Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast

OLP 024: The Florence Pughniverse

September 27, 2021 Jordan Rawlings & Lex Kathryn
Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast
OLP 024: The Florence Pughniverse
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In episode 24 of Or, Learn Parkour- we bought a school! Well, we talked about what would happen if we bought a school, we can't actually afford that shit. Continuing the spirit of the back-to-school energy, Lex & Jordan talk about what what do if they could design a school specifically for ADHD students! Tune in for our favorite fidgets, hot takes on school uniforms, and bathroom tile choices that put HGTV shows to shame. Eat your heart out, Property Brothers.

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CW/TW: Mental health, ADHD, explicit language, loud noises, yelling, rambling, singing, covid-19, mouth noises, garbled speech, discussion of eating food, discussions of the education system, mild bullying, ableism


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Hi, I'm Jordan and I'm lax and this is or learn park core . It's a podcast about ADHD and it is hosted by two of us who do have ADHD, but not this week. We don't have ADHD this week . No, sorry. Yeah, that was confusing. I was like, I did not get that memo. Well , this is actually our audition episode for HGTV audio version where you don't actually get to see any of the houses or anything, and we're not actually designing houses, but we're going to , we're going to design a school. That's like , that's what , that's what you told me. Right? So I came prepared with all of my color swatches. I came prepared with my , uh, research on all of the different types of HGTV shows so we can find our niche. Ah , yes. I feel like the that's what you meant, right? It's absolutely what I meant. And I would love to hear what you have in mind for niche . Cause I know that there's already a show hosted by fun, but slightly overwhelming quote unquote quirky women from Washington state. So I'm not sure where I fit into this, but I would love to hear what you're thinking. Yeah, no, I mean, we're going to design a school for people with ADHD and that part, I was like, that's fun. That's cool. Like you let me know how you do on accessibility and I will pick out some cool title for the bathrooms. Yes. Please tell me about what you've got in mind for the backsplash. I'm thinking pink tiles in the bathroom. You want those selfies, you know, like the kids are going to take them. So you might as well make it look good because like genuinely, if you want kids to come to your school and they get a choice, make them like being there, make them like being there. That makes sense. Yeah. So I'm thinking of light pink tile a little bit retro, but like not super retro grout because you know how they used to just use like cement and concrete in between tiles. Oh , like in the sixties and seventies, a lot of tile. They just straight mortared it right to the old tiles. You can't salvage them actually just use a big drill Pogo stick thing, Jack hammer. Yeah. That's why we're a team baby. The big, big, big boy version of a Pogo stick. Destruct a Pogo. Yeah. Yeah. Jack camera's always look like they would solve all of my back problems. I know that if you look like they might help a little only one way to find out. Yeah . Just go ask one of the construction workers he's outside of our house every morning. Apparently. Yeah. Summer's wrapping up here in Chicago and that means that construction season is reaching its peak before it gets too miserably frozen to do anything. And of course they won't finish the jobs that they've set out to complete by the time things get cold, our sidewalk is going to be almost entirely gravel probably until the end of time. Yeah. You know what I think about it in winter that won't be so bad. So maybe we can just be like, Hey, can you not rebate? Cause like gravel can one more traction there. Yeah. I can't imagine it would be fun to like wheel over though. Yeah. But I feel like with the snow packing it down, it would still get a smooth sort of finish eventually. But it would just maybe not be quite as treacherous as just flat ice. Yeah. Good point. Okay. All right . It's also arguably tough for wheeling on. Yup . I would bet. I would bet. So actually you've sold me on the gravel sidewalk. Should we put that at the school? Yeah. That's not going to go wrong with children. Well , I mean like if you have gravel is not no Yankee , that's not going to work with children. Say as long as they don't speed or try to do a ton of doughnuts . And then I've thought back to my time as teenager and what I liked to do when I saw a gravel road or a gravel expanse before me, was it speeding and or donuts ? It may have been, but if my mom was listening, it was not. Yeah. I don't know what the statute of limitations is on that, but we'll just say might've been photo reasons. So anyways, yeah. We're going to build a school. Jordan will explain what, what I mean, Jordan, Jordan will do a good job. I'm going to stop now. And we'll just, I'm just gonna let you do whatever you were going to say. Cause this is, this is nonsense. Okay. So last episode, we talked a little bit about our school experiences and having ADHD that was undiagnosed and that brought up a lot of things that were difficult about school. So this week we decided to dream build. Yeah. We decided to be, you know, the problem solvers. We are the idea people. We are the solution that you come to. We are the innovators, the instigators, the girl bosses, the gatekeepers, the what's the third guest lighters. That's a good chick song. That's how good I am at keeping up with pop culture gets like gatekeep girl boss. Yeah. But I didn't know well enough to remember what it actually was. So at least I forgot like arguably the worst one. Yeah. You know? Yeah. Like bad gatekeeping also bad, I think depends on the circumstance, but yeah, definitely. I guess they're all sort of circumstantially dependent, but for gasoline we're were good. Well, it could be tactical against your enemies, but still not good. Okay. Yeah. That's why you're here though, to keep me from getting us into, to , from gaslighting , your