Okay. I mean I do love lamp. Yeah. Lamps are great. They are<laugh> um, but also the stupidest way that we've gotten off track. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about me. I said it embarrassing though. I didn't actually know that. That was from anchorman. I'm I'm just used to people saying I love lamp out of context. So I assumed it was a mean no what? Oh my God. I've never actually seen anchorman. I know that you are on the youngest edge of millennial life, but Jesus, it's not. It's just cause I don't watch movies. Yeah. I don't have anything against them. No, no. Just like that's I I'm not saying you do. It's just like it it's wild to me. Like the amount of cultural touchdowns for people, our age that you just missed completely. Yeah. Like not to dunk on you on our podcast. Jordan has never seen SpongeBob. It's not, I haven't never seen S SpongeBob really? I've seen some episodes. Okay. And I saw the musical. That's not a point in my favor. I mean I did hear it was actually pretty good. No, it, it ruled actually I'm not a musical theater person by and large. It's not my main theater, jive and I don't have the cultural connection to SpongeBob that many people do. I do. It was in case it wasn't clear. I watched SpongeBob so much growing up. If you couldn't tell from, you know, the everything about me. Well, someone had to between the two of us. Yeah. I guess that's true.<laugh> someone, someone had to watch anchorman when they were way too young to be watching anchorman. I've seen the video that Lizzo did. That was a parody of anchorman. The jazz. Absolutely. Yeah. Ya flute. Yeah. Flute. My apologies.<laugh> yeah. A brand of birth control. Is that related? No. It's just like, you know how people sometimes pronounce things differently. Okay. And it starts with a J okay. So it's not jazz it's yes. I see. Okay. I don't, I know it's will, I didn't know. It's will, why does he do anything the way he does things? That's from the question, you know what I mean? I did grow up on like will Ferrell movies. I wonder if he has ADHD, honestly, most white dude comedians that are super famous and super funny or like famous for being super funny. Probably do have something going on in their brains. No, that's fair. We could get him on the podcast. We could ask him. I think I might pee my pants.<laugh> like, I'm not saying I'd be super starstruck by will. Faroh I'd like to think I'd keep my cool, but like what if he's actually that funny IL? You know what I mean? See, cause then I'm gonna me raised on the likes of like Seinfeld and listening to Mitch. Headberg on a burn CD in my brother's car. Like I am, I am. I mean, y'all know that I'm already kind of a bro above all else. Like no gender, mostly fraternity, but I, I am realizing I'm just sort of digging that, like that, just like very Broy comedian energy and I'm just like really? And y'all in on where it comes from and I'm not ashamed silly lore, I guess. So anyways, what's the second thing on your list. Oh yeah. I love all of the people that I've gotten to meet and get to know and be encouraged to listen to the stories of, because of ADHD. Yeah. Yeah. It's empowering. It's that includes me. That's fun. Yeah, it does. That's fun. I love that. I love you bro. Oh, I love you too, bro. That's what I love most about ADHD. So we both have it. Yeah.<laugh> it's like best friend necklaces, but super hardcore. Just so hardcore. Best friend mental illnesses. Best for, well, we should get like some, some matching besty gear for this. Oh yeah. What did we say? We were gonna get besty. Some things the other like we were talking about. Get up, go necklaces. No. Well those are yeah. Yes. Yeah. Like the other day outside of podcasting. You and I remember we were talking about this. We were talking about how we wanted to both get bull ties. Oh my God. Yeah. We have to get besty BOS, besty BOS. That's so stupid. Don't worry everybody. We're not gonna get besty BOS. Oh, okay. I think it might be culturally appropriate. And if you have to ask, it means it probably is. That's fair. But at the same time, if it's not, Hey, if it's not let us know cuz then we can get besty BOS<laugh> whether or not I should wear one. I respect them. Yeah. No that's I think that's fair. That's a fair point. Like whether or not we can, they're just really cool. They're very good. They look like honestly they look like the best kind of tied away. If you have ADHD mm-hmm<affirmative> that's like a built in fidget spinner. Yeah. You don't actually have to tie it. Yeah. It can just hang there. It's like sweatshirt ties, but way less gross. Like fancy accessory, sweatshirt ties. Yeah. If you<laugh>, if you have insight, let us know. So anyways, I, I do maintain the whole, like if you have to ask probably not, but better to ask than never know in the first place. We don't know very many things. That's true. We generally about the world in life. Nothing at all. That's not true, but like we just are very much only coming from our own specific experiences and we don't have any expertise. Oh yeah. Neuro divergence or, uh, BOLO ties. Yeah. That too. Mm-hmm<affirmative> so just as a fun little mid episode, caveat, caveat, caveat, caveat C caviar. Oh my God. I tried caviar for the first time. A few months ago with Jordan and some other friends, we went to like a tea thing before the surge started to clarify mm-hmm<affirmative> and um, it was like fancy tea. Mm-hmm<affirmative> the tea was awful. It was like, clearly the tea itself was an or thought they were not really yeah. Thinking about that. But the food was like so fancy. It was very, very bougie. And they had like a caviar, egg tar thing. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and I've never tried caviar. I don't really think there's ever another point in my life where I would be put in a situation with caviar mm-hmm<affirmative> so I was like, I have to try it. And it was really gross. I don't get it. I really don't get the appeal. But then again, I'm just a small town Midwestern idiot. So that's okay. Yeah. I think that it's definitely an acquired taste. I'm glad that I tried it. Mm-hmm<affirmative> I wouldn't mind it again if someone offered it to me, but I would not go out of my way to eat caviar. Okay. Yeah. Fair. Cool. So, so now we've got our opinions on caviar and VO ties covered. Tell me what your second thing. Oh, what your third? You have a third thing. Sure. I can have a third thing. Oh, if you don't that's okay. I can also talk about my stuff. Why don't you go ahead and talk about your stuff. Oh sure. Okay. So let's see, like we said earlier, uh, I have ADHD combined type, which means I have hyperactive and inattentive traits. Like when you think like I have both traits, you're like, oh, maybe a little bit of each. No. If you look at a symptom list for ADHD, I check all the boxes.<laugh> it's um, it's a lot, I'll be honest. Life is really hard sometimes, but that's okay. So I sent you the list that I have. Oh no. Oh no. Oh, nerve. I can say, I thought of one more thing while you were oh, okay. So I can say it, this is, this is a little bit dismal, but I, as we've kind of talked about before on this show, have some other comorbid brain situations. Yeah. And so I have ADHD, inattentive type, also anxiety, you know, as you do, uh, cheers. Yeah. Cheer, all drink to that, bro. Yeah, bro. And, and I guess I'm just thankful that I have ADHD because I feel like it kind of brings some harmony to those two things. Like if I didn't have ADHD, I would still have anxiety and depression, but I feel like ADHD gives me like a little bit of a little bit, a veg of like, you know, I probably won't get up from my house and go do anything if I just have depression and anxiety, cuz either I won't have the energy too, or I will be too nervous about it. Mm-hmm<affirmative> but at least if I have ADHD too,<laugh> mm-hmm,<affirmative> there there's like the scant chance that it will peak my interest. Yeah. And I will be motivated to follow the dopamine and yeah, there is, there is a very special cocktail that only having ADHD, depression and anxiety can make<laugh> Uhhuh and sometimes it's really beautiful. Yeah. So like one of those, I hear you swirly mixed drinks that has like edible glitter in it. Ooh. Like HYP que. Yeah. Like maybe a little questionable most of the time. Oh for sure. Sometimes it really hits the spot. It's like bougie jungle juice, but yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Love that. Okay. Yeah. So, uh, let's see. Similar to what you said for your first one. Like I really love my imagination and creativity. Like my brain is never still mm-hmm<affirmative> mm-hmm<affirmative> uh, okay. I shouldn't say that my brain isn't never still it's just like my brain is like two modes completely just like runaway train that is jumping several tracks every minute or nothing. Just bliss and ignorance. Okay. I can see the benefits to both. Yeah. So it is kind of nice to like have a brain that either is like very high functioning or like just like off mm-hmm<affirmative> mm-hmm<affirmative> and those really good days are great for me, but yeah, no, I mean like I like how many ideas I have mm-hmm<affirmative> and I think similarly, I don't think I would have the brain capacity to like explore those ideas if I didn't have ADHD. Yeah, for sure. Um, yeah. Uh, second thing kind of spinning off of that. I've always been a very, very good problem solver. Mm-hmm<affirmative> like I definitely read some bill gates quote, when I was a little kid about like, you should always hire the lat person because they will find the fastest, easiest way to get a job done. Mm I, and I really took that to heart. It's a good strategy. Yeah. And like, I know that we have great complex feelings about the word lazy in the neuro Evergen community. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and if you have a really big problem with it, like, okay, I'm saying it anyways, cuz I can it's about my brain. Yeah. But like I think that when we look at people and say like, oh, they're lazy, like obvious they need to rest. It's usually the whole thing. But like for me genuinely is like, my brain is very good at finding the most efficient and quick and easy ways to do things because I would rather be doing nothing. And so I will find, I will find the way to get something and not, not necessarily like, get it done bad. It doesn't mean that it's getting done worse. Like I used to drive people up a wall in school because I would always be like the first one to finish a test. I got like solid grades without having to even like pay attention in class really mm-hmm<affirmative> because it was just like, I find the way to absorb the information quickly, easily, and then I off and just kinda let my brain be chill. Mm-hmm<affirmative> so I really like that ability about myself. Honestly. I think that some people see that as like a detriment in this sort of like productive focus, like productivity focused capitalistic society, because it looks like I'm not trying or I'm not working as hard as I should, but it's like, I'm still getting the same done. Yeah. I'm just like doing it in a way that gives me more time to just vibe. Just making a show of how hard you're grinding mm-hmm<affirmative> for hustle. Culture is gonna be the death of us all slash it already is. Yeah. Um mm-hmm<affirmative> so, yeah. And then lastly, the last thing I have written down, um, is like when I'm having a really good day with ADHD mm-hmm<affirmative> and I'm feeling like very focused mm-hmm<affirmative> but not hyper focused. Right? Like I'm, I'm feeling very like into a vibe with like a group of people and I'm just like turning away, working on stuff. I love the energy you that I get then, because I love the sort of, I'm gonna say some things right now and you're gonna be like, oh my gosh, what are you like a teenager on TikTok? But I really genuinely appreciate the chaos that my brain brings to a group of people because I've been told before that I have a very powerful energy in I'm able to usually just sort of influence what a group is doing mm-hmm<affirmative> and vibing with and how they're feeling. Mm-hmm<affirmative> uh, I