Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast

OLP 038: Griffin McElroy's Timbre

August 01, 2022 Episode 38
Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast
OLP 038: Griffin McElroy's Timbre
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In this episode, Lex & Jordan celebrate OLP's 2nd birthday! Join us as we reflect on life two years after our initial ADHD diagnoses- what we've learned, what we're still working on, what's up next, and what do do when everything falls out of your overall pockets when you have to take them off to go piss.

CW/TW: Mental health, ADHD,  loud noises, yelling, mouth noises, coughing, prescription drugs

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Cover art by: Krizia Perito

Theme: There Is A Dark Place

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Speaker 1:

There is a dark place, but I'm not going there. No, no, there is a dark, but

Speaker 2:

Hi, I'm Jordan and I'm L and this is or learn parkour. It's a podcast about ADHD done by two people who super have ADHD still. We still do. Yeah. It's been two mother years.<laugh> two years of making this podcast two years later. Oh, the SpongeBob reference. Okay. I was like SpongeBob boys. I thought you said I'm a SpongeBob boy. I'm the SpongeBob boy. I'm a SpongeBob boy.<laugh> I'm a S boy. I'm not, I wish I was. I wasn't allowed to watch that show when I was a kid. I know. I'm so sorry. It's okay. It's honestly, probably for the best. No disrespect. SpongeBob. I respect the sponge. I respect the Bob. No, I mean, he, he deeply up our generation.<laugh> lovingly. I say that with all the love in my heart, but yeah. What a up sense of humor to impart upon a generation. Mm-hmm<affirmative> the musical was really good, but what hell? Yeah. Well, Hey, we're back. We've been on a little bit of a hiatus. Yep. Um, if you have been living under a rock, you might be confused as to why we took a hiatus. You might be experiencing a bliss that nobody else is experiencing. Yeah. Um, but we all sure do live in a place mm-hmm<affirmative> in a time mm-hmm<affirmative> and we needed a break mm-hmm<affirmative> um, so thank you for your patience, everybody, but we are back and we're, I wouldn't say better than ever, but we're back. Um, we're here. We're glad that you're here and we're in your ears and, or on your screen, still doing the podcast. We have still not learned parkour. So it's this the same podcast, you know, and know, don't wanna assume that you love it if you do. That's great. Thank you. Yeah. But please let us know. Uhhuh Uhhuh. Yeah. So we won't keep on the downer thing for too long, but just as pretty usual, we really want everyone in our little park core family to take care of themselves and take care of each other. So we decided to take our own advice for once. Yeah. And take a, take a little bit of a break mm-hmm<affirmative> to, um, process and deal with what we've been dealing with on our end, in this little pocket of the world, big pocket, like GENCO jeans, it's a GENCO jeans, pocket size of the world. Um, it's an important specification, like, is it, is it GENCO jeans pockets? Is it women's stress pants pockets? Is it<laugh> anywhere, anywhere in between<laugh> is it like utility moisture, wicking, cargo pants from like LL bean or those kind of pockets? Is it overall's pockets where it's just the one big pocket on like the, the big part I was wearing overalls last night and it just reminded me that every time I went to the bathroom, my phone and my vape fell out of the front patch, cuz I was just undressing, Uhhuh completely like a toddler because I was wearing overalls mm-hmm<affirmative> in my defense. We were doing a movie night in our backyard. Mm-hmm<affirmative> we were, it was delightful. Yeah. Uh, we watched Mamam here we go again. And so of course I'm gonna wear overalls. It's a theme. Got yeah. Like what would Donna say if I didn't, but God, every time go to the bathroom, like, okay, here we go. Would it like crash in on the floor? And I'm like, well they really gotta put some buttons on those. They really do. Or like a zipper. Yeah. Can I have some cargo overalls please? Some junk overalls? Sure. Yeah.<laugh> yeah. I feel like that's just all the wide leg overalls that you can get at like urban Outfitters and. Now I have overalls that have that wide leg probably it's urban Outfitters. Yeah. Fair enough. All that stuff. Fair enough. That's kind of a terrifying thought. Yeah. Don't worry. I'm not actually gonna do that.