Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast

OLP 040: Listening to a Podcast, Talking About Another Podcast

September 19, 2022 Jordan Rawlings & Lex Brown
Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast
OLP 040: Listening to a Podcast, Talking About Another Podcast
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In this episode, Lex & Jordan dive into the concept of optimum arousal, and how it can be a tool to game your ADHD and do (or not do) whatever you want. Join us for soap operas, viddy games, and... sweat. Lots of sweat. It's so warm in the studio y'all

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CW/TW: Mental health, ADHD,  loud noises, yelling, mouth noises, coughing, prescription drugs

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Cover art by: Krizia Perito

Theme: There Is A Dark Place

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Speaker 1:

There is a dark place, but I'm not going there. No, no, no. On my way there is a dark place. I'm not going. No, no, no. On my,

Speaker 2:

Hi, I'm Jordan, and then I'm l I'm Lex. You sure are. Sorry, my tongue got like caught in my mouth. Does that ever happen? Yeah. Like where you No, that's fair. You start to talk and you're like, Mouth won't move.<laugh> definitely been there a lot of times. I just take it as a hint from the universe that my, the filter that should have stopped those words failed. And this is my like, saving grace, second chance. But you were trying to say your name, so I don't think it's the same thing. Probably not. Glad we got there eventually though. And yeah. And also, I mean, like, that'd be bad news if that's the signal the universe is sending me when this is an audio medium that does require me to speak Yeah. A fair amount. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. So do you wanna, should we try it again or do we roll with this take and just hope it works. Like let's just roll with it. Yeah. Okay. We're rolling with it today. Okay. That's the vibe. Fast and loose. Love it. If you haven't figured it out already, this is a podcast about adhd done by two people who have adhd. You might know us as or learn par core. Yeah. And here we are. Yep. In our studio, in our glamorous, spacious studio space that is not a repurposed coat closet that is not really, really sweaty. Repurposed is a very generous term to use, given that there are coats in here with us. Multipurpose. Yeah. Okay, Sure. Mul. Multipurpose. Yeah. Multipurpose. Yeah. Yeah. So this is a podcast about ADHD and, and we both have it. We sure do. Um, it definitely totally doesn't affect our everyday lives, Uh mm-hmm.<affirmative> and doesn't have any impact on, uh, say our productivity or Nope. How we interact with the world or I don't know how we think, how we feel about ourselves, how we process information, how we react. So normal. Totally fine. Absolutely. Great. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>? I'm doing so good. How are you doing Lex? You know, I feel like I could have a few more screens going in front of me Mm. To reach, um, you know, uh, what do they call it? Oh yeah, That's what our episode's about. Oh, it's optimum arousal. Yeah. Um, so not that kind of arousal, like, thank God, but like not I'm still asexual. Sorry. I mean, I'm No thanks. Like there's, you know what Natak ems, there's whole industries just for you.<laugh> thought you out. Just say there's whole No, that was what, two episodes ago? Last episode? Episode. I think that was last episode. Yeah, that was one That was last episode. Um, so that one was for y'all. This one is for a different kind of arousal. Yeah. It, it's optimum arousal. It's a real, I don't know if it's really the best reason to use the term arousal, but there's, uh, enough information on that, uh, chicken bone of knowledge. Ooh. You know, there's enough meat. Mm-hmm.<affirmative> information, meat. Mm-hmm.<affirmative> that, uh, we figured we'd talk about it a little bit because wouldn't, you know, optimum arousal is something that has talked about in relation to people who have adhd. It sure is not always, but often enough that it's, I figured, you know. Yeah. Why not talk about it. Right Here we are talking about it. People ask me like, Hey, do you think you'll ever run out of content? Probably, but not yet. Yeah. I just kind of, like, one of my friends recently said to me,<laugh>. No, no, it's okay. I kind of like your stream of consciousness after. I apologize for just speaking out my stream of consciousness. Sounds like a good friend. Yeah. Well, yeah. Yeah, Avi. But also, um, there's a lot of sauce that we put on these chicken bones of information, so they are extra filling. How about that? How is that? No, I think I was kind of hoping you would tell me where I was going with<laugh>. What I was saying, cuz I had a plot. It was, I had a point A to point B to C to, you know, like I had, and I think my brain maybe tried to cut through B, go straight from A to C mm-hmm.