call it my camp counselor trait<laugh> it runs in my family and my family. I'm pretty sure we all have ADHD whether or not the rest of my family wants to get diagnosed officially or not. It's pretty clear. Um, and so I think that that is something that at least I attribute to my ADHD mm-hmm<affirmative> and that like, okay, this is gonna sound dark. But basically this is like my justification for why this is a part of ADHD because it's like the trauma of never fully fitting in as a child you're not wrong has really, really shaped me<affirmative> to know exactly how to interact with people in a way that will get them to like me and be on my side and understand how my brain is like working. Cause my brain clearly does not work the same as other people's. Oh yeah. And so it's like kind of like a power mm-hmm<affirmative> I, you know, and I don't always have the, the energy to do that and to be like around a lot of people, but when I'm having a good day and I'm able to like really harness that. Yeah. Like I really like those days for me. Yeah. And for my brain, you know what I mean? Yeah. So not to be like, basically what I'm saying is like the trauma of, you know, never quite fitting in, well, enough growing up kind of just like trained me on how to like emotionally manipulate a group. So yeah. You know, like in, in so many words and I'd like to think, I feel like you're using your power for good. Yeah. I guess emotionally manipulate. I really mean that in the sense of like, if there's an energy and I don't like it, I will provide a different one for the group emotionally like effect and guide. Yeah. Again, the camp counselor trait mm-hmm<affirmative> mm-hmm<affirmative> it's funny. I was literally just thinking about that in the shower yesterday of like, if I had grown up like neurotypical or like attractive or wealthy, I would be like the most boring person alive right now. I would have no personality and no sense of humor. Yeah. That's a tough one. Cuz it's like some people just seem to come by like charm and personality, just like genetically mm-hmm<affirmative> like there are some people who just seem to be born with that quality mm-hmm<affirmative> otherwise, but otherwise it does seem to be more of a like, oh, that person is not neurotypical<laugh>. Yeah. Like I think about, well, I think about this isn't ADHD related specifically, although a lot of comedians do have ADHD, but mm-hmm<affirmative> you see like a lot of famous comedians and historic comedians have been very open about their depression. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and I'm just saying the fact that so such deeply sad people are so funny all the time. Mm-hmm<affirmative> I think that's very much correlation sort of thing. So yeah. I think it makes sense that that would be how ADHD works too. Yeah. And I'm happy cuz you're very fun to hang out with. So you're also very fun to hang out with. Nice. That would suck. We didn't feel that way about each other. Cuz we do share a house. We do share a house. We share a house for years now. Yeah. That would be wild and a wild plot twist. Cause we make this podcast together.<laugh> yeah. We've come up with a lot of ways to spend time together. Yeah. And it would be way, it would be a lot of ways to spend time together if we were people who didn't enjoy spending. Yeah. No that would be so much, it would be so much. So what a plot twist? What a plot twist. Oh my God. But yeah, no, I don't know like the way my brain makes me different. Yeah. I think is sort of the boiling down point. And if you relate to the things that we're saying, mm-hmm,<affirmative> awesome. Unless you're relating to things we we're saying and those aren't things that you like about yourself in which case, like, I'm sorry. Can't relate. But you know<laugh> yeah. Obviously like this isn't like the most deep, uh, you know, think piece type episode, but our last one was kind of heavy and we tried to balance it out a little. So yeah. You know, we just wanted to hit y'all with some like what do we like about having ADHD? Yeah. Oh, final thing. Well, do you have anything else that you wanna say? I mean, I was gonna say that a lot of what I saw when I Googled, like what's cool about having ADHD was like, I like being able to focus on things with hyper focus and like yeah. But we talk about those, all, we talk about those and that can be a mixed bag too. But like I like the people that I've met mm-hmm<affirmative> through going through those phases and I like the way that, that has given me an opportunity to like be exposed to other people's stories in a way that I might not, if I could choose what I focused on a little bit more. Yeah. Yeah. That's fair. Yeah. Yeah. I think my last thing to just tie that in is like, I really do appreciate the community yeah. Of people. Like I think the best thing about having ADHD is when you meet other people who have ADHD or are like similarly neuro divergent. Yes. Because then there is just sort of that like, oh, we don't need to explain to each other. We can just vibe, but nice. So good. Like it is really it's unparalleled, it's genuinely unparalleled. It's really, really nice to meet fellow ND folks and just be like, cool. Mm-hmm<affirmative> you get it? Mm-hmm<affirmative> and also like we're vibing. Nice. Yeah. I know. I have said vibes a lot. Really, really just tick in my bro boxes. This episode, it really does come down to vibes though. It does like what do we say? Telepaths only, I hate explaining, which is not great. Cuz this is an audio medium where we talk every other week and do, try to explain some things I guess, but yeah. Anyways. Yeah. But the community. Yeah. And specifically y'all. Yeah. Cause if we didn't have ADHD, we wouldn't really have this specific podcast. Yeah. So thank you. We might actually be God forbid, really learning parkour. That would be really cool. I don't know why you're saying God. Is that like a dangerous thing? Like you're worried about us. Yes. Oh, okay. Yeah, sure. That's fair. That's fair. I was like, why are you, why are you dunking up poor core. It's really cool. I is very cool. Like it's very, very cool.