enemies. Yeah. But also like from giving really bad advice, you know, I probably shouldn't say, Hey, you could use gaslighting as a psychological tactic to our audience members. Yeah. Like probably not. I mean, in terms of like branding, not really, no, I don't want gaslighting is okay. Sometimes to be the thing that people take away from this show. Yeah. No, yeah. No, definitely like it's definitely not like blanket bad on hassling . I'm just saying there's some people in the world that I personally would not feel too bad about gasoline. I'm looking at you. Oh yeah. He doesn't count as a person. That's what I'm saying. So like there are times, but that is an extreme circumstance. And in most general circumstances don't do that. Please official or learn park or partial statement on gas lines . Bad. Don't don't no, thank you. No, thank you. All right. And with that in the books, let's move on to our HGTV cast audition in which we will be dream , build designing a school VAT is great for people with ADHD. Unlike most schools, you know , the movie we bought a zoo. I've never seen it, but you mean either we bought a zoo, I'm aware. Yes. Like let's build a school. We thought a school, we bought a school. We didn't, that'd be wild. That would be super a lot. That'd be funny. I'm thinking I already started thinking about the logistics and I was like, they wouldn't let us near it. No , what I was also like, I just ate a string cheese for an entire meal. I don't have the money for a whole school. Yeah, no. I mean, yeah. And I think if they had any sort of idea of what we think kids should learn, there would probably be a couple of people. Here's the thing. I think a lot of people would be really cool. Exactly. That was what I was going to say is that there are wildly people, our age who have children and some of them, some of our peers might be a more, I don't know I was you okay. There's a deep sadness that just came into Jordan's eyes. I was trying to think of a way to justify that. And then I think that I transported back to when I was a substitute teacher and my soul just broke. Sorry dude . That's that's not, it's not funny. It admitted very much was I was very briefly a substitute teacher because in my home district, after I graduated college and I lived with my folks for awhile, basically they were so low on subs that if you had a bachelor's degree and didn't have it on your record, that you've like hit a child or something, you could be a substitute teacher. And so I signed up to do that cause I was like, that'd be cool. I've taught in like small groups before. And it was really fun. I think my favorite experience of substitute teaching was when I had a first grade class and I'm in second grade, youngsters, youngsters in the elementary range. And they had a reading assignment where we read a story about a kid who was talking to their parents about getting some spending money to go do something fun. And the parent said we can't spend money on that now because we are saving up to buy a car. And there was a mention in this of the parent was explaining like how to buy a car in very pretty basic terms. But they mentioned loans. This was the year after I graduated college and this poor sweet child, she raises her hand. And because I have a teacher named Mrs . Teacher, how do loans work? And I am fighting for my life in this classroom. Just like holding back tears. Like, so you, someone gives you some money and then when you pay it back, you have to pay them more money than you borrow . And this kid's like, I don't get it. And I'm just like, dude, me neither . Yeah. Love kids. But 27 of them at a time is , is a lot. So yeah. I mean, I guess , uh , I'm just thinking like we're going to design a school, we're going to build a school. We're going to buy a school. I don't think we'd be teaching. Okay. Right. Like, yeah. I was thinking more of like an administrative sort of VP and P yeah . Sorta deal co vice presidents , principal, but you know, like vice principal. Yeah. Or just co-principals vice principal vice-principal is a thing. But yeah, no, it's what I'm saying. Like if one of us wants to be the principal and the other one, the vice principal or vice versa, you know ? Cause they do have different duties. That's true. That's true. I'll be the vice principal . So you don't have to talk to the kids as much. Don't worry. But again, I can't imagine people would let us get super far, which I think is like , I get it. But I also hear us out hear us out. And also, I mean, it is worth mentioning. I've been a teacher before and I've also been working with kids and teenagers in the youths for ever. But yeah. I mean I started being a camp counselor when I was in middle school. Yeah . Yeah . I mean , yeah. I started being a camp counselor when I was in high school. So not long ago . Yeah. And then I was a young life leader all through college and then I was in grad school where I was an actual, you know, teacher. So , um, yeah. A lot of working with youth, I was going to save for once. We actually kind of know what we're talking about a little bit. I mean like don't get me wrong. I don't know about kids when it really comes down to yeah. None of us like studied education or anything. No. And also like, have you met teenagers or monsters? Like pull my chemical romance song about that. There is. And like if we do have any audience members who are teenagers, like no hate, no hate at all. Like my cousin is 19 18, 19. I dunno . He's old now 19. My best friend is a teenager. Like yeah. You know, I have teenage friends, but you know, so don't get me wrong. That's not true. My best friend is not a teenager. You're my best friend. You know, I'm just saying, y'all talk so weird. Like y'all talk weird. You're like kind of just mean blanket mean like so, okay. We , we go, we go to visit my family, Jordan and I at the lake house at the lake house. And by the family lake house, my parents, they just live on a lake and my grandparents built the house. So it's not like a fancy people lake house, but it's not capital T the capital L lake house. So no , it's just my house. That's on a lake. Yeah . So my parents just live on the lake. So we went there and my cousin, you know, he's uh , just started college. And if