<affirmative> and like, you know, like a little pit stop for slurs in there somewhere. I know. I feel you. Yeah. So, uh, I'm also just like, I can feel a bead of sweat dripping down my face right now mm-hmm.<affirmative>. So it's like a little disconcerting. Well, let's rock this one out so that we don't get fried. How's that? Yeah.<laugh>. Yeah. Thank you. We're in it now. We sure are. All right. Well, so, okay. Optimum arousal. What is it? You're okay. You're asking me. Great. I I can also give it a go if you would like. Yeah. Okay. So optimum arousal is, uh, according to the first answer on Google mm-hmm.<affirmative>, a psychological construct referring to a level of mental stimulation at which physical performance learning or temporary feelings of wellbeing are maximized. It can also be described as the degree of energy release and the intensity of readiness. Wow. Intensity of readiness sounds intense. Yeah. Basically, from what I understand, that's a really like amped up, fancy scientific way to say you have to have just the right amount of sensory input to operate. Yeah, that's a great definition of it. It's worth noting, I think that the idea of readiness and optimum arousal is something that can be applied to all brains, but I think it's particularly relevant with ADHD because by and large, a lot of the studies they've done around it have pointed out that ADHD people probably have a higher level of arousal needed to get into that like good, funky space. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. And also it's a tool to have when you are not in that space, instead of just going like, I can't do the thing, I can't do the thing. Why can't I do the thing? And just like digging yourself a hole to lay in until the end of time, which I know is tempting. I get it. But yeah. Then you can go, Oh, I just need a little more juice. So, Yeah. Yeah. And, and it's also super worth noting that the entire concept of optimum arousal is like a measurement of that energy and preparedness, right? Mm-hmm.<affirmative> as ba like, but that, that energy and preparedness is based on surprise your productivity. Yeah. And so the, the way that that's measured is, is pretty inherently capitalistic in nature a bit. Yeah. So I feel like it, it's interesting to think about like, oh, the optimal arousal is the level you need to reach so that you can do things. And it's like, well, why do you need me to do things? It's a very valid question, you know? And, and granted, I'm not saying that you shouldn't do things, right.<laugh>, this is like, like I'm pretty pro do stuff. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Cause I think that things are fun and life is to be enjoyed if you're gonna be here. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. So I, I find that fun, but I also very much appreciate not doing a thing. Right. So sometimes I'm like, I don't want to be optimally aroused today. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>, do you know what I mean? Yeah. Like, no one ros me, no one Ros<laugh> sounds like Charles Dickens, but for real. Yeah. No. You know what I mean? Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Yeah. I think that's a very valid point and something that I hope we are cognizant of in all of our discussions here. Cuz I think that that's a big h d thing. Mm-hmm.<affirmative> in general of a h d people are problematic, I would say. Especially in talking about like children because they are doing something I don't want them to do and not doing the thing I want them to do. Yeah. So I, I'm not a parent and I am no longer a child.<laugh>, I'm a child of someone, but I'm, I am not a child in the fact that I'm sort of, you're an adult, so Yeah. Yeah. You're an adult. Your brain is fully developed. Yes. Yes. And so I get to make a lot more of those choices on my own. Mm-hmm.<affirmative> am still under a fair amount of expectation to do certain things, but I think that it is worth having as a tool to make the best choice for you because at least the experience that I can say that I have is when I am like, under that arousal level and having a hard time doing things. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>, the thing that I'm struggling to do is even decide what I wanna do. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. So no may perhaps I am not doing a productive task, capital P, capital T but I am also not resting or enjoying an activity that has no output or really doing anything but being in a fog. Yeah. So I have no idea what that's like. And as I just like stare dead eye at Jordan in the studio. Sorry. I realized I was like, I was just like listening. I know. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, I know. And then I was like, I feel like I'm looking at Jordan, like I wanna murder them. You know, we've lived together for long enough now that that is your right. I don't though by law, but I'm, and I'm so glad. I'm glad<laugh>. Yeah. That'd be a wild, that'd be a wild choice to keep living with you if I felt that way. That's fair. You know, I feel like there's, there might be a lot of mileage in a True Crime podcast about a podcast like if you murdered me. Oh, isn't that like one of the primary antagonists did in only murders of the building? In the building, though? That's also true. That's also true. Podcast about a podcast murder. Oh, it's so mad. Some some reason it's Tina Faye just so does Tina play. Good. God. Does Tina play Faye? You? Huh? Does Tina Faye play you? Huh? We've gone too far. Now I'm talking about the, the screen adaption of the podcast, about my murder. This, this is beyond meta, but you know what? Now we just need to take it to the Don't worry darling level and get the press involved. Get our real personal lives in, in here. The last thing I was seen doing is just like spitting on one of my coworkers,<laugh>. Oh, oh my God. Catch me. Just completely dissociating and astro projecting like at the next family dinner party or some like<laugh>. Right. Someone, the, the next person to ask how, how my, uh, how my job's going, right? Mm-hmm.<affirmative>, like my eyes just roll into the back of my head. Mm-hmm.<affirmative> some, for some reason I get to have headphones. I'm assuming that's mm-hmm.<affirmative> for like, I don't know. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>, I'm assuming there is a reason for that, that they all got leader. Got it. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Cause I was like, I'm not positive. I'm not, not like No, no judgment not knocking it just like the fact that he had headphones on while doing that. Like also just kind of No, it was just plugged into his Walkman the whole time. That's what I was like, What are you listening to? This whole thing is happening and in the background she's just like, and then all of a sudden Harry's style spits in your lap. Except for, I don't think he actually did. I'm, I mean, you don't No, I don't think so. Cause like watching the video, it like, it looks like, I don't know, I feel like it looks like just like a trick of the light of, of like the angle of the camera. But like a lot of people have guessed that uh, Harry Stiles was making a dick joke at Chris Pine cuz Chris Pine had his sunglasses right here. And like, apparently Harry's apparently Har Mr. Stiles is sometimes like a stereotypical British guy who was one of the lads in private school. She still lad Huh? Just a lad. And so a bunch of British people were like, I feel like he was probably me. Sorry. I feel like he was probably making a dick joke.<laugh> talking about his knob.<laugh> and Bullocks. You know, he's gonna have a link at the Venice Film Festival.<laugh>, right? Cheeky, isn't it<laugh> who likes headphones on, Listen to some or listening to some erotic audio. I think there is. I mean, obviously I'm not the expert here, but I would hazard to guess that's is nothing less erotic than the way you just said the word erotic.<laugh>.<laugh>. That's like when people talk about British accents being sexy and I'm like, no hate. Right? No. Like all the love. Well, some of the love to my British friends mm-hmm.<affirmative> across the pond. But, uh, some of y'all I like, I feel like people who think that a British accent is sexy have like only heard like, I don't know, like Hugh Grant talk. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. Like Emma Watson mm-hmm.<affirmative>. But there is such a linguistically fascinating range Yeah. Of accents for such a small little island. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>,<laugh>.<laugh>. I mean, I guess what else is there to do there if you're definitely not having sex? I mean, they are because they have just somehow populated the entire globe. Yeah. Um, us included<laugh><laugh>. All right. Well, yeah. Let's just say you're not gonna get me optimally or ous with one of these accents, are you Now? That'd probably be pretty distracting in d and d, which is when I know I hear that accent most Yeah. Sometimes, uh, it's just easier to do a bit of a Liverpool accent. Yeah. Or some, like, some sort of Midlands mm-hmm.<affirmative>, you know mm-hmm.<affirmative>. It's easy to put on some Peaky blinders,<laugh> beforehand. Mm-hmm.<affirmative> or, or the Junior Bake Off just to watch that one kid Will who just had that funny, you've, I don't know what it is about kids with accents in general, but kids with British accents and not just kids with British accents, but kids with like Midlands to Liverpool to like Northern Yorkshire. Yeah. Like Jordy accent. Like that is so funny. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Cause I know we have listeners from the uk I'm sorry. Y'all are wonderful. Thanks for listening. Sorry for the slander. Sorry for the slander. And sorry for my, my own awful contributions.<laugh> to, uh, attempts on, uh, yield queens English. Which, what?