<laugh> God. The pro boxes. The pro boxes<laugh> I mean, I can't judge you I'm sitting here in my like marketing company embroidered quarter zip. So mm-hmm<affirmative> it is pad on before you ask they did get it on sale. That doesn't help. It's okay. Jordan's com the company that Jordan works for is like really cool. And treats Jordan really well and is like very, very chill, but they are also a marketing company. So Jordan does wear this half zip around now. It's really cozy. It's one of the recycled ones. It's okay. You knows sometimes it's good. It is good. Speak. Like you said, speaking of bro boxes. Mm-hmm<affirmative> it is good to not be checking them all just on my own. I'm here to be Yed with you.<laugh> we are equal. We are equally broke. Equally broke, bro. Yed broke. We are equally broke. You started saying it. Oh, I know. And it's my I'm not saying it's not my fault. It is okay. Oh God. Yeah. It is your fault equally broke. We are we, you and I are equally broke. That's good, Sean. Okay. Um, well on that note, shall we jump onto our next segment? The Domine trampoline? Yes. Please. Let us, how up, skip and jump on over BA boy<laugh>. Is that just a thing now? I dunno. It might be okay. Yeah. If y'all, haven't listened to our last episode yet that will explain BA boy as much as anything gets explained on this podcast. Yeah. Um, I mean, hate explaining. So yeah. Do we wanna explain the DT for who are tuning in for their first time? Sure. Yeah. DT stands for dopamine trampoline. It is a place where every other week we come to hop onto the trampoline of dopamine mm-hmm<affirmative> and talk about the things that are giving us dopamine at that time. Yeah. Or talk about things that gave us dopamine a long time ago. It's really just generally, uh, sort of, we could talk about a hyper fixation. We could talk about something. That's just making a smile this week. Yeah. It's really just whatever the we wanna talk about it sure is, you know, what's your DT this week. So my dopamine trampoline this week is a fun combo of former deep cut, childhood love and current revisiting. And re-experiencing that joy. Okay. My dopamine trampoline this week is the internationally beloved. Hello kitty. Yeah, I forgot. I forgot. I always forget you tell me what your DT is gonna be. And then I'm like, nice. And then like I just get the anticipation built up all over again. Record<laugh>. Yes. Tell me about the sweet, sweet. Hello, kitty. It's hello, kitty. So for those of you who do not know, hello kitty, she is a cartoon character from the Sano company, uh, which is a Japanese company. She originated in Japan in 1974. I, if I remember correctly and was introduced to the United States in 1976, I loved hello kitty. As a kid, a lot of my family is from Alaska. So when we would go up and visit a lot of times, we would end up at Anchorage and the Anchorage mall has a San of store. And this was like the highlight of the summer mm-hmm<affirmative>. If we went to Alaska, cuz I would get to the Sano store and pick out a thing mm-hmm<affirmative> uh, because there was not anything like that in suburban, Southeastern Washington, right in the early two thousands. You don't, it was not even like online shopping really at that point. Like there was, but it was not as accessible as it is now. Now by any stretch of the imagination, you know like history. Yeah.<laugh> you know, like history, you know like culture, like the development of the internet mm-hmm<affirmative> mm-hmm<affirmative> okay. So anyways, this was so the point though, is that you had to go to the San R mall when you visited your family. Yes. To get the hello kitty stuff. Yes. I see hot topic. Not a been allowed store for you then. I don't know if I wasn't allowed or if I just chose hang a right into the like pink bows and, and cats and like Japanese candy situation versus the like when hot topic was actually like goth. Yeah. No, I mean, and ha kitty was at hot topic though. Oh really? Yeah. Yes. Hello. Kitty has been and probably still is at most hot topics. Yes. Same thing with like sailor, moon, Pokemon Naruto. Why do you think I got Yuri on ice socks at hot topic? I wasn't gonna question it hot topic has some good. I believe you haven't been in a hot topic in a while. So I guess I shouldn't say that, but back in the day, hot topic had some good. So leave it. But it, it doesn't look like the type of place that would have hello, kitty merch when you're looking at it. Yeah. Especially when you're just a child. Yeah. It's just kind of scary. Yeah. That's fair. That's fair. Yeah. It's not like I had a whole lot of other people in my life, like scouring the hot topic store, doing reconnaissance to report back<laugh> um, I'm just thinking of all of our friends that you grew up with in Eastern Washington and how none of you would have the guts or the courage to even go into a hot topic until you were like teenagers. I didn't<laugh> like avoid hot topic. I survived to Spencer's gifts as a child. So it's not like I was afraid of hot topic. I just was like, and here's the thing here's you had a bad experience at Spencer's gifts since you're like better. Not no, no, no, no, no. I here's an, there's an important piece of information missing here. Mm-hmm and that was in the dog days of my youth mm-hmm<affirmative> those Halon days the mall was set up so that there was kind of a main hallway that went into the food court. Hot topic was if you were walking towards the food court and I believe still is I haven't, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter was on the right about two stores away from the engine to the food court directly across that hall on the other side was a store called gadgets and goodies, which was basically like an independent store. The top. Okay. So, uh, like kitchen store? Yes. Okay. Kitchen store sprinkles. Like William Sonoma. There we go. Energy. Yeah. Mm-hmm<affirmative> it's like, I've never heard of this store. Okay. Okay. Good to know. Yeah. So I assumed cooking and kitchen. By the way you were talking yes. Kitchen store, Jordan cutter a huge nerd. Super, super that's generat. I know we're both.