you ever partake in this podcast, I'm so sorry, bud. But so this kid love him to death. Always have like my uncle, his dad is, has gone so far as to call us kindred spirits. So that's where we're at was so several years apart, but we're , we're, we're good friends. And um , I'm fresh off a breakup, like literally gone through a breakup and a couple of days after Jordan and I we'd take shelter at my parent's house on the lake. And so I'm having a tough time, but I'm happy to see my little cousin back from college. Cause it's his first year and he's doing great. It's awesome. He brought some friends and they were really cool. And like, so I was like, oh my gosh, this is amazing. It's so good to catch up with my family. And like, not everybody's here, but like, this is nice. And I'm , you know, this is good. And then , so we're talking about how like, oh, so this cousin is the Spanish speaking cousin and this cousin is the music cousin or whatever. And then I'm like, so Hey, what, what cousin of mine and this kid, this kid looks at me and goes, I don't know the lame cousin. And I'm over here . Like, you didn't say anything that mean, but bro, I'm injured bro. I'm insured. Excuse you. It's harsh. Yeah. So did I give him a twister? No, I did. It was very mean a very mean-spirited thing, but you know, the older cousin instincts just sort of kicked the punishment, did match the crime. Yeah. Yeah. Like you're like, but the audacity to look at your adult cousin who was clearly going through a lot extends no love, but tough love. Just , I don't know. The lame one also teenagers are monsters. It wasn't like a middle schooler. Cause I feel like the middle schooler insults are much more accurately aim . There would have been like a lot higher effort than the lame cousin, but I feel like it would've hit you like a , a battle . Yeah. Thankfully none of my nieces and nephews are quite at that age yet. So being that my youngest cousin is now in college. Like I have a little bit of time, but only a couple of years. I mean my oldest nephew he's 10. So he's getting there. Yep . But he's so nice. I can't imagine he'll be a mean teenager, but just in case I guess. So let's make a school for these little rat bastard kids. Yeah. It's get those in there. Have a good time. I'm balls to sit on instead of seats. But actually there is on the same website that I found that flippy key chain for my mom. They have like BAMS that you can put around like two legs of your desk and then just like sit your feet on it and bounce. That's incredible. Yeah. So you're bouncing, but you're not like hitting the floor, anyone else's and you're not shaking anything. Oh what? Like, listen, I'm going to speak for all of the, all of the other people around me in school throughout all of school. I think they I'm gonna speak for all of them and say that they would have loved that for me because I am a chronic leg bouncer. Yeah . I'm a chronic pencil Tapper too . Yeah. Yeah. So we'll get some of those for the, I'm going to say for the desks, but like, do we want desks? Well , I mean, I guess let's think about this, right? Let's think about like, I think that desks are nice because it does add, it depends on what grade you're in. Right. Because when you're younger, it is nice to have a little home base because your desk is like where you keep all your stuff. And so it is like a sort of, yeah . It's like a personal place, right? Yeah. So I like the idea of having that individualism promoted. Right. Okay. Hot take. I do think that school uniforms should be a thing, but the uniform is very loose and it can be changed. Like you can, you can dress it up however you want to. But I do think the equalizer of like what students are able to afford or not afford is like really good, actually. Like a lot of studies have shown that like at least having a generic sort of form can be really helpful in terms of equalizing kids. But at the same time, maybe not. What if we did like a , what if they just all dress like Cher from clueless? That'd be so cute. That would be very horrible . Yellow plaid uniform. Oh, that'd be very good. Or like where she has the sweater vest over the shirt with the shirts, like not tucked in. Yeah. That'd be very good. I was going to say something sensible about like turning uniforms and do a group bonding thing, but that's way. Cool. Yeah. I mean, I guess like, yep . Yeah. So I guess I'm on the fence about that one, but we can, we can figure that out later. I just, I, I think uniforms are really cute for like, I know there's lots of arguments, both ways for and against uniforms in schools, but yeah . Well my thought is like, what if you have a base of like, you have to wear this color pants or skirt of this material and like this kind of shirt and you like got everyone together on the first day of school and you tied all the shirts or like painted on them or did something cool. So it was something that everyone had access to. So still equalizing, but then you had your chance with equitable supplies to individualize it. So you get a little bit of equality and a little bit of individual . Yeah, no, I love that. And I think we can also probably talk to some people about like donating different sorts of old sewing and craft supplies, because like I can imagine there'd be a lot of people who would have things that they'd want to do, but like not necessarily tied . I, you know, like , yeah , like lots of like donated ribbon and fabrics and that would work out really well too because ADHD can very much run in families. And so you, if you have a community of this ADHD school of adults that also have ADHD, there's going to be some leftover craft supplies from abandoned projects in there. Exactly. Yeah. I like that idea. I also like the idea of the school itself will have lots of windows. Windows are very underrated by teachers and other people in schools because I think there's this sort of idea that it's distracting. Your kids are going to be strapped at either way, might as well, let them get some vitamin D. Yeah. I think it's also just like, if your kids are going to get distracted, they're going to get distracted. And also like your kids are humans. This isn't a prison tuned to learn and grow and develop as human beings. Yeah. And