<laugh>. Um, Oh, well, well, well, for legal reasons. Uh, I would like to be in an Irish pub right now just because I miss them. Not because of the elaborate hearty celebrations that I, I know are happening. Yeah. Yeah. I'm, I I'm assuming it's not quite the same as good ole Maggie. No, not as much. But, um, but well, yeah, anyways, for legal reasons, uh, I'm terribly sorry for England's loss. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. So nice, sincere condolences.<laugh> God speed.<laugh> salutations,<laugh> po and circumstance. Um, best wishes, thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers on you alone from a, from a yank to y'all<laugh>. Thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers. What? Okay. Listen, we have a lot of up accents here too. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>, but at least we have a geographical excuse for it. That's true. Our country's massive. It is. It is. And I know both, both you and I mm-hmm.<affirmative> have moved about it. The fair amount. It moved about it to Fairmount. Yeah.<laugh>. We sure did. We're we're close to Canada now. Yeah. And a a real fun, You say we're close to Canada now. You grew up in Washington, close to Canada. I grew up in Michigan, close to Canada. You did? We've been close to Canada the entire God time. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Mm-hmm.<affirmative> Canada's always been there for us. In, in fact, this is the furthest I've been from Canada, Arguably. I, to be honest, I have no idea how far we are from Canada right now. Like mileage or, Well, there's, there's states between us That's true in Canada. That's true. Like true. You can't just get Well, nope. Because you still have to, you still have to pass through Michigan or Wisconsin waters. Mm. I was thinking cuz if you took Lake Michigan, this is nonsense. Okay. So<laugh> a, uh, optimum arousal is the level of stimulation at which you are not understimulated or overstimulated. You're like Goldilocks, but for your brain, like your brain is Goldilocks. And when Goldilocks finds that just right spot mm-hmm.<affirmative>, whether it be, uh, in a completely silent white room mm-hmm.<affirmative> or with nature sounds in the background only mm-hmm.<affirmative> mm-hmm.<affirmative> or with like three different screens all playing different scenes from the same episode of Naruto. I don't know, whatever butters your biscuits. For me personally, it's the right level of Spotify music That sounds like music I like, but I haven't heard it before. So I don't know the lyrics to sing along Uhhuh<affirmative> and nothing touching my feet. Okay. I think those are the big two elements of the just right for me. Okay. Okay. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Cool. So to do the just Right, just that's just a sweet spot for you generally, or like to do what? Like to work or Yes. Okay. To work. That's, that's a fair, that's a fair question to ask. Cool. I know that I was like, hey, so this is in the context of working and then I was like in the context of what No, that's fair. We're we are trying to abolish the assumption that this is for a capitalist productive purpose. So it it's really on me for assuming mm-hmm.<affirmative> that you would assume. Yeah. So I mean, technically we probably have all different types of optimums mm-hmm.<affirmative> mm-hmm.<affirmative> and because we, we all react to input differently mm-hmm.<affirmative>, even if somehow there were a quantitative measure of how stimulating any given sensation was mm-hmm.<affirmative>, even if we were at the same quantitative level, we'd be different qualitatively, you know, what might be, you know, a scratchy sweatshirt might be a five for you. It might be an 11 for me. Got it. Cool. Yeah. Different strokes, We got different strokes mm-hmm.<affirmative> for different folks ideally. Great. So what do we do with that information? How can knowing about Optimal Morales will help you choose to do or not to do that is the question. How can it help you choose to do or not to do? Yes. I mean, optimum arousal can give you, like, can give your, your senses context. Right? Ooh, I like that. Like, like optimum arousal. Let's say, let's, let's talk about it this way. Right. Optimal arousal for bedtime. Mm. Okay. For me, I need to have white noise of some kind. Right. I need to have some, some layers of either nature or city noise. Like a fan, just like some level of like low, low humanity, hum mm-hmm.<affirmative>, right? Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Um, I need it to be cold and I need to have enough weight on me to feel safe. Like I'm being held, right? Mm-hmm.<affirmative> mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. And once I've re reach those sensory, like the sensory ideal and oh, you know, throw in visually, uh, some like pimple popping videos and then I'm like, Yeah, I'm on my way to dreamland. That sounds really nice. Right. So I feel like it, it can give your, your body context and so Right. Cuz we're, we're all just weird meat suit. Yeah. That's got electric stuff kind of pumping through it. Mm-hmm.