<laugh> I'm just, it's just fun to dunk on you cuz you were so into cooking from like such a young age. Yeah. Like I benefit directly. I live with this person. I live with a chef. Like it's great.<laugh> but it is sometimes, you know, it's, it's weird that, you know, the second father figure to Jordan was like Alton brown<laugh> anyways. So it was right across from hot topic. Yeah. So it wasn't a matter of like I'm avoiding hot topic. It was a matter of like there's more important to do. Yes. Yeah. The siren call of gadgets than goodies was just too strong for me to resist mm-hmm<affirmative> mm-hmm<affirmative> but oh my God. Good to now. Mm-hmm<affirmative> yeah. I mean most places have hello kitty stuff. Now I feel like, which is nice. That's true. Yeah. Yeah. She's pretty widespread. She is. She's a pretty iconic character at this point she caught on pretty quickly in the United States. I'll I'll just give you a quick history. Okay. So hello. Kitty was a character designed, uh, like I said in 1970, she is a character in the shape of a Japanese bobtail cap. She's all white. She has a little yellow nose and eyes and Whis and a red bow on her left ear. Very notably. She doesn't have a mouth, which is interesting. But apparently like the San company has said, no, that's on purpose. We wanted you to be able to emote with hello, kitty and like not have her like say what she's feeling with her mouth. Cuz she's saying what she's feeling from her heart. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. San Rio. Yeah. Or whatever you gotta say to tell people that you know, to get through the fact that maybe you maybe the initial design, you just forgot to put a mouth in there.<laugh> I'm not saying that's what happened, but I am suspicious artist who designed her first. Her name is Yuko Mizu and she's still alive and kicking in Tokyo. Okay. Well, no disrespect. Like if you really like, hello kitty, please. Don't at me. I also like hello kitty. It just it's a goof. It's a bit for the podcast. I I'm just saying we could ask her. It's true. We could. And if she just forgot to draw a mouse, she'd fit in really well. This podcast let's just get her 50 years later.<laugh><laugh> God, I will say the other interesting thing. And this is, this is all Cento. This is not from the designer. You might look at hello kitty and be like your name's kitty, your cat shape. That's this is a cat, but the San company has specifically said, and this is a quote. Hello? Kitty is not a cat. She's a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend, but she is not a cat. Okay. Okay. Hello? Kitty is like a little bit haunting. Yeah, no, definitely an Elra to that was actually, you know what? I take it back. The mouth was kept out on purpose because if she had a mouth, she would just be ripping out. Incantations. Just swallow the world whole. Yeah. She would be like Kirby become death.<laugh> destroyer of worlds.<laugh> I told you can't make me laugh. It hurts so bad. I'm sorry. We're making a comedy podcast. I'm sorry. I know this was a bad choice on my birth.<laugh> apparently she is a perpetual third grader. Her my God she's on dying. Yeah.<laugh> her real name is kitty white. And she was born and, and lives in perpetually attention. Third grade in the suburbs of London. Okay. She twin sister named hello Mimi. Okay. Or Mimi. I've seen it spelled both ways and like parents and friends who are other animals. I know this because I have stationary in my house right now with all of them on it. That is from the Anchorage Alaska San store. Yeah. Apparently has a boyfriend in third grade, which is what's that all right. Whose name is dear Daniel. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Interesting. Um, and she's just delightful to look at. If you is see her, she is very, very happy looking thing. Very just like sweet cat, bright colors, good times. But she's not a cat. That's so unsettling.<laugh> you? This DT may have not ruin tell kitty, but now I'm questioning, I'm questioning the gospel of fellow kitty.<laugh> you know what I mean? Well, now you can't say no, you know it's too late for you now. God it. You're right. I'm so sorry. This is like the third Eldridge horror I've awaken to this week. man. You know, you can get'em next week. Tiger. It's just a really busy when you're a podcaster. I know<laugh> God. When do we rest? When do we sleep? When do the eye staring at us from the windows close. Never. Anyways, do you wanna hear a list of some of my favorite? Like officially branded hello kitty products. I really do, but I would really like that very much please.<laugh>. So the first I will say the first product, the first hello kitty product to hit American shelves was a vinyl coin purse that had hello kitty on it sitting next to a jug of milk. I remember correctly. All right. I myself love the hello. Kitty stationary. I have a distinct memory of some very cute little hello, kitty candies. She she's charming gal. Yeah. Her whole thing. Her whole vibe is kind of about friendship. Yeah. Like international friendship, communicating with your friends and you know, being open to the world, like that's been kind of a big thing in their branding is like she's in all these countries because she makes friends worldwide and I just think that's delightful. Okay. So she's, she's not just an algebra chore. She's coming for pit balls thrown<laugh> cause shes trying to be, you know, miss worldwide. You Mr. Robot. I'm so sorry. Oh my God. It hurt so much. Sorry. Oh good. Okay. Oh, sweet mercy. Um, do you got anything else for me? I was gonna, I was gonna tell you my list of the best all time. Hello? Kitty products. Okay. I thought that's what was happening. Oh no, I, sorry. I got sidetrack. Cool. You know, that's never happened on this podcast before of like my personal favorites, but like this is like top list. There is right now on the Sano store, like 24, Kara gold. Hello, kitty jewelry for thousands of dollars match. That makes sense to me, people love this cat for that cat. People love this third grader.