I think too, unless you're Bella Thorne in that one movie she's allergic to sunlight. I forgot about that. I watched it is very funny. Amazing. I mean, it was actually really sad. What I wasn't supposed to be funny. No, it's funny to me just cause I was like, oh, this looks interesting. That's the way, well, that's Bella Thorne. And then like within a minute I was sucked in couldn't stop watching it. And I was like, this is such a stupid movie. Amazing. Did I cry anyways? Yeah. Fair enough. So very honest well-rounded review. Thank you. So anyways, I like that lots of windows. I think too, if we're looking at an upper grade, we're normally there are periods I want to say instead of having periods, why don't you just have like one subject per day or maybe like Jack's per day . That's a lot of the thing I like about periods is that you do get a dose of it each day because it does help to like get it in your brain to do a little bit each day. And I think dedicating a whole day to one or two subjects would probably create a lot more of that. Like yeah , memorize it really fast for the test and then forget sort of, but writ large. So, but my solution though would be periods, but then the time in between periods is longer and a little bit more flexible. Okay. Okay. My thought behind like longer subjects does . I mean like, I guess I would set for a subject you don't like, and you're like, God, I'm going to be in math class all day. I hate it here. But if you miss that one day of school, it is really hard to make up the work that is true. And I, I have more thoughts about that, but having the opportunity to get like deeper into something over a longer period of time and like getting to actually start your focus on it versus like kind of getting into it and only having an hour versus like being able to slowly get into it and have more time in that subject where you're already in it instead of so many transition periods. Yeah. I mean, I think there's a happy medium between what we're suggesting. Cause like I think you still need to have every subject every day, but I think there's also probably like a lot of room to look at what we teach kids in school. Yeah. Cause I think there's also a lot to look at like the European school system where like after certain ages they literally test out of certain things and start focusing on their own specific choice in like trade and profession. And so like things get a lot more tailored and so they do have less courses that they take, but they are a little bit longer and more intensive. Yeah. I like that. I like that. So maybe it starts off with more periods and then as you have fewer subjects, you have like two, three hour blocks or something like that. Yeah. I mean , I think we should live other places lead by example. Cause there's lots of really good examples of how to do school. Well, especially well and a lot of places outside of the U S yeah. So I think that that would be great. And also I would like to say that it'd be cool if like the school had like a big atrium welcome area where the office is like tucked off to the side maybe, but like just a big open atrium welcome area where you kinda like hang out and sit and like chill. Yeah. I think the lockers should be bigger. Yeah . Like partially for accessibility purposes. And also just like kids need a lot of stuff at school, especially if they want to do extra curriculars , like a locker is just not enough space. Yeah. Those things are so small. Yeah. You can like kind of fit books on it. Maybe more if you get like a locker shelf, but you can't really, really fit your backpack in there. If there's a class that you like don't need your backpack for you can't fit a lot of like, you couldn't fit your backpack in your Walker. Not when it was like full. I had to like empty it out kind of puzzle stuff in there. Wait. Okay. How big were your lockers calves ? I have size. Okay. So we had full sized ones. So I was like , how did you not have no, we had half size lockers and I have a skirt . Yeah , yeah, no, we have the full size lockers, but they're just so skinny. And like I do get, you don't want them to be too big cause you don't want the kids to be easily findable . And so I took it that maybe like slightly wider half size lockers. Yeah. That could be good. We can think on it there , they want to have size lockers is I don't like the whole thing where it's like one locker on top of the other. That's very frustrating for like getting in and out of walkers. And I feel like at least one full size lockers, like full height lockers. Yeah . The locks like right in the middle, it's pretty easily accessible whether you're standing or seated. Yeah. Yeah. No, I think that that's very smart. The full size locker, if you're seated, like if you have a chair or anything like, and you can't really reach the top, what if we just have different types of sizes of, it's going to say what if it's like a mosaic situation and they all just like are different sizes, but on the same scale, a cool back splash sometimes. Yeah. No that's super true. Okay. So the lockers will also be a pale pink. Yes. Yeah. Yep . I'm in that cool. Or maybe like a light blue light. Blue is a very good brain color. If it was to like lean into the mosaic thing, it was like different shades. Oh. Like in that Nickelodeon show, a victorious did not watch it, but I trust you. I think they got to do stuff to their lockers to make them individualized on the outside and the inside. That's fun. I'm not positive. I could be way off base, but I know that I want you to show her movie where some, like they got to decorate the outsides of their lockers. Nice . And it was really cool if you know what movie or show that was. And if you can confirm that it was victorious, please let me know. Yeah. Okay. So we're really, you know, my brother asks me every time I'm around, which isn't super often, but every time I'm around, just so you y'all still have a , you know, content you can put out for the podcast and like you're still content to put out. And every time I'm like, yeah, no, there's definitely a lot of stuff to put out. Like we have a whole list of things. And then we came in here and I'm like, wow, we're like half hour in or whatever. And this is