<affirmative> and a little squiggle spaghetti thing up top is like, hey, you want to get some work done? You want to take a nap, you wanna do XYZ thing? Well you gotta be in the right space for it. I have needs and I'm not gonna tell you what they are. Yeah. So I feel like it's kind of a trial and error, right? Yeah. Like some of us might not necessarily realize mm-hmm.<affirmative> and I, I feel like a big way that at least in the, in the sort of context of optimum arousal in terms of like productivity and working mm-hmm.<affirmative> mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Um, for me, I just need really loud music. Yeah. Either in my headphones or loud enough that I can have a loud noise to drown out everything else. Mm-hmm.<affirmative> and then I can focus on like my screen usually. Right. Cause it's just the age we're in, um, or book or whatever. But, um, speaking in terms of productivity, I feel like we find out what's not optimum mm-hmm.<affirmative> pretty easily. Yeah. Does that seem fe like I feel like yeah. While it is trial and error or two figure out what the sort of optimum settings are, I feel like we all kind of figure it out pretty quickly. Yeah. Just because when something makes a sensory impact that's negative, your body remembers that. Oh for sure. And that is just as helpful, useful, valuable information as what is the right thing. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Mm-hmm<affirmative> every, every step gets you somewhere. Exactly. Exactly. I dunno what kind of like cross stitch pillow advice that was, but Well it's, you know, a very fun quirky turn on the phrase of, you know, a anywhere is walking distance if you try hard enough. I've never heard that one before. Really? Yeah. Well my uncle Dave used to say it all the time. Interesting. I, Yeah, I mean cause you know, people be like, Hey, is that within walking distance? And you're like, hey, very subjective question. I have no idea question what your idea of walkable is, but b a where's traversable you, uh, are able to traverse even the ocean if you're a vampire. Hmm. Cause you can, I feel like there's a part of like the vampire mythos where they can, cuz they don't have to breathe so they could just walk along the bottom of the ocean. Interesting. I don't know that I've ever heard that in relation to like vampire mythos and lore, but there's so much out there. There is a lot. Who the knows. It's also entirely possible that I just like fever dreamed that at some point, I mean, I think that's a thing they talk about like in Twilight now that I'm thinking about it. Well cause they have all those scenes where like Bella wants to go cliff diving and like there's, I I don't know. Like I think there's the whole thing about like, excuse me, because they're dead, they don't actually need to breathe. Yeah. Um, but for some reason I was like very, I was like, have you confused the story of Jesus with vampires or Jesus, anywhere. Anywhere.<laugh>. That's, that's helpful advice. Anywheres within walking distance if you're Jesus. Yeah. Well hey anywheres within walking distance, if you got Jesus, cuz those footprints in the sand, you know, he'll just carry you. Someone's still doing the walking and still counts. I just imagined because like whenever I was told that mm-hmm. As a kid, right? Mm-hmm.<affirmative> or, or saw that sign like on a pin cushion or not pink, uh, on a cross stitch or a pillow case. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>, right? Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. I was always like imagining piggyback ride cuz I was like, I was not imagining like a cradle. Yeah. I was imagining either like a piggyback ride situation uhhuh or like a Shrek fireman care situation. Ah. And then it becomes a question of like, that'd be so rough because you're like, okay, this alleged, depending on your belief system and worldviews this the alleged savior of humans. Mm-hmm.<affirmative> is carrying me mm-hmm.<affirmative> and that's helpful. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>, but it is a fireman's carry and I do have ibs and so my bowels hurt a little bit. Oh. So it's like, it becomes a fear of what if I fart next to Christ's head? Or what if, because my head is near the buttocks of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What if he farts on my head? I mean, do you think those farts would smell good or not? This is like what the ancient church elders like actually argued about. Oh yeah. Like like that actually. Cause I was like, haha, this is kind of funny. And then I remembered that they literally argued about how many angels could fit on the head of a pin. Yeah. Like I feel like does Jesus fart is a Sunday school question? For sure. That absolutely gets asked. And I don't know the answer to it. I mean, fully God, fully man. Yeah. No answers there. Um, does fert smell good? That's another question I have no answer for. You know what? We'll see. I guess we'll see. We'll, and I would like to too<laugh> if, uh, Jesus would know you have ibs. Cause he, you know, he knows everything. Yeah. Because Jesus the God part. So I feel like he would not pick you up like that, I guess more comfortably. What would you prefer? I know I'm, I'm a piggyback myself, but I don't know how I feel about Pi. I mean, I think if I, if I had all the options in the world mm-hmm.