<laugh> who's shaped like a cat, but is not a cat and doesn't have a mouth, but people do love her<laugh> and myself included. She's real cute. Yeah. You know, I grew up seeing hello kitty stuff and being like, I want that. Yeah. So like I get it. Yeah. Universal appeal. Yeah, for sure too bad. She's gonna swallow us all whole, you know, but she made her lot brighter while we were here that counts. All right. I still have some like hello kitty postcards in my room right now. I better fire those off. Well, I still can. Mm-hmm<affirmative> all right. Tell me these products though. For real, there was between 2005 and 2009, a Airbus plane, uh, that flew for Eva airways in Taiwan. It was the hello kitty jet. It was illustrated with hello, kitty on the outside. And this was like a commercial passenger airline that flew for them for four years. I actually knew this. I knew about this amazing. Cuz I've seen pictures of the hello kitty plane. And it's amazing, right? Oh yeah. I would fly on that in a minute. Oh yeah. I think they ended up having a couple of them. Um, makes sense. And it would be yeah. Yeah. Love that for them. Mm-hmm<affirmative> there was also from an Italian company. Hello? Kitty motor oil. Okay. Which is perfect for, in my opinion, the best and from me most coveted. Hello kitty product of all, which was a hello kitty branded Louis Viton mini Cooper. Hello? That sounds so unnecessary.<laugh> what the. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I love that. Hello kitty is getting her weird little Eldridge fingers in like every market mm-hmm<affirmative> she's just diversifying her portfolio and I respect it, but also hello. So she's just got her little Eldridge pause or hands. I don't everywhere. Pause, but she's not a cat. She's a little girl. She's a cat shaped little girl. Really unsettling.<laugh> really unsettling things being revealed to me today. I just love that. It's not just a hello. Kitty mini Cooper. It is a hello. Kitty Louis. Viton mini Cooper. It's a lot of brands. The best collab. Is it in history? Is it like Disney channel wishes? They could. Is it name of better name? A better collab like ranch and Buffalo sauce between Louis Viton like no. Are you kidding? Louis? Vutton if Lou Vutton is a part of the equation, it's not a good mixture. That's fair. What if it was? Who are you? What have you done with my union? Loving roommate?<laugh> why the do you want Louis a ton? I don't get out. I don't, I don't trust you anymore. In my offense. I was rating that on OB absurdity levels. That's fair. But I think in terms of like overall best collab, we collab our ideas and make hello kitty range dressing. Yeah. See that sounds great. There we go. But a Louis, like I'm just gonna for the rest of you who are tuning in, who are also like, Hey, where'd Jordan go. And who's this weird, the judgment in this studio class that is so palpable. Don't worry. I'm being very adequately shamed for the Louis. Viton to clarify nothing else.<laugh> anyways, that's fair. But that's what I got. I love. Hello kitty. I love her as a kid. I have recently been going through a like, oh my God. Yeah. Hello kitty. That was great. She's cute as hell phase of like re revisiting that part of my childhood and just hell yeah. Feeling that to lie all over again. And it's been great. And that's what I got. Hell yeah. What's your DT. All right. Well, I think my DT is something that we all need after that. Um, and it's the bloody Mary like the cocktail, not the game you play in the mirror as a kid.<laugh> um, so full disclosure. I don't actually, so a bloody Mary for me is usually Virgin, like with, or is usually like non-alcoholic or like they call it a Virgin, Mary mm-hmm<affirmative>. Um, but the bloody Mary is a cocktail that I love so much. I say cocktail, if you don't know already, usually contain vodka and tomato juice and then lots of other spices and salts and things like, ER sauce, hot sauce, uh, garlic, salt, celery, salt, horse, radish, olives, pickles, lemon juice, lime juice, like kind of a garbage drink and that you can kind throw a lot of stuff in it and it still counts. Um, so very savory environment. Yes. Very savory. The primary ingredients is just vodka and spicy flavorful to tomato juice. It was uh, allegedly here's the thing about the bloody Mary is that we don't know who actually invented it. Really. There are a few people who claim that they invented it. So one of them is a French bartender named Ferna Petya, pet PEO pet. I don't know. I'm not French. Um, close enough. Yeah. But he claims to have invented the bloody Mary in 1921. And that is the earliest claim we have. And that's according to his granddaughter. Oh, he was working at a New York bar mm-hmm<affirmative> in Paris. Oh. It eventually developed into the, uh, Harry's New York bar in Paris, which is where like Ernest Hemingway and a lot of, you know, when the great writers who all like to live in Paris, like in the twenties and thirties and stuff like that was their jam. But apparently the cocktail was originally by this guy referred to as a bucket of blood<laugh> um, that's good. So this bar is one of the places that claims that they're the ones who had the first bloody Marys and they said it was called the bucket of blood and also worth noting that Harry's New York bar in Paris also claims to have invented the cocktails, the white lady and the side car, which I was like, oh, okay. I love me a good side car. And I know that like after prohibition slash during prohibition and then into the great depression, like cocktail making really kind of went some places. Yes. So I'm sense of the bloody Mary at least came from this age is like, we don't know who or when specifically, but in the thirties and forties, maybe the twenties even mm-hmm<affirmative> this guy's to be believed. So another place that claims to have invented it is the 21 club in New York in the 1930s. Mm-hmm<affirmative>, there's, uh, another, there's a few bartenders who claimed to have invented it at 21 club specifically, but then