Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast

025: What Would Tami Taylor Do: the ADHD Halloween Spooktacular

October 25, 2021 Episode 25
Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast
025: What Would Tami Taylor Do: the ADHD Halloween Spooktacular
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Because what's scarier than two podcast hosts who can't remember what their episode's supposed to be about the entire show? Join us in episode 25, the ADHD Halloween Spooktacular, where we share our real life ADHD horror stories, definitive Halloween candy rankings, and more. 

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CW/TW: Mental health, ADHD, explicit language, loud noises, yelling, rambling, singing, covid-19, mouth noises, coughing, garbled speech, discussions of food, mild bullying, purity culture, menstruation/periods, drug use/unintentional drug consumption


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Hi, I'm Jordan and I'm Lex. And this is or learn par core. This is a podcast about ADHD done by two people who have ADHD. Okay. Well, admittedly, it's like only sometimes about ADHD, but like by extension, it's always about ADHD because we can't escape it. It's served to you with a garnish of ADHD, lovingly arranged on the plate. Yeah. And sometimes we do have enough entre, ADH, straight ADHD. Oh, that was good. Coming in hot with the puns, this episode on Trey DHD. That was beautiful. It also, now that you've said it again, absolutely. Sounds like a medication you would see on a commercial doctor. Wow. We really both just went from okay. Okay. All right. I'm so sorry to improv comedians in a closet together and see what happens. Oh, no. Yeah. Well that's what we do because that's what this podcast is. The comedy talk podcast where we do talk about ADHD. Like 70% of the time, I'd say the other 30% of the time is yelling at our cats from trying to open the door with their little grubby paws. Yeah. It's like real cute. They just shoot them under the closet lower. Now I wish you guys could see this as very good audio medium, but you know what? I don't care. Okay. All right. Knit knit. Okay. Had to get out of my rural uncle voice. Yeah. I haven't heard that one in awhile. No, no. You didn't remember. Cause we went to Joann's fabrics craft store and we were walking and you ask, oh, well the bus is going to be here for a couple of minutes. Is it okay if I run into grab a coffee? And I looked at you and I said, no, oh, that's true. But I guess that was more of like a football coach voice or something. That was like, what energy was that? That was like an ancient curse voice. I physically reacted to that before. I knew what you said. It was just like, no, that's me and Eldridge being here to so ruined. I wish you a very happy Halloween. It is our Halloween episode friends. Ooh. There's a ghost. There's a ghost in the closet. It's okay. This is a safe space. It's okay. Go see it's you don't have to leave here. That's up to you. That's up to you. That's your choice. Your time, your call. I was gonna say, yeah, you can think about it as welcoming people in, but this is also a very small closet. So I can't recommend that one. There's no way we could physically fit anyone else in here. If they had a corporeal body, they can sit on my lap. All right. I mean, that's getting dangerously close to hitting your head on the physical balls. Like you sit on my lap. They had a short torso. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. What is the Halloween episode? Everybody. Okay. Okay. Phantom of the opera, whatever his name is. I don't know. I don't know. Okay, cool. Same glad we're not those types of therapy. Oh God know. What's up. I'm thinking of all of our, all of the people who listen to this who are inevitably theater people, ICU. I know my fellow BFAs. It's going to be that one person because there's always one in every department or group, et cetera, who just like really, really, really, maybe, maybe you encountered Phantom of the opera at a really formative age. It happened. Maybe you just were really affected by it. But there's always one. And I know that that one person, when you're listening, it's okay. You're on thin ice, but it's okay. You can come back if, leave us a hate review. I totally understand all publicity is good publicity. That's the thing, too. If you leave a really bad review, then we can talk about it. That's true. And then we can maybe get other people to jump to our defense. Cause like that is a pretty good way to get people interested in something is just, Hey, is there some discourse here? I'm going to dive in? I don't know anything about this. I don't know any of the people involved personally, but I have opinions. Uh, I say this with complete, this is a self dunk. I know that. I know that this is completely self-aware oh, absolutely. I was going to respond. But then you said that and I just started thinking about the bad art friend again. Oh the bad art friend. Speaking of discourse that I know nothing about, but who boy do I have emotions? So many, so many, so many love it. Well, let's