<affirmative>, this doesn't really seem all that dignified, but I would absolutely go for the shoulder set. Mm. I didn't even consider that. Like, Yeah, come on, Jesus. Carry me with your big lumber. Lumber arms. Lumber arms. Yeah. Woodworking, Carpentry. Carpentry. There is, I was like, where, what the was he? It was a whole song. Several songs about how he was a, a carpenter and a cross maker. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Anyways, this is a fun, weird little biblical side. I memorized so many bible verses to go to Silverwood only to now all these years later not remember them. And to really only be wondering about whether or not the big man's farts would smell good or not. We'll just have to wait and see. Yeah. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. That's true. Well that was certainly an intellectually stimulating conversation. Was it an intellectually arousing conversation? Yes. I don't mean that in the weird way. I'm trying to No, I know back. I know you don't. The title of the episode. Yes. But I realize now asking you that like about Jesus is I regret bringing up Sunday, to be fair. I think you brought up Sunday school. But I another significant struggle of the early church, if I remember correctly. Not early church. Probably like, Wait, sorry. What was the struggle? Nuns married Jesus all the time. That's like their thing, isn't it? Well, I mean, if you think about it, your faith is supposed to be like a marriage to Christ and the church is supposed to be married to God. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. So like, and a marriage is supposed to reflect the marriage you have faith with. You know, I regret this. I would like to continue without talking about church because my head is That's okay. We can, we can move on. You know, what makes something a stimulating thought or activity? Do you wanna dry or do you want me to just go with it? I was just, uh, my brain was overwhelmed with the option and of things that I could say. Ah, well if I can walk down this path with you together. I was gonna say things that give your brain dopamine. Hey, how would you feel about, uh, bouncing on over to the dopamine trampoline? No, you're good. I thought we were gonna say it in unison. I was like, All right. That's fun. Yeah, no, I, I started cuz I thought, I don't know. I just, I just started talking. No, you're good. There's a beat of sweat going down my jugular. It's, it's a podcast. Talking is usually the correct choice. You're great. Um, to the dopamine trampoline, da da do do hell. Yeah. Uh, trampoline tramp trampoline. I think just the, like to the dopamine trampoline made me feel like I was being welcomed into a world by Tom Hanks in a conductor cap. Thank you. Oh yeah. Great. Dopamine trampoline. The place where we jump to mm-hmm.<affirmative> usually mm-hmm.<affirmative>, but sometimes by train, I guess. Yeah. It's a place where we talk about things that are giving our brain dopamine or have given our brain dopamine in the past, et cetera. Uh, sometimes they're short and sweet, sometimes they're a little long winded. But either way it's, it's a fun time. I don't it's a fun time. It's, it's where the dopamine just really pops off. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. And you're a captive audience that has to, I mean, you don't have to, I guess you'd stop the podcast, but like we'd, What are you gonna do? We'd, if you didn't Yeah. We'd appreciate if you didn't and like, like we're the one making the podcast. That's true. And so it's like, hey, why don't we just add a segment where we talk about stuff that we like. Easy. Nice. Classic. Yeah. And we do always like to hear what yours are. Uh oh. Yeah. Or on Twitter. We're on the internet. Tell us what your dopamine trampoline is. But first we're gonna tell you what ours are. Yeah. Yeah. What were you gonna say? Oh, I was just say and and we love to hear when we have them in common. Yes. Absolutly always a weird one. Always a fun time. It is, it is. Do you wanna go first or do you want me to take it away? Oh, you take it away. Cause I'm, Yeah, yeah. Pulling the stuff up. Yeah. Yeah. So<laugh>, my dopamine trampoline this week is a show called Luna Park. I'm, I'm not a huge TV person. There's a couple shows I follow, but I don't tend to get so into TV shows. I can't stop them except, except this show. This is the first show I've like actually binged in a, a while. Um, but I watched all of it in like two days, which is a lot because the episodes are like an hour, hour and a half each. It's wild. But it's on Netflix. It's an Italian show, which I would like to think is even more impressive cuz I had to actually look at the screen the whole time. Yeah. Watching shows that aren't in your native language is like a double challenge. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. It's like, I, I was already gonna have the subtitles on mm-hmm.<affirmative> for my own tongue.<laugh>. Yep. Now you want me to do more? You want me to do what? Yeah, exactly. But it's like super worth doing anyways in my opinion. Yeah. Oh, for sure. But it is a brain workout. It is. Well, and hey, there's another example of optimal arousal is, uh, like if you are watching slash listening to a TV show and doing another hand task at the same time, cuz it gives you a little bit of input to do both. It's great taking it back. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. So Luna Park is about a young woman who comes from a family that runs a traveling circus carnival in Rome in the 1960s. So a just like, fun to watch, fun to look at fun costumes. I'm a nerd for that. Oh yeah. No, I mean, it's a great premise already. It is. As soon as you, I mean, for me personally, as soon as you add like anything circus related, I just, I don't know what it is. Latent Allison Wonderland. I don't know. It's inherently whimsical. It is. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. It's very fun. It is. And just visually always interesting. Yeah. But it is, as you already know, a delight to watch. It starts out with this woman Pickpocketing a guy who turns out to be the fiance of this like, incredibly rich young woman, just like comes from money family. Her dad is some higher up in the Italian government. We're just not gonna ask what he was doing during World War ii. But that Yep. That kind of kicks those two women off into a story where the rich young woman is trying to find this like long lost twin that she has that disappeared when she was one. The dad apparently through his weird government connections, found out that this twin had died, but was like paying a private investigator to pretend, to be investigating it so their mom wouldn't like, get too depressed and die. Okay. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>, totally chill way to cope with your problems, bud. Uhhuh<affirmative>. Yeah. Everyone is doing really great and being very responsible and reasonable in this show. Well, I mean, that makes great tv mm-hmm.<affirmative> totally. And to make matters even more fun while she's trying to find her sister, this woman from the carnival may or may not have information about that. It's hard to say. She, in having these interactions with these people and this element of, Oh, I am, you know, hard working for my money. I come from a, like a working, traveling family, but these people are so stupid rich. I don't wanna be anywhere near them. She ends up near them anyways. Mm-hmm.<affirmative> and ends up having this kind of romance with the fiance's brother. Okay. Who is a photographer journalist who finds out that a famous actor may or may not have murdered somebody. Okay. But that famous actor is the rich girl's, younger brother's mentor because the younger brother wants to be a TV actor. Okay. And all the wild, the fiance's parents are apparently communis. And so the rich dad has to like, bug their apartment and do all these weird government things to like keep getting information about his daughter. It's a hot mess. Good Lord. And not insignificant amount of the show happens on carnal rides. Good Lord. Uhhuh<affirmative>. Okay. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. All right. It is wild. I mean, I can see why that would get all of the dopamine receptors going. There's a lot happening. There's so much happening. And every single episode ends on a cliff hanger, which is not unusual, but it is like the most dun, dun, dun, dramatic cliff hangers. Well, it's a, it's a circus show. It's a circus soap opera in the sixties. Yeah. It's incredible. That's amazing. I will say FairWarning to everyone out there, there is only one season of it out right now. It does end on a massive cliff hanger. And they have not confirmed if there will be a season two or not. So, um, watch it your own risk. But it is very fun. And consider this our vote to not cancel it. Please don't cancel it. Netflix, consider it our vote to renew it for once, for once. Renew a show. Luna Park. Luna Park. And if you're gonna do that, can you also throw in teenage bounty hunters? Teenage bounty hunters. Teenage bounty hunters. Please. That was a good show. Put for real. Please. I missed that show so much. So good. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. Hell yeah, bro. Hell yeah. Thanks for sharing that. Thank you for sharing that moment with me. Uh, what do you got this week? Little bit of a snoozer vibe. Let's, uh, like you to pretend you're, you're a young person, not necessarily human, but a thing called a spirit scout. Okay. You are sent out on your first solo mission to an island mm-hmm.