Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast

OLP 048: The Plants Episode

April 18, 2023
Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast
OLP 048: The Plants Episode
Show Notes

On this week's episode of Or, Learn Parkour: join Jordan and Lex as they discuss the easiest plants to take care of when you have that tasty and fresh ADHD. RIP to all the plants we've lost along the way. 

And don't forget: we want to hear from YOU! Call in to (312) 625-3760‬ and leave a message telling us about your dopamine trampoline- you could end up in one of our upcoming episodes!

As always, thanks for listening!

CW/TW: Mental health, ADHD,  loud noises, yelling, mouth noises, plants, animal death, dissection


Cover art by: Krizia Perito

Theme: There Is A Dark Place

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