take that energy and bring it home to this very, very fun, spooky time. That is still unprecedented, as they say, and still history in the making, as they say, as they sure do. But it is also still October. It is also still the Halloween time. And, if I am not going to put on that moth man costume. And even if it's in our living room with our admittedly very nice fancy speakers, even if it's there, I'm going to dance my little moth man, heart out. It's going to mash that monster. I'm going to do you have something you'd like to share with the class next? Okay. I'm gonna going to scoop that snack. So what I was going to say, so going to drag you that law. Okay. All right. All right. Gonna candy that corn. Huh? All right. Listen to me your patch of pumpkin. I'm going to carve that pumpkin. That makes a lot more sense. Yeah. Yeah. You can't patch your pumpkin cam without a local. BU once you carve a pumpkin, you can't put that bet. You can't sew a pumpkin back together and expect it to be the same pumpkin that it was beforehand. I never said it had to be the same pumpkin that pumpkin can be changed by what it's going to come into this candy shop and buy a candy bar that's already been opened. Wow. You're starting to sound like my youth pastor. This is the horror episode. Okay. Oh boy. So all jokes aside. Oh, I know this was the Halloween episode because that got dark. Well anyways. Okay. All right. Cool. So you are saying, yeah. So this is our Halloween episode and what a better way to celebrate Halloween in an ADHD way than not fully preparing for an episode. Yes. And just sort of winging it because that sounded like more fun and eating lots of sweets beforehand. Yeah. Because it's Halloween time. So of course we already have Halloween candy in this apartment. Of course we do. It does. The reason for the season is the Otis is the reason for the season. Ooh. We've got, you know, a couple of movies on the docket. Yes, we did do some, uh, watching of, I don't know what I'm talking about this, what else were you going to do with the movie? I don't know to specify that. I don't know. I think I threw myself off my game really into painting that word picture, threw myself off my game when my brain started to say, and then I held back and then I had to explain to you that what my insurance, just a little goblin brain came up with was I want to scoop that snack. And so we're just still off the same rails. And I recognize that I did it. I did this to us. I put us in this position, you know? Okay. So this is the part of the horror movie when like everyone starts to kind of break down and like get upset at each other, you know? And then like, they're realizing that something's wrong, but like, oh God, you know, anyways. So like, you know, living this isn't anymore. They're like living with ADHD. So, um, see I got it in there. Yeah. Yeah. For the SEO. There's some ADHD, some ADHD for all of y'all as a little treat. Yeah. I mean, we got some ADHD, horror stories. We're going to talk about boy. Howdy. We do. We're gonna talk about, uh, I don't know if we're just gonna wing it. Okay. Everyone just like, sit back, relax, buckle up. It's fine. You're fine. We're fine. Everything's great. That's not true. The world is kind of falling apart around us, but we're going to try to like make a little bit of a fun reprieve. So like, don't get me wrong. We are very aware. We are always so, so deeply aware of the state of everything. Never unaware, but this time we're going to have fun. We're going to enjoy ourselves on this sacred day. We are going to eat so many Twix. Yes we are. No joke. We absolutely are. I didn't think you were joking. Like w I thought we were being serious. This is a serious part of the podcast. Right? There's a series I've been serious this whole time. Are you kidding me? What is the, what do you need to have a Twix and calm down? Oh, no. It wasn't a Snickers. Snickers. Here's a Twitter. I don't know. I haven't watched TV in so long. I to say I'm 26. I don't watch TV or TV commercials. I know I'm 28. I have Hulu ad blockers. So the only commercials I watch every commercial and I lap it up. I love those boots. Love those mouth sounds in this audio. Medium. Thank you, Lex. Okay. Listen, listen. I told you I said this. I said, well, okay. So here's, here's the thing, everyone. Jordan, Jordan. That's me. Lovely. Wonderful cohost Cole, cohost, coho. Lovely. Co-host I've been watching a lot of Friday night lights. All right. Let's all right. What would coach Taylor do? What would coach Taylor coach Taylor do. All right. Actually. No, that. What would Tammy Taylor do? Okay. Let's be real. What would Tammy Taylor do? I know nothing about the show aside from what you have yelled to the house in general from your room. But I already know that's correct. What would Tammy Taylor do in this situation? Thank you. Thank you for understanding that fact, truly an icon, not listen. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has those days, especially, especially in that show. Another country icon Hannah Montana. Yes. There's not a country music icon, but you know, she's as good as somatically neighbors. This is so unrelated. I've been watching Friday night lights because I'm me. I grew up in a rural football town. So, sorry. Anyways. So there's my blanket apology for watching the football show. I get it like it's okay. You're allowed. It's okay. I understand. I accept it. However, however, however, it's the season for football? It's the season for bonfires. It's the season for dressing up as your favorite TV character or your favorite superhero or your favorite career path? Favorite monster? Maybe your least favorite, because you're trying to like conquer your fears this year. I don't know, but it's Halloween. Okay. It's October. It's Halloween. It's fall time. And I am in my prime and I am ready to go. And so let's talk about ADHD, horror stories. Let's talk about it. Thank you. Awesome. Throw them at me. What do you got? What is your ADHD hall? Okay. Alright. EFA. Let's settle down. She's all like into the theme and theme. Cause we were really good at it. Obviously you were trained for this. I can't compete. I think you're really holding your own. You're bringing the passion to the table. I'm bringing the craft and we meet in the middle and we make a beautiful seasonal apple pie. I was going to say bull meat, China shop cause or whatever the saying is. I don't know. So you're just going to destroy me. Okay. Well, like when you say it like that, I was thinking like, you know, chaos meets beauty meets tact meets. I don't know. I was trying to go, but like, you know, really good apple pie is good too. I'm like, let's just go with that. I was fall themed. You're right. Let's do that. Just close your eyes. Let's regroup. Everyone. Close our eyes. Take a deep breath. Imagine that apple spice wafting through the air. It's a little Chris. The windows are open. Got those leaves. Crunch, crunch. Okay. And exhale. Okay. And here we are. It's fall. It's Halloween. You're going to tell us some horror stories we're sitting around that bonfire. Crackling. Yes. So like, this is beautiful. I love this. I love theater. I would love to attend that party, but that's what the party we're having. Cause there's also a little bit of a chill in the air. Just enough that even with your nice jacket, it's just a little too chilly. And so you're getting a little close to that fire or closer to the person you're sitting next to, oh, they call it cuffing season for a reason. And that's partially because it's cold and coddling is much more fun when it's cold. No one wants to cuddle all sweaty. Maybe you do. That's your thing. I'm not going to yell in. Em's however, there's a chill in the air. Yes. Air chill. You're sitting around this bonfire. You do smell the apple pie and instead of a spice and everything wafting in from maybe the nearby farm house, but you also hear a lot of the wind in the trees moving the branches in the nearby woods. You hear the occasional owl hooting. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh. Okay. Stay with it. Stay with it. You know, you've got the one friend who somehow has brought a flashlight, even though everyone has a flashlight on their phones now see, you're like, why did you bother? But okay, sure. I guess you're the one person good for you prepper. And then maybe they're just into the low fives Vedic, you know, that's what I'm saying is that, that one friend. Yeah. And friend who's like, Ooh, it's total scary story. And then they put the, you know, flashlight up under their face and you're like, this isn't scary. And then they proceeded to tell you, like this really scary story. Like this is what happens in every movie or TV show with this sort of scene. Right. They tell you the scary story. It's totally foreshadowing for what's going to happen in the episode or movie. And then like, you know, at the end he's like, ah, just kidding. And I'm like, everyone kind of jumps. I'm like, they do all die except for like two of them. So we're going to not do that. Which part? All of that. Cause that's like a lot of, I mean, have you seen cabin in the woods? That's a lot of work. I still have not seen that movie. We should watch that. We should've watched that so much. But the part we are going to do is tell some ADHD, horror stories, right? That is where you are going with that. Right? No, I thought I'd just set up a scene and then that's it. So you're welcome. Here are some little Halloween ASM Mar that was probably not it all relaxing. I'm going to go now. Bye. The real horror story is actually us just getting lost irretrievably lost in the middle of a story with too many tangents and we don't know the way out and there's someone chasing us and it's the stairs. The people going, what are you talking about? Okay. It's like a corn maze in your own mind. And then you see all the people who are like, like we're on the bus home. Why are you still on the go? Like they closed three hours ago. Tim, Tim is again watching a lot of Friday night lights, I guess. It's Tim Riggins, arrogance. What are you doing in the cornfield? Tim Riggins. That sounds a lot like what people say to him, I guess I've just absorbed it through