what we're doing. This is what we're bringing to people. Locker locker, design core launch to be fair, like locker day Corps was a huge deal for me. That's the thing. It's like a big thing about school is getting to develop as a person and being able to express yourself and express your own individuality and space spaces . A he, yeah. And I think it helps people to , to have a space that they feel like they are in control of and feel safe. And also like studies have shown that if you're surrounded by things that are aesthetically pleasing to you, it's going to be that much easier to enjoy your time. And also it's been proven that that helps with like studying and like learning things wild. So let's talk about older kid classrooms. Cause if older kids have lockers that are individualized for what we want the actual classrooms to be like big tables with like more of a round seating sort of thing, like a college sort of seminar, I think it would depend on the class. That's true. Yeah. Because there are some classes where you're doing a lot more individual work and there are some classes where like you're doing more teamwork. Although I will say to that end one thing that I was thinking about, and I've held this belief since I heard the idea of multiple intelligences, you know, how like some people are like movement and shape and space smart. And some people are like, interpersonally smart. Some people are interpersonal, you know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. You know, like people are , have different strengths in . Yeah. Well, like , you know, they've categorized that to some degree and we had to like take tests to figure out what our intelligence type was in school. And then they did nothing with that information. Interesting. Yeah. I mean, it was just like a worksheet that I think one teacher had us take and you know , probably good information for them if they had to come up with an extra credit project or individualized learning for a student, but it was never, I feel like acknowledged in the already developed or very rarely acknowledged in the already developed curriculum that people have different types of intelligence. And so I wish that that was like an option and a lot of classes it's like, here's the concept that we're learning here is what you need to know to prove that you learned that concept here are five different options based on your intelligence type of like how to do a project that shows that. Yeah. So I guess my next thing would be, do we want to actually split things up? Cause like I'm thinking about like for a teacher that is so much work. Yeah . Because then you're not just doing one lesson plan, you're doing like five it's the same lesson plan. I think it could just be different versions of a project, which would still be a lot of work thinking about all of my friends who are teachers and they're like looking at you. Oh yeah, no, this is this. Isn't like a , like I said, we're, dream-building this, isn't a fantasy world where teachers are paid fairly and there is more than enough support staff. Like this is not actual commentary on like the structure of the U S education system. That's fair. I think I was just also like maybe it would be worthwhile of separating teachers out, not necessarily by subject, but by teaching style. Yeah. I could always be an option. But then I think about like that's a lot of work and I think about like elementary school teachers who do have to learn every subject because they just teach the same kids all day and they just teach them different subjects. So like, I think about how stressful that is and I'm like, oh geez. Yeah. So definitely something to keep in mind, we've got ideas. So that's good. Then we're at least going to acknowledge that there are different types of brains and different ways to learn things and not just separate it into like the smart kids, the not smart kids and the average kids, you know, and the athletic kids. Cause it doesn't matter if they learn or not because they're playing football and making the school money. So we're just going to pass them so they can keep doing that . We went to very different schools, for sure, for sure. We had different experiences about that growing up. But that, that is the thing. That is a thing that happens. Yeah. Anyways, what other ideas do we offer our school? So we've got our gravel pathway. We've got our very cool lockers and bathroom backsplashes even backsplashes it's just wall to ceiling tile is floor to ceiling or on whilst . Cause like it's , it's a bathroom. Yeah . So everything's tile. Okay. Yeah. It's cleaner. Yeah. And then also just all pink with some cute mirrors and stuff. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So we've got that, got individualized blockers . We do also have the idea of flexible time and schedules , uh , ergonomic friendly for fidget seating. Yeah. And then maybe, you know, case by case based and like based on needs of like what sort of seating arrangement works best for everybody. Yeah. And I, I like our , yeah. I like our idea of maybe in secondary education, it gets honed a little bit so people can spend more time in subjects they care about. I like that. Yeah. And , uh , recess always like you don't necessarily need to have like a playground recess all the way . Why does that stop? I don't know. You know, reading , I don't understand why they make gym class a requirement in high school, but take away recess beyond me. I will say though, when I was in elementary school, we had two recesses a day. We had like a morning recess and an afternoon recess and my little nerd would have really appreciated it if we had like, cause I think kids need to go outside and play. I think everyone needs to go outside and have time to play. But also it would have been kind of cool if we had like one recess or you had to be outside and then like again in the world where there are more than enough paraeducators and plenty of space and all these things, like the second recess was like a choose your own activity for fun. So you could go outside and play. You could color if you like need time to rest and be by yourself or like read a book or play with sand. I don't know. But like I think that will be cool. Yes. Like the actual