Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast

OLP 0.1 Trailer

July 15, 2020 Jordan Rawlings & Lex Kathryn Season 1
Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast
OLP 0.1 Trailer
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Introducing: Or, Learn Parkour! A new informational, comedic podcast about living with adult ADHD, by two adults who have ADHD. Join Jordan and Lex every other Monday for the ups and downs of living with ADHD, creating while neurodivergent, and whatever else we can't stop talking about.

Cover art by: Krizia Perito
Theme: There Is A Dark Place
Wholehearted Production Co.


Future content warnings will be featured here. Transcripts will be available at orlearnparkour.buzzsprout.com

[There Is a Dark Place by Tom Rosenthal plays quietly in the background.]

Jordan: Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder? If so, you may be entitled to compensation. Not from us, we don’t have any money.
But, from someone maybe. Every year, people across the nation-

Lex: Jordan, Jordan (door slams open) Jordan, Jordan!

Jordan: What?

Lex: I need you to come outside and look at this dope trick I just did.

Jordan: Lex, I’m working on the trailer for our podcast, can I come look later?

Lex: Wait, wait, wait, wait- the podcast we do together about ADHD? Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder?

Jordan: (overlapping with Lex) -Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Yeah, that’s the one.

Lex: The one where we talk about having ADHD?

Jordan: Yep.

Lex: With the tips and tricks for coping with ADHD?

Jordan: Mhm.

Lex: Sometimes we have cool guests on to talk about their own neurodivergent experience?

Jordan: That’s our podcast.

Lex: Oh, okay!

Jordan: This is Or, Learn Parkour , we are gonna be bringing you tips, tricks, and sweet flips
every other Monday.

Lex: A new comedy, informational, fantabulous, fun, big, dine-in, dine-out experience for the
whole family.

Jordan: Well-

Lex: Well, not the whole family. We do do some swears.

Jordan: Sorry, mom. But we do bring you the podcast on rollerskates!

Lex: It’s true! I have fallen many a-time!

Jordan: Oof. What we do actually do, though, is talk about ADHD.

Lex: Yeah! ‘Cause we have that! And, sorry to disappoint, it’s not actually about parkour.

Jordan: I mean, we could do some parkour- we could have little a parkour...as a treat.

Lex: As a treat?

Jordan: Mhm.

Lex: Should we do some parkour right now?

Jordan: I think we should.

Lex: Alright. Ready?

Jordan: Mhm.

[Lex grunts. 
Smacking and banging noises that sound like Jordan and Lex are really doing parkour.
Lex and Jordan grunt some more.]

Jordan: We did it!

Lex: We… We learned parkour!

Jordan: But this is just the trailer! If we already learned parkour, what are we gonna do for the
rest of the podcast?

Lex: Oh no… Oh! We can talk about ADHD!

Jordan: Oh yeah! Right! ADHD!

Lex: I’m Lex.

Jordan: I’m Jordan.

Lex: This is Or, Learn Parkour!

Jordan: Join us every other Monday!

Lex: Yeeee. And... parkour noises here.

Jordan: Okay…

[Jordan and Lex laugh as song fades out. Trailer ends.]