osmosis. It's fall Friday night lights. It's Friday night. There are lights. Sure is clear eyes, full sports, have fun can't podcast campaign. So, um, you did say that you had some horror stories before we started recording. You want to tell those? Yeah, sure. So like, okay, let's bring the mood as we like to do on this podcast. Let's just bring the mood right down, take it away. So I came in here thinking like I have like some funny ones from back in the day. Like, that'll be funny for a horror story. And then I was like, oh, what about like some like more recent horror stories? Like what's the horror story for ADHD for me, like right now. And then I was like, I haven't cleaned my room in like two months BOM, BOM, BOM. Yeah. So there's that and scene. Okay. So the second one, the second one that was like a jump scare. That was like a whole jump scare and one story. Yeah. But like a Mike Flanagan sorta jump scare where it was there the whole time and all of a sudden something in the shot moves and you're like, oh God. But like you don't, you feel like you can feel like it's not really a jump scare. Like, but you didn't know it was there. It was there the whole time. And it was watching you scare. Yes. If any, you feel want to hear me talk about horror movies that I like personally, I will talk about that for hours. I love it. I love to be scared. I don't know why, but I love it. Oh, the thrill, the adrenaline. I mean, psychologically, I understand why people like horror and I understand why people like to be scared and why people like to get that adrenaline pumping. Cause like, you know, dopamine and not that we would have any idea of what trying to find help. I mean, it's like on this podcast[inaudible] okay. Holland together. I mean, we turned all this, right? Like I brought character onstage during a live performance in high school. I had to do pushups. You have to do pushups. Yeah. I didn't use so many pushups in theater in high school. Was that just general punishment? Yeah. But like specifically for people who, who were being distracting. Huh? Yeah. And you had to do a lot of those. Yeah. I don't get it. I don't, I don't see it. I'm sure if Mr. Perkins ever listens to this podcast, which like if Mr. Perkins ever listened to this podcast. Oh, that's a lot for me to think about. So anyways, I'm going to stop this stop that that's its own horror story. But speaking of high school, just tell you one of the ADHD horror stories that happened to me personally. Right? So this is a firsthand account. Okay. So there I am. It's like sophomore, junior year and you know, I'm a, I'm a growing Hambone. So I've got hormones and going through puberty and all that. And you know, I have a uterus and so I was menstruating and uh, I was like, oh, in the middle of math class. And I think I probably needed to go get a tampon. It's I think it's fine. I'll just wait till break in between classes. I'll go get the tampon at my locker break between classes comes. I walked in my locker. I open the locker, I see the tampons. I grabbed my books for my next class. I see the tampons I showed the Walker. This is not intentional. Mind you. This is completely unintentional. I had every intention of getting a tampon. So I'm like, am I next class? And I'm like, oh my gosh. Okay, well maybe I should just take the hall pass and go get a table because I should really take care of this. Oh, well we know we're doing, uh, like experiment thing and we're doing lab in chem. So this would be like fallen. And so I don't want to miss that. So I'm going to wait. I'll just go get it from my locker. Like, it'll be fine. It's like the first day it'll be fine. So the second break comes around and I go to my locker. Yeah. Set my books down from the last class, get my books from the next one. I see the tampons and I shut the locker. I forget again. Oh God. I know it was looking bleak. It's looking bleak. Like there might be some hope here. Okay. So like keep, keep your chins up. So I go to my next class and I'm like, oh my, oh my God. Oh my God. I have forgotten again. I forgotten the type again again, God. And so I'm like, okay, well I really do need to use the hall, pass this time to go and get the tampon. And I'm like, okay, can I use the hall pass it's for, uh, I think what I probably said was feminine issues, which like I know, but it was like 2008. So like see me, um, there's for myself, like bodily getting into the story and I was like, I need to stop making the chair creaks so much. So I get the hall pass, go to the bathroom and I don't go to my locker beforehand. So I go to the bathroom and then I'm, I'm in the bathroom. I don't have tampon. And so I'm like, okay, you know what, whatever. And we've all been there. Okay. If you meant straight, I know you've been there. It's okay. I want you to know like I'm in there too. So I just bought up some toilet paper and I'm like, you know what? This will have to do. And then this continued until like the last class of the day. And finally I'm like, oh my God, Morgan Morgan was my friend in school. Morgan, do you have a tampon? I need a tampon. I really need