literal definition of a recess, respite like a break. Yeah. Yeah . Whatever that looks like. I think that everyone still needs recess. Yeah . I like that too. Probably also like, I don't know. Really good funding. Yeah. Like actually really well funded mental health services and counseling and career services and learning how to learn. Yeah. No like, you know the stuff that schools should probably do. Yeah. No that should be in a school for everyone. Not just ADHD people. Yeah. Yeah. So it will be a cool school for everybody. Yeah. This one . Yeah. This is not specific. This is just like a, Hey maybe, maybe our brains generally. Aren't meant to learn things this way. Yeah. Maybe let's think about that. Maybe one of our , the school helped people learn and be healthy and keep learning and taking care of themselves instead of learning how to sit somewhere and do repetitive tasks for eight hours a day, you know, what would that be like? I don't know. Like interesting, interesting ideas. Interesting things to think about really makes you wonder. Huh. So anyways. Yeah. I know that I could sit and think about this all day. I could come up with like a full blueprint for a school like designs and color swatches included. Oh I know you could. I've seen when you do that and it is stunning. Thank you. It's talking about when I play the Sims, is that what you're referencing right now? When you talk about me building houses and blueprints and designing things that what you're talking about, are you referring to when I play the Sims? Yeah, I do appreciate that. I think there's probably a slight difference. You know , people really design stuff, but you have the eye for it. No matter how you apply it. I got that eye for design. So again, I could sit here and talk about this all day. So is there anything else that you would add? Oh, also no one pays for meals. I was going to say, I was like, we need to overhaul the meal system, but I was trying to make that concise. Cause I could sit here and talk about that all day. But yeah, no one pays for meals and they also offer breakfast for free. I mean, I know my school kind of did, but like not a lot of people did that and snacks and you're allowed to eat in class within reason . Yeah. Like if you , if you want to pull out a bowl of spaghetti in class, I will put my foot down. I will say no. I'm like, no, no you're 12. Stop that , stop that right now. Maybe I'm old fit call my old fashion . You know, maybe, maybe I'm just a stick in the mud, but uh, I don't want your little nugget eating spaghetti and getting it all over. The nice, pretty carpet that I picked out. I see. Okay. Yeah, yeah. That I picked out personally. No, I see where you're coming from. You take pride in your carpet . I get it. Yeah. I take pride in my carpet trampoline . Can we talk about, but those two don't fully in this week. Okay. Yeah. Should we explain what the dopamine trampoline is first? All . I'll explain it while you, while you catch your breath there. So for those of you who are new to our show, welcome and congratulations for making it this far, our dopamine trampoline is our segment. We do every episode about what is bringing us dopamine this every other week, it could be a hyper fixation in the very traditional sense of the word. It could be a former or current special interest . It could be something that you hate, but are kind of obsessed with. Well, yeah, kind of. Yeah. Uh , could just be something that tickles. Yeah. So I will go first and I am very excited to kind of do two birds with one stone with this dopamine trampoline. Cause it is also the triumphant return of the ADH dad joke . Oh , oh see you're okay. Hold on. Hold on . Okay. Okay. I'm I'm with you. I support you. I'm here, but are you telling me that your dope? Me and trampoline is a bit that we made up for our podcasts . I'm telling you that my dopamine trampoline is the experience I just had in the hardware store earlier today where someone else told me an ADH dad , Joe . Okay. Yep. Okay. Kristen all allow it. Oh, thank you. Kind and generous benevolent omniscient judge of the podcast. Content. I have no power here. Don't worry. I know. I know. I know I have no power here. Oh wait. No, no. It's my Gandalf who says that, oh, the nerds are going to come from me. Oh no. Mom will know. Then probably shouldn't say the nerds are going to come for me on our podcast. But I did also say I'm proud of my carpet. So we're doing great. This is a good episode. Go vice podcast principles . Let's build a school. This is just like every teacher is Ms. Frizzle. It's just a bunch of different types of Ms. Frizzle. Yes. rules. Sorry mom. I know I've said like three times now in this episode , um , it was really your parents. They were all in the podcast here . Yeah . No, they were, it was delightful. It was very fun. Love them . What also? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Speaking of parents ADHD. Yeah. You know what I mean ? Tell me the story. So I'm sorry. It's a lot of energy. Sound good. This clause that just concentrates it somehow. I know all we did update a little bit. So hopefully our recording experiences a little bit kinder to our listeners in the audio medium because we do have some nice fancy sound paneling in here. And we also got some little disco balls streamlined . Lex found them online and they are impeccable. I am truly, truly basking in the globe right now. It's very good. We're going to go get maybe curiously later nineties night. It's very good. It's very good. Okay. So now speaking of these sound panels though, actually I had to stop by the hardware store earlier today to get command strips like that. Good. Double-sided sticky. Yeah. Like the foam tape stuff to fix them to the walls and an effective, but not permanent fashion. Cause their other recommendation was like spray glue. I feel like our landlord would have a lot of questions about that. And like, I don't really care. I was going to say there's a 50% chance he would have strong feelings about it. And there's a 50% chance he literally could not care less. Yeah . It's true. So who knows, but we didn't do that. So it doesn't , no , we didn't use command strips, but anyways, so I , uh, was having a hard time finding things. Cause