in 1939 Lucius be, uh, printed in his gossip column. Ooh. And that is like one of the earliest references that you can find in writing, uh, to a bloody Mary. The description in this gossip column is the newest pick me up, which is receiving attention from the town's paragraphs is call a bloody Mary half tomato juice, half vodka. And that is, that is a ratio<laugh> that is a wild ratio to just half and half with liquor and tomato juice. That's a lot. That is a lot. Woohoo mm-hmm<affirmative> um, so that was in 19 9, 19 39 and also in 1939, there was another pub publication called L floor Rita that called it the Mary Rose. And it had the main ingredients of like a modern day, bloody Mary. And then also like the king Cole room in New York St. Regis hotel is another place that claims that bloody Mary's were invented there. So there's like a lot of specifically New York bars that claim it. But, uh, so the, the same guy, uh, Fernando PPIC PIO, whatever who apparently invented it in 1921, he also is rumored to have said that he invented it in 1934 to like refine the drink that had been pub publicized elsewhere as like another bartender's drink being just half tomato juice, half vodka. So like, it's really like, it's really a lot, but basically, so here's this quote. I just, this quote is really what sent me. So I initiated the bloody Mary of today. J said he created it, but it was really nothing but vodka and tomato juice. When I took it over, I cover the bottom of the shaker with four large dashes of salt, two dashes of black pepper, two dashes of cayenne pepper and a layer of worshiper sauce. I then at out a dash of lemon juice and some cracked ice put in two ounces of vodka and two ounces of thick tomato juice shake, strain, and pour, we serve a hundred to 150 bloody marries a day here in the king Cole room and in the other restaurants in the Banque rooms. So this man may not have invented the bloody Mary, but he osified. It basically is I think the gist here, but he also may have invented it according to his granddaughter. So there's a lot of, I don't really very sorted history. I know. Right. And it, the thing is that so many people want to have a claim on the bloody Mary, because it's a really popular cocktail. It is, it is one of the classic hangover, your hair of the dog type cocktails that people will often have with brunch. I know I personally can just slam a bloody at any point. I really like, I really like'em. Yeah. So while it is, you know, sort of unknown where it came from, you know, what it also unknown. Hmm. What the name means, you know what, we also can't answer that. That's that question fair. Because there are a lot of people who think that it is called the bloody Mary and associated with like queen Mary, the first of England who was nicknamed bloody Mary. Right. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and like, cuz she was one of the people who like tried to reestablish the Catholic church in England and like failed miserably and was like a common woman and folklore and myth and whatever. So that's one guess. Right? Mm-hmm<affirmative> but we, so we just don't know. And then other think that it might have been inspired by a Hollywood star, uh, Mary Pickford. Oh. Like other people trace it back to a waitress named Mary who worked at a bar in Chicago, yo and the bar was called bucket of blood. And so the tradition at Harry's New York bar in Paris, according to an interview from like 2011 a manager, is that one of the patrons, like who first had the cocktail in like 1920 or 1921 declared, it looks like my girlfriend who I met in a cabaret. Oh God. And the cabarets name was bucket of blood and the girlfriend's name was Mary. And so the patrons and the bartender agreed to call it a bloody Mary. Okay. So, and then there's another one. There's one more option is that alter, the name may have also arisen from a failure to pronounce the SL syllables of a drink called Vladimir in English. It does gain some credibility from the anecdotal observation that the customer at the New York bar for whom fer Peto prepared the drink in 1920 or 1921 was Vladimir smear of, of the spear off of vodka family. Oh, oh, it's all coming together. I know. So like very muddy history, which is very interesting to me. Yeah. See, you said it and I was like, oh, well, if it's called a bucket of blood, but then another bar called it a Mary Rose, like did those just get combined, but everyone's got their own story. And they all sound like, okay. But the same thing with like, we don't know who in entered it. We don't know who it was named after officially. Like we don't know. It's just a cocktail of mystery and entry again. Right. Blood. Yeah. Apparently. And so here's the thing that really gets me is that a, I love a good bloody Mary. So a non-alcoholic bloody Mary is often called a Virgin Mary mm-hmm<affirmative>, which like I think is pretty funny. Yeah. Um, I have like cans of bloody Mary mix in our Fri so that I can just like mix one, throw some pickles in there. Maybe some pickle juice, some lemon juice mm-hmm<affirmative> obviously get some hot sauce, maybe some oyster sauce. If I'm feeling a little extra salty, we don't have any St. Celery salt, which is like the one thing that I'm missing. But also like who has the time to actually salt their own rims when you're not like bartending, I used to work at a bar for a long time. I don't need it. I don't need it. I don't want it. Salary salt is good. But like, you know, but the reason that bloody marries are so popular is genuinely just because so many people love a good savory drink. And because it really does feel like at least on a placebo, if I level a great hangover here, because it's very salty. So it helps get your electro lights back up mm-hmm<affirmative> mm-hmm<affirmative> but it also has like a heavy citrusy vegetable base to like settle your stomach and then alcohol, which does numb aches and pains. So when you're hungover mm-hmm<affirmative> and you want to get a start on your day, I guess, you know, a bit of the hair of the, you bloody Mary and it'll just get you going. It reminds me of people who do just like shots of pickle juice when they're hungover. Mm-hmm<affirmative> apparently very good for electrolytes. Mm-hmm<affirmative> I just, I mean, you've seen it. I sometimes, sorry, everybody. This is gross. I will sometimes just drink the pickle juice out of a pickle jar mm-hmm<affirmative> cause I always get CLOs and pickles, you know, you know<laugh> but basically, uh, this cocktail is very tasty to me. I like it a lot. I'm probably gonna make one for myself after we're done recording. Does it sounds real good?