to go. I need, I need a tampon. And I look over to where Morgan sits and Morgan was gone. Morgan was absent that day. Oh God. I know. I know. I know. So, um, yeah. I mean, I eventually, I think I took care of it like before theater rehearsal or something, but like that is terrifying. Yeah. I like just, she just kept forgetting. You want me to focus on something for longer than like five seconds? Absolutely not. Again. That's pushing it. Like that's really pushing it. Sorry guys. That was mine. Yeah. Hope you enjoyed this little story. There's smores, uh, over there by that hay bale. And then I'm in the pole barn. We do have a cat that gave birth. Some kittens recently enjoy the bonfire, everybody. This is the mom who owns the farm. Who does the bonfires for big groups of kids? I don't know. This is a kid. She a cool mom. Like a fun mom? Or is she like a fruit pizza? Kinda mom. Okay. Don't knock fruit pizza because I no, no, no. I want to be super clear, like sweet fruit pizza. That's like a crust with pizza on it. Ramps. That's so good. But like, have you seen like the watermelon slices? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. We're talking about like when they do like a sugar cookie. Oh God. No, I would never, if you've done with my cohost, I would never speak ill of the fruit pizza. Do you all remember zoom the show on PBS? Vaguely. Come on. And Sue, come on. And Tim[inaudible], you know what that really did that really did it for me. Rocketed me. Right? You're so welcome. They used to have a cooking show segment, which as you can probably tell was formative, but they had a free pizza segment. Formative for you. Go on. Who, who baked us cookies today? What did you eat right before this? What did you, what did you eat right before we recorded? Listen, listen. It's not about that. And what, what? Sorry, I didn't hear that. What was it? Okay. I can make really good case. Okay. You made really Kate, you made really good cookies. There were coconut and chocolate chip. And uh, thank you. Was that that hard anyways? So they introduced me to, these were some really good cookies. Thank you. I hate the bits where I'm like, I hate you. So it's so unnatural. No, I was being a bench there. You were, you were allowed to, um, it's not as fun when people are mean to each other, you know? Okay. Hold back a little bit. We're not quite to the dopamine trampoline, but then when we get there, you can talk about nudge name, play as much as you want. Okay. Okay. Sure. Yeah. That's not okay. And you'll have to, oh, I guess my, I don't mean trampoline is just niche neatly. Just the character niche. Nibley played by my quiet in school of rock. Yeah. That's great. Thank you. Thank you for this assignment because it's assigned to me. I will never do it. That's fair. This isn't ADHD podcast. I'm not sure what I expected that. Yeah. Okay. So you talk now you do things. You tell me your horror story. What was I such an? You were talking. I derailed you. And then I was like, okay, we'll keep talking to you more. I don't know. Well, I was I talking about, tell me about your ADHD horror story. Oh yes, yes. Okay. Yeah. I'm telling, I'm telling you now starting to set it. I was just like, I forgot to say please. Oh, I'm not an animal. Thank you. Okay. Okay. I'm just going to go sit in the corner of this little closet studio. So I shut the up for like a second. Hello for you? This whole closets. Just a corner. So you don't have to go far. I can't hear you. I'm in the corner. What? I mean the corner, Joe. Jordan. Hey Jordan. I'm in the corner. Can you come back to the podcast please? I miss you. What? Can you come back to the podcast please? I miss you. You kissed me. Okay. This is so I'm going to, I'm going to stop. Like we're going to stop the podcast now we're done. It's canceled. It's over. No more cookies while we're talking about. I don't know. I'm going to be honest. Y'all were just in case we don't have anything good to cut from into, we did talk about jokingly dragging each other in a loving way. But we did decide that was maybe not the best content to put out into the world. And you may be thinking, wow, they actually do sift through their content. And we do. We do, unfortunately it takes so much more time than you would think it does. You're like, wow, they just let this. No, no, no. Throw back to the time that someone asks me or when my mom asked me, so it's scripted, right? One of my friends listens to your podcast and I said, it's scripted. And I had to say, excuse me, no, I wish it was scripted because then maybe I wouldn't say the things I say that would be a lot less editing. I'll be honest. We sometimes say things and roll with stuff. And then we're like, well that's bad. That's bad audio. That's bad audio. That's bad content. And that's what you get for your Christmas episodes. Yeah. Well we still probably won't no, that's never going to say no. God, we're the people that Facebook bombs are afraid of just drugging Halloween candy. Okay. I wish that happened. I wish that I want to go trick or treating if that's what's going on out there. I mean, not me, no