this is like a little tiny neighborhood hardware store. It's a little bit of a maze. And so I asked the person at the front counter and I said, Hey, do you have any sort of like double-sided tape command strips? And they said, yeah, what are you hanging? What kind of sticky do you need? And I said, you know, I'm hanging some sound panels and you know, so their foam , et cetera, et cetera. And as I was checking out, he said to me, I've had a lot of people come in, getting stuff to make a home studio. Are you recording music? Or like, what are you doing? And I was like, oh actually I, I have a podcast with my roommate. And it's a really embarrassing thing to say out loud to people. Oh it is. It's so embarrassing. Normally it is. But this guy was very, very chill about it. Very delightful about it because here's what happened is I said, you know, I have a podcast with my roommate and he said, oh, what's your podcast about? And I said, well, we both have ADHD as adults, which is not what most people think of as ADHD. So we talk about our experience and he goes, oh, I heard a joke. I have to tell you that. And if you have ADHD, I think the premise of the joke was that it was like redneck humor. Okay. My people, when he says to me, he says, oh man, I just got bad news. My doctor said I have HD and it's really bad. Cause he said, I have 80 of them. You know, what's really hard when like we meet people in real life would be better at our podcast than us literally knocks me down several times . I'll see if we can write . Wow. Oh, it was delightful. It was a wholesome moment all around. And uh , Mr. Hardware store, Mr. Hardware store got speed. Yup . I hope the sun shines blessings upon you. Let's you know, that is delightful for sharing my pleasure. Lots of dope. I think my favorite part was when I started kind of chuckling, as you know, it kind of took me a second to process it and as I start chuckling, he repeats, I have HD and I have 80 of them. So he knows his audience to , oh boy, it was beautiful. Oh , I'm so glad that you have that experience. And I'm so glad that I get to share it with you on now. Cause it was really special. It sounds so special. Wow. And I'm so excited. Cause I have to go back to the hardware store for more sticky strips. And so that's true. Cause we're going to get more of these panels. That's good. But yeah, that's what I got. That's real good. And as I was leaving too , he said, you can use that on your podcast. So he got permission to get the all clear. Yeah . So , oh yeah. This person really does sound like they're more cut out for podcasts either way. So I guess we'll, you can call it a day Cashin and I mean, you still have to do your depth . I'm gonna try and play in first getting off that easy. That's true. That's true. So Lex, what is your dopamine trampoline? This episode? What are you bouncing off ? So I'm going to take us back to a common sort of theme for my dopamine trampolines, where I talk about things that I watch on an audio medium, which is very fun for you all, but I don't care what it's like for you all because it is what has given me dopamine , uh, the whole thing we might talk about it, you might talk out for like 10, 15 minutes. There are a whole TV and movie review podcasts. That's the whole thing. Yeah. But when people go there for that, you know, like I recognize that there's people who come to this podcast and they're like, Hey, I have ADHD or I know someone who has ADHD. And so I probably do have some auditory processing problems. Um, and you would like to talk to me about a visual medium . Okay. So I'm sure I'm sure. And I hear you and I am not going to do anything to change it because I'm going to talk about another movie this week and it's called, fighting with my family, starring Florence, Pugh, and also the rock. Is there, you haven't talked about this before, not on the podcast. Really? I don't think so. Wow. I really don't think I have. I honestly, I like, I know you've talked about the movie and I don't trust myself to remember when that was, but I know how much you love that movie. So go ahead. Take away. Yeah. So there's this movie called, fighting with my family. It does start a Florence Pugh, you know, famous a famous actress. And so it's a movie that came out in 2019. So this, this was released the same year that she did Midsummer . So there's that? Um , Ooh . Yeah, it is a little while to think about the fact that between like the family friendly comedy with Dwayne, the rock Johnson and the like indie art house, horror film, the second one's more popular. Yeah . But that's neither here nor there. Tell me more about yeah. And , and that's what I love mid-summer I do. And I haven't talked about it on this podcast because I value you all a little bit more than that, but not enough to stop talking about movies entirely. It's fighting with my family as a 2019 biographical sports comedy drama film, and it's written and directed by us, Stephen merchant. And it is based on a documentary from 2012 called the wrestlers, fighting with my family by max Fisher . And it is essentially a biopic as they say of professional wrestler , uh , Paige . And she made her way up through the WWE and also followed the path of her brothers Zodiac, just such a sick wrestling name. And so Florence, Pugh and Jack Lowden , they start as Paige and Zach Zodiac. And then Vince Vaughn, Dwayne Johnson, Nick frost, Lena, Headey you say her last name? I have no idea, whatever they're all there. And Dwayne, the rock Johnson was also a producer on this film. It's amazing. And so it primarily follows the story of this young woman who is a wrestler because her family is full of wrestlers and she's really good at it. And she gets a chance to go down to Florida, like from the UK , um, down to Florida to train and get a shot at being in the W2 WWE. And she does ended up doing it. She she's the, I think she's still stands the actual page cause it's a real person IRL page. Yeah . She is still the youngest woman to ever win. Um, the championship fight that she first won. So I'm like entering the WWE or whatever it was. Um , and so Florence Pugh plays her as she's going through that training in Florida and he goes through and like how she breaks into the WWE sort