<affirmative>, where allegedly there's maybe one or two ghosts that you are supposed to help move on and pass on to the other life. Okay. It's your first solo mission, your bright-eyed bushy-tailed in your ready to give this new life a try. Ready to scout some spirits, it sounds like. Mm-hmm.<affirmative> turns out cozy grove, the island that you have been sent to is not mildly haunted. It's incredibly haunted. Whoa. There's dozens of ghosts. That's so many ghosts that need your help and you can't help them. Oh. Because in the game, Cozy Grove, that's the objective. You're a little spirit scout, uh, that has been incorrectly sent to the wrong island. Mm. Um, for your first mission. And because of the mechanics of the way the world and Lo works mm-hmm.<affirmative>, once you've been sent out, you can't come back until you've completed your mission. Ah. And so you're stuck there and you have to help these dozens of ghosts. And so you're on this island mm-hmm.<affirmative> that is devoid of color mm-hmm.<affirmative>. And then it turns out, the more you help these ghosts, the more they give you materials that you can give to your campfire that will spread light and love and friendship. Oh my gosh. And color to the world. That's incredibly dear. And did I mention the ghosts are bears? What? Yeah. A lot of people have like, been raving about this game for a while now. It's called Cozy Grove. I finally was able to get it, uh, on my Nintendo Switch, and I am loving it. It's purposefully very slow moving. You can only really do so much each day, and it's based on real time. So it's like a life management sim, you know? Mm-hmm.<affirmative> similar to like Starty Valley, you know. Yeah. You know, the type of game mm-hmm.<affirmative>, but it's really sweet. Really, really cute animation and artwork. Um, and I'm just really enjoying it. I'm enjoying getting to know the characters because, you know, you're learning about these ghosts mm-hmm.<affirmative> who have been haunting this island for who knows how long. Yeah. And, you know, some of them have been there for so long that I can't even remember. And you have to help them remember. It's very sweet. But like a lot of games that deal with haunting and death, like Spirit Fair is another one that comes to mind. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>, there are some very bittersweet moments. Right. Yeah. But mostly I'm just so delighted and the, the sounds are very soothing is it moves very, like, I like how fluid of the movement is with the controls. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. So that's been bringing me a lot of dope, mainly lately. Yeah. I just love these little ghost bears. They're so cute. Yeah. I have to ask if they're bears. Is this island like a forest environment or what kind of bear habitat are we talking here? Well's, that thing Right. Is like, you're a spirit scout. Mm-hmm.<affirmative>. So you're like a, you're like a scout. Yes. So it's camping centric, camping centric, scout based, bay heavy. Yeah. That's the I like to hear. Yeah. It's, it's pretty great. That sounds wonderful. Yeah. I've already convinced more than one person to play it and I hope that they've also been enjoying it or else I've led them astray or else, or else. Well, that sounds great. Yeah. So I'm, I'm really enjoying that. It's given me a lot of dopamine. Uh, yeah. Thanks for letting me tell you about these cute little ghost bears. Anytime. I am delighted to hear about them. So that's my second dopamine trampoline is hearing you talk about Crazy Grove. Yeah, no problem. We'll show you later. Yeah, I would love that. Yeah. Well, let's, let's wrap this ding dang thing up so I can see these bears. You see you need see some ghost bears? Yeah. All right. Shall we? Yeah. This has been or learn parkour from wholehearted production company. You can find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts. Most other places that cool people find their podcasts. Special thanks to Kaia Pardo for our cover art design. You can find her at pedal hop. That's P E T A L H O P on Instagram, Twitter, and Etsy. 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And find a way to do this consistently so that we can Well, you know, be consistent ish. Keep doing parkour ish. Keep hanging out. Ish, ish, ish.<laugh>. Yeah. I was like, come out every other Monday ish. Yes. Yep. Yeah. Yep, yep, yep. So we'll be on a little hiatus, but like we said, we got some ticks queued up. We'll, I, I'll, I'll be around. I'm on Twitter too, too much. So I almost just said not gone, just forgotten.<laugh>. Yeah. Which I don't think that's the right phrase. No. Um, uh, But you know, we're, we're gonna be gone, but hopefully you won't forget us. Gone but not forgotten. That's what it is. Yeah. Right, right, right. Yeah. But we're, we'll be back. You can't get rid of us that easy. Yeah. You can't kill me with anything that the world has to offer that I'm aware of. Only the Mama Me event.<laugh>. Yeah. Okay. On that note, I'm Jordan, I'm Lex, and this has Ben or learn parkour. We'll see ya around Halloween. Bye.