drugs. Never remember when they were like, they're going to put razor blades in there. Did that ever happen? Did that happen? Like those, like the other thing people would be like, they're going to have hard razorblades and your candy. And I'm like, what person has a vacuum sealing machine specifically made to reclose candy bar wrappers. You could put it in like a Tootsie roll or something. Just like twist it back up. Kind of you be big tilty roll though. Exactly. See? Yeah. Things that are that small, that can be rolled up like that are also kind of too small behind stuff in. Yeah. And the big stuff, like the big Gushi candy bars, that would be potentially a good vessel for a razor weed, a razor weed, a drug blade. I don't know it's placed. Oh no. The blade it's been laced with edible poison. I don't know. I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel there. I was really scraping the bottom of that culturing seasonal. Nice. Yeah. So, um, I wish that happened. People aren't giving away free edibles. Are you kidding me? Those things cost so much, especially in Chicago. Yeah. Even in Washington though, that doesn't happen. No, that's the thing like in Washington, the kids can just go and be like, Hey, can you go get some weed for me? And the parents will be like, oh, I already have some in the fridge. It's like beer in Russia. So I already have some in the French. Yeah. Where you keep weed, like you got edibles. You keep those in the fridge. Well, sometimes it depends on what you've put the edible stuff in. It's like, it doesn't have to be like a baked good. Like you can put it in like drinks and like cheesecake. Yeah. Yes. That's the first refrigerator bulldozer that I thought of. That's fair. You know what? And you could do that. See, see how fun it would be to drug the food. I immediately was trying to come up with a good portmanteau for that. And all I could think of was wheeze cake. Sorry. It's not funny. You're right. It's horrible. We use cake. We use cake wa wa, wa wa weighing Shrike, watered his hair. That was bad. Bad time. Mom, if you finally decide to listen to those podcasts, don't go Yoda to Rola. When you thought that that post was just Toyota Corolla, and you thought that was so funny. And I had looked at the post and say, Hey, you mixed that up the post. And that's why people think it's funny. And you, you, you just saw a Toyota Corolla and said, it would be funny. Someone was like super Bob blasted out of their mind. And you're like, Hey dude, what's up? And they just heard Toyota Corolla. But think about if they looked at you and say quota to Rola, especially if you were high too, and you look at them and you're like, is that how you say, I would just be like, what, what did you say? And I just assume I was mishearing it. So I w I would still go with option one personally. There's no way that you were going to come out of the situation, reading it, reading it. Yeah. So what about Toyota Corollas? They are sponsoring this episode. They're not, but they could be. That's not true. I have a Subaru, but Subaru Gabby. I could have a Toyota Corolla. Wait, wait, wait. I'm Maureen to say that wrong. You didn't mean to say that you didn't need to say quota to Rola now Jordan, Jordan, bro. You good? Do we need to stop the pothole on everyone? Everyone say shut up, everyone. Shut up, Jordan. Jordan, can you pull through it? Listen. I know Halloween can be real. I know. I know. This is just like, when we filmed, mid-summer very emotionally taxing, you know, just tiring long days, screaming, just screaming with Florence, Florence. God love ya. I miss her. I remember what you did. You powered for him? Sure did. When I was in a 24 film. Mid-summer yeah, you absolutely add just those stupas. Yeah. Okay. So, um, I don't know what I'm trying to say here, but like pull through broke. Tell me your ADHD or versed or read. Okay, please. Okay. My ADHD, horror stories. A little bit more psychological horror. It's a little more my jam. Less than the blood and gore. And it's it's, it's like a haunting. Okay. You're going through your day and you keep seeing something out of the corner of your eye. And you're like, did I, did I see something there? And there's something like in the back of your head that you're like, I, I thought I knew what that was. It's like, I forgot. What'd you send some things often, bro. I mean, I'm talking about a specific instance right now and it's, it's not threatening, but it kinda, it kinda just puts you off. Makes you feel a little bit like I th I swear, what am I supposed to, what am I supposed to be remembering right now? Okay. And you go through your day and you think everything's fine. And then you get to like the end of your day. And all of a sudden, you see it out of the corner of your eye and you go, oh my God, I can't believe I forgot this. And in your horror, you realize that your roommate said it would be a really funny idea to come up with ADHD, horror for the podcast you're recording tonight. And you completely forgot that. She said that. And snow, you are face to face with your fear. Completely bullshitting. Cause I forgot. You asked me to think about that. It was a very good, okay. Here's the thing though. We can't go up from that to the bit that hard. Oh, I've never been prouder somebody else. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My pleasure. Well, cool. So on that note, we're going to end the podcast cause like, what else is there? You still have to do our candy rankings. All right. Well, now that we spent like the better part of like an hour getting to that point where we both finally shared one story. Yep. Here we are. It's good podcast. Everyone. The showers boys. No, no. Get back out there. Take another lap because this podcast is not over because this is the part of the show where we normally go over to a little place called the dopamine trampoline or other episodes. We go to the dopamine trampoline, we hop upon it. And we talk about the things that is giving us dopamine that week, whether it's hyper fixation, whether it's just a casual interest for the week, whether it's a phase, it's usually not a phase though. Mom, that's where we go with this week because it is the Halloween episode. And because it is so, you know, we didn't prepare much. Obviously we didn't prepare much. Oh, I prepared a whole segment that we haven't gotten to. Okay. But we're not going to the candy. No, we can do that. We can do that as a Tik TOK. Sure. Yeah. Just really too much smokey content. I'm going to talk so much. But I do know that I really couldn't get to jibber. And so yeah, like you were saying, normally we normally do that. We normally do that. Yeah. But today we're going to like an offshoot, like the haunted dopamine trampoline. No, just like just a separate dobutamine giving thing, which is candy. Yeah. So what's a Halloween episode without candy baby. Yes. Gimme that capitalistic monetize trick or treat. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. So Twix. Okay. So one of the foam panels just fell on my head. It's a sign. There's a presence with us. It's my hunger for Twix. That's true. So would you say that Twix is your favorite Halloween candy? No. What is circus peanuts? I'm just kidding. I'm not a serial killer. That's an extremely hot tape. That's scarier than anything else you've said to me. Oh, when I was in ninth grade, I ate circus peanuts like weekly. Oh yeah. I love that. I don't have anything against them. But for that to be your favorite can be, I wish saying there was a point in life where I thought maybe that was my favorite candy, but I need you all to know that I have repented. I have moved on from that, you know, get, get via behind me. Circus peanuts, get me to a nunnery, surface peanuts, you know, little slutty, slutty, little peanuts. It's a good thing to another female. He's flushing that whole thing. Yeah. Oh, I know. I know. I know. Yeah. I know this whole saying, why are you looking at me? Weird flushing in the circus peanuts. And I just joined along. And now here's the thing. The exact phrase you said though, was those slutty slutty peanuts. And I was already like 10 meter sprint down that road, away from Hamlet. Okay. To like a slutty, Mr. Peanut. Yep. He died though. He's been dead for what? Two years now. Keep it up. Two slutty. Slutty years. Okay. Anyways, we full of some energy between drugging one another and also slut-shaming candy. Who are, we we've really strayed from our values as a podcast. Our what? Our values as a podcast, again, our what? Okay. Listen, our first episode we leave out. Oh, that's true. We do. We wait in with a thesis statement. We're a little lost in the mid section of the paper, probably at this point, but that's, you know, up to y'all so candy. Yes. You were telling me about your favorite one. And you said circus peanuts, but nine. I was kidding because I thought it was so funny. And then we did just go down quite a path. That's why I'm afraid to say ADHD or something. Yes. I know. It's like we have ADHD. It's the podcast we're doing. I know can never escape it. So what was your favorite county? And that's the real ADHD horror stories that it never the candy. All of your smart that too. Yeah. If you're good with your money that too, you know? Uh, for real, I really like when I think back to when I was actually like, you know, young enough to trigger cheat, trick, trick, or treat trick or treat when I was young and have to go trick-or-treating why am I having trouble now? You're talking about, I don't work. That might be why you're having trouble now. Okay. Listen. All right. Okay. Do you want to finish your sentence? Yeah. Okay. I don't remember what the I was saying. Oh no. Oh yeah. Okay. When I was younger, my favorite thing was like sour stuff. So like sour patch, kids Smarties. Okay. I will never say no to some Swedish fish nerds, like a little nerd box. Like the fun seasonal color. Yeah. I was going to say, I feel like Halloween and Valentine's day are really the only two times I see nerds just like out there Christmas. I only know this because I, every year in my stocking get like just a giant box nerds that are Christmas themed. Amazing. Cause they have like the red, white and green ones. Wow. I don't know that much about candy. Oh, I do. Oh, I didn't have friends as a kid. I just watched on unwrapped on food network. Okay. All right. Well, so yeah, that was probably my favorite thing was like sour patch kids. Yeah. Yeah. Nice. Yeah. Do you have a least favorite? Anything with peanuts? That's fair. I know how you feel about peanuts. Like not just circus peanuts, like peanuts generally. Yeah. No, thank you. It's great though. Cause I mean, I got all the Reese's cups. Yes. And uh, as one of my friends, who's allergic to peanuts once said we need more people like you to meet, not you who just take peanuts. Yeah. Just for solidarity. Amazing. Like I want more people to be like you more people who see the evil. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well the only time I ever heard liked peanut butter that I can like think of in living memory when I wasn't like a little, little kid was Turkish, peanut butter. And you know why? Cause that's mostly sugar. Yeah. What's your favorite least favorite. And I'm a chocolate person through and through. So definitely Twix CA cat York, Patty Reese's cup are up there. I'm not a big fan of like chunky nuts. I'm not the one who said chunk on the audio medium. Okay. Okay. So let's talk about that first. Do you, do you want to talk about chunky, nuts? More sounds like you do. I don't know. Um, why did you say it? Cause I was having a candy experience. Why would you say chunky nuts ever to differentiate it from smooth, nuts, nuts, or smooth or nuts to crunchy? I mean like nut pieces versus like nut butter. We're saying not way too much. I'm going to move on. I will maintain my stance forever. That nut is arguably the funniest word in English language. I was playing my finger spelling game at work on my lunch the other day. But everyone was sitting in the main room and I was kind of in the conversation, but people were chatting and one of the words that came up was nut. And I kept my. So honorably together, my God, oh you are a better man than I, I would have been like, Hey everybody, you know what? This just said. It was maybe a little bit of a trauma response because this was not too long after I was editing a product page and there was a product for sale for four 20. So I screenshotted it and I sent it to our group chat and nobody laughed. Yeah. And maintain is like really? It was cruel, like really, really awful on their part. It was cruel. And also like, how does it feel to not be funny? You know what I mean? Like not you, but like how does it feel? Coworkers who saw a funny four, 20 thing. That's like rule number one. If someone says or shows you anything to do with 4 24 69, the funny sex number you laugh, you say nice. You say something, you know? And so when you don't honor that and broke the code, bro, you know what I asked you? Did I ask you coworkers that I've never met before? Don't know personally at all? What would Tammy Taylor do? All right. This is[inaudible] I'm Jordan. We have credits God. We do know God. All right. This has been or learn par core a production of wholehearted production company. Yeah. Can you believe we have a production company? Okay. Well you can find us on Spotify, apple podcasts, most other places. Cool people. Listen to podcasts. Go to special. Thanks to Krisha burrito for our wonderful cover art design. You can find her at pedal hop. That's P E T a L H O P on Instagram, Etsy, Twitter, all those good places. Go tell her. Hello. She's wonderful. Yeah. Yeah. Also say thank you to Tom Rosenthal for our theme song. There is a dark place off of the album. Keep a private room behind the shop. Thank you, Tom Rosenthal, Bob, the whole album slaps. And we love you, but like not in a pair of social way, just like I hope you're doing well in a mad respect kind of way. Yeah. You can follow us on the social media. If you want more of whatever this is, uh, we are at or learn power Corp on Twitter. We are at, we are WPC on Instagram and we are wpc.com. Yeah. You can find the links to all of that stuff in our episode description as well as links to transcript and our sources for this episode that we won't have because there was no research done. You can follow us, subscribe us, hit your wagon to this feed. If you would like to hear more of this podcast, we'd love it. If you did that, we would so love it. If you did that, we'd also love it. If you told other people about the podcast, that'd be extremely rad of you be so cool. Even if you're complaining about us, get that out there. All publicity is good. Publicity said, I won't say it again. Hell yeah. Talk about us please. And if you feel so led, we do also have a co fine. You can find the link to that on our Twitter, Instagram and website. You sure can. You sure can. Yeah. So you could do that and uh, you know, just remember what would Tammy Taylor do? I think she'd go to bed at this point. It was very sweaty. Yeah, she probably would. So, uh, so, uh, yeah, I'm Jordan, I'm Lex. This has been a very special spooky episode of, or learn par core. We will see in two weeks

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