of world. Um, and it's really, really heartwarming. It's really funny. It's sweet. Like there are some heavier bits just because it's like, you know, a biopic. So it's about someone's real actual life. So there are some real actual life type of things that happen , um, which does lend itself to sad sometimes. But generally it is like a super uplifting, funny, quirky, like feel good, family sports, comedy, drama, sort of film, like, yeah . It's great. Um, yeah, it's really fun. It's very fun. You make me watch it with you. I did. And you liked it. It's really good. And I will, at some point I'm sure talking about wrestling generally, I do also like wrestling. Um , but it's like a very good film to watch when you're feeling down and you don't want something super fluffy and light like a romcom. Cause it doesn't have like that vibe at all. It's just more about like finding your own power and your own voice and your own individuality and like owning that and like literally kicking. So yeah , it's very cool. And also if you're like me, you see Florence Pugh and he just kind of were like, well, whatever she's doing, I want to know what's happening. So that is very fun because I feel like it's a very underrated slash BA vaguely unheard of Florence, Pugh movie in the sort of Florence, Pugh realm of fans and the universe and the universe. Yeah. You're choosing like a Marvel. She she's , she's in Blackwood or she's in the Pepsi, you now, which like, okay. But you know, so to be in this like little WWE film biopic about this British wrestler. Yeah. Like it's just really cool and fun. And I like that. I like, I like that. It's fun and cute. I like that. Dwayne, the rock Johnson just has a bunch of cameos because he's a producer too . Like I respect that . It's so fun. It's funny. It's cute. It's very heartwarming. The soundtrack is pretty kick and you know, like there's nothing unexpected that happens. I feel like , like it's one of those movies where you're like, I feel like I know how this is going to end and it will leave me with warm fuzzies and it does. Yeah . There's no like jump scares or anything. Nothing like that. Complete opposite, complete, complete opposite. Um, but also like Florence Pugh has like a bunch of piercings in her face and like long dark hair and like, am I, did I have some feelings about that? Yes. But that's not as big of a deal as it is. It's like just really, really good and fun. If you like Florence, Pugh or wrestling or British comedy or you don't like any of those things, but you just like early , I don't even know what to watch. You can, you could watch that. I think it's on like Hulu and Amazon prime and you can also tour into it because there's like some strikes happening right now. So you could also just tore it, wink . Don't do that. Wink, wink. So that's my domain trampoline, simple, easy wrestling movie, Florence, Pugh wrestling movies and not being a scalpel , watching them . All right . Hell yeah . Yeah. So that's all we got for you all this week. We will, at some point, you know , probably do more structured episodes again. Yeah. But like right now we're kind of vibing because that's all we can do and thanks for sticking with us. Yeah. And that is to say too , we love to hear from y'all whether it's on Twitter, on our website. Cause we have a fun little contact form. Uh, whether you want to shoot us an email, whether you want to just yell really loud and hope we hear it. Yeah. You can reach us. Yeah . We'd love to hear from you. So if you, or a loved one, suffer from ADHD and you have a question about it that you would like us to answer or talk about, or I have a straight up episode idea, we'll drop credit. We're not upstairs . We just decide our sources. Yeah . Let us know. We love to hear from you . Uh, should we do the outro so they know all the places to talk to us. Yeah. And some point we probably should just record this so that y'all can skip through it and we can do it every time. Yeah. Probably unless you don't skip through it. In which case. Wow. You angel sweet summer child. I don't know what to tell you, but wow. Thank you. I mean like I do like to think that it's kind of funny at the end. If you get through all these little notes, but so try and split some, some Easter eggs in there for you full of spicy, Mr . Mm it's a little French honor. Anyways. So this has been more learned Parkville from wholehearted production company. Yeah. You can find us on Spotify, apple podcasts, most other places, school people find their podcasts . Thanks to Cretia burrito for our wonderful cover art design. You can find her at pedal hop. That's P E T a L H O P on Instagram and Etsy and Twitter. Yeah. Thank you to Tom Rosenthal as well for the use of our theme song, there is a dark place off of the album. Keep a private room behind the shop. You can follow us on the social@morallearnparkcoreontwitteratwearewpconinstagramandwearewpc.com . Yeah. And if you want to get to any of those places or any of those people that we just mentioned, you can find links to it in our episode description as well as links to sources and transcripts. Yeah. If you enjoy this podcast and want to hear more, don't forget to follow subscribe, et cetera, et cetera, to this feed page, it's different across podcatchers, but you know, what's right for you. Yeah. I mean just like follow subscribe, like et cetera, et cetera, do it, do it. And if that's not enough and you're feeling more generous, then you could also support us by sharing the show because word of mouth is, you know what they say the best currency, but that's not true. You could also give us real money [inaudible] you can find a link to it in our link tree, on our Twitter, Instagram and website. Sure. Cam , that would be extremely rat of you. It's super wood . But at the very least you want to just tell people about it. Yeah. You know, even if you're like, just like, Hey, you want to hear a stupid, this podcast is all. Press is good. Press baby. Do you want to not learn about poor core ? I said that. [inaudible] cool . Cool . Cool. So anyways, I'm Lex I'm Jordan. This has been or learn per core and we'll catch you sometime, probably two weeks who knows. See around team

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