<laugh> um, we'll say like my preferred preparation is usually with a lot of garnishes and that's the other thing is like, there's really, no, the sky's the, sky's the limit with a bloody Mary, you can add, uh, clamed juice to it. And then it's a Caesar, which is a very popular Canadian drink. And I know there's lots of people that do and love it. And that's awesome. Like you can add any type of hot sauce, any type of worship, or like you can add whatever you want. And as long as there's still that base of tomato juice, mm-hmm<affirmative> like, it's still probably a bloody Mary. I will say I, I personally am, am not a bloody Mary fan, but you like is when you make a bloody Mary and you cut the slices of salami with the little slit in the slice. So you can stick'em on the edge of the, like it's a lemon slices.<laugh> it's delightful.<laugh> thank you. It's like my favorite. Thank you. I don't want the salami to actually go into the tomato juice too much. Cuz then it's like, you just have Salam me in your drink. Like<laugh> there is some sort of mental barrier there for me. Like I don't know what it is. It just is like, it's just like a meaty tomato Bobba<laugh> yeah. And I don't love that. So I usually try not to oh, celery. That is like, so it did start very much simpler. Like I say that as if that whole list of like all of the things that dude Ferna added in sounded simple, but like the, the garnishing was usually just a lemon slice and a celery like that is the traditional garnishing is rim of celery, salt lemon slice celery stick mm-hmm<affirmative> but obviously that's changed a lot. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and people who like bloody marries, usually just go buck wild to put whatever they want in there. Self included like Jordan to see me walk out with like three pickles, just in the cup with the ice and everything.<laugh> I love that for you. It's just like, it's like a snack and a drink all at once. It's so good. I love it. I added chili garlic sauce to my last one, cuz I was too lazy to get down onto the bottom shelf and get out the giant bottle of Frank's red, hot sauce. So that was maybe a gross choice on my part, but it tasted really very spicy, really cleared out my, uh, my sinuses. But there you go. Here's the thing that I really want to zero in on is the types of names and the variations on the bloody Mary name? Yes. Okay. Because we've already talked about the Virgin Mary. Yes, but there's like a lot of these names floating around. Okay. So the variations usually depend on like what kind of alcohol is in it. Oh, okay. Okay. If you add tequila, people call it a bloody Maria. If it's a non-alcoholic it can be called a Virgin Mary or a bloody Virgin or a Virgin bloody Mary or my FA favorite. Favorite, favorite, favorite way to refer to in non-alcoholic bloody. Mary is a bloody shame. That's favorite British. It's so British. I love it. Um, Ooh. If it's made with gin, it can be referred to as a red snapper. Huh? Uh, if it's got like a Ry or bourbon or like whiskey, you know, something brown it'll sometimes be become a Rudy, Mary. Okay. Or a muddy Mary. Uh, if it's made with absent, it's called a bloody fair. Holy Moses. I know. I kind of wanna try one. Uh, and then, oh, if you have, um, a, uh, the liquorish FLA like anything liquorish flavored, it's called a bloody Miriam. Ooh. That's that's fun. Yeah. Some of these are like a little like, Ugh. Okay. Cause like, like a bloody Maria for adding tequila or like if you add sake to it, it's called a bloody geisha. Yikes. So like there are certain things that I'm like, okay. Yeah. Do we need to, can we just, that was less good than the other ones by a long shot. Yeah. Yeah. But just bloody fairy with absent and then a bloody shame with non-alcoholic bloody shame is very funny. It's so good. So the that's it, I love bloody Mary's they're very tasty and I want one in my mouth now. So let's wrap up the show and the podcast. Okay. All right. This has been or learn parkour from wholehearted production company. You can find us on Spotify, apple podcast, Stitcher buzz, sprout, but anywhere, anywhere that you can find a podcast, you can find us special. Thanks to Grisha burrito for our cover art design. You find her at pet hop that's P E T a L H O P on Instagram, Twitter and Etsy. Thank you to Tom Rosenthal for our theme song, there is a dark place off of the album. Keep a private room behind the shop. You can follow us on the so needs@orlearnparkourontwitteratwearewpconinstagramandatwearewpc.com. You can find links to all that. In our episode description, you enjoy this podcast and would like to hear more. Now's a great time to hit follow subscribe, you know, the button mm-hmm<affirmative>. And if you feel so inclined, you could also support us by writing a review, sharing us with a friend or family member or enemy. I don't know what your life is like. Or if you're a, we do also have a COFI if you feel so led, uh, and you can find a link to that in our Twitter or Instagram. You sure can. Do we have an outro question? I got it. Yes. What Valentine's day candy are you most excited to eat? Oh, that's a big choice. I'm gonna say chocolate cover strawberries. That's not candy. I'm bad at this. The sour hearts sour conversation hearts. Yes. What about that? I have a full pack

Speaker 3:

Of fun dip Valentines and I'm gonna eat.'em all amazing. Well, you can have some too. All right. I'm Jordan and I'm Sylvie. And this is Ben or alarm parkour. Thanks for tuning in. We will see you in two weeks. Do da.