<laugh> I already have, how many do we count? Seven. I have seven pairs of overalls. Mm-hmm<affirmative> quickly and solidly eclipsed me. Yeah. In the overalls department. I just love overalls. They're great. They're great. Pants always have always will. One of my favorite outfits when I was a kid was a set of overalls that had Tweety bird on the front pocket. I might have had the same overalls. I think we've talked about this.<laugh> I'm having a, a distinct memory. I think we've talked about this. He, I have no memory of it, but I have no memory of many things that absolutely did happen. Hey, why is that? You know? I think it might be the ADHD. It's the ADHD<laugh> yeah. So, um, yeah, today we're uh, we're sweaty. We're tired, but we're here. We sure are. And we're here to talk to y'all uh, give you a little bit of an update because it's been a long time. It's been, it's been two years. It's two years. Since we said much about how we are doing with our own ADHD journeys. Mm-hmm<affirmative> mm-hmm<affirmative> I mean, yeah. July 20th is our, our birthday. Yeah. Our podcast birthday. Not our personal birthdays. That would be wild. Yeah. Like it'd be wild choice for not our choice if we had the same birthdays, but if we had the same birthdays and then chose to launch a podcast on that day, mm-hmm<affirmative>, it's like people who choose to get married on their birthdays, but worse. Yeah. Or like respectfully. Cuz I know, I, I know people who've celebrated their nuptials on a major holiday. Ah yeah. And I will never get it. I'm sorry. I will never understand. I'm like you want me to do what? On new year's Eve?<laugh> you want me to come to your wedding? I don't wanna share embarrassing. Do you know how embarrassing weddings are? I just went to one recently and it was lovely. It was a lovely wedding. Yeah. And that's the thing though. Is that like everything about a wedding mm-hmm<affirmative> is just embarrassing.<laugh> I think weddings are great. I just don't understand the impulse to have like one less holiday in your life. Like one less day to celebrate something special. If you're like combining it with other days, you know? Well, and the presumption that your wedding should take precedent over a holiday for your guests. Mm-hmm<affirmative> do you know what I mean? Mm-hmm<affirmative> like, no, I don't wanna celebrate new year's Eve with you and your newlywed. Yeah, no like, no, I would not like to eat cold buffet food and listen to a very annoying MC constantly interrupt the dancing to play crowd games. You know what I mean? That, that is embarrassing. Exactly. And it's like, I get it. That's what weddings are for. And the people who eat that up and I love that for them. It is just not for me. Oh boy. I was gonna be drinking champagne and eating cake. Anyways. Why would I want to do that one less time in a year? And why would I wanna do that with a bunch of people who I don't know so that I can talk to the two people that I do know. Yeah. For less than five minutes. Yeah. Tell me, tell me how that's justified to you. If you wanna have a conversation I'm not ready to die on this hill. So take all of that with several grains of salt. I'm just a crouch at the old man yelling at a cloud. Weddings are embarrassing.<laugh> um, I'm so excited for getting to do an episode in like five or 10 years. If you're getting married and just interspersed clips of this episode in it. I mean that would be on BR like if I, if I, if I ever partake in such a ceremony, you can be sure. Guaranteed. It's not gonna be on a major holiday. So first jot that down. No, that's fair. But you have just said weddings are embarrassing. Oh yeah. A number of times. Yeah. I will play clips of that. Mm-hmm<affirmative> during my speech at your wedding. Amazing. How, how, how would, uh, wouldn't like wouldn't you say that I'm always embarrassing.<laugh> I feel like that's setting me up to be really mean. I don't think you're always embarrassing. I love you bro. It's for the bit<laugh> this is a podcast, not our friendship.<laugh> no friendship allowed in the podcast.<laugh> we do this cuz we hate each other. That's what you guys are here to listen to. Right? Is us just being mean and not getting along. We sit in puddles of our own sweat. in a pink. you shut the. you. Shut the up. Shut the up San Gwinette. Including shores. You can. Yeah. embarrassing. Yeah, I know. I know. That's what I'm saying. So like weddings are embarrassing and I will own saying that and if I get married, that's embarrassing.<laugh> oh, I can't wait. Oh, I can't wait. And, and to be fair, the payoff is already delicious. Well this is the person me Jordan can attest to this. I have said yeah. If I ever do get married, I think it'd be really funny to enter the reception with some of those like vinyl animal masks, like horse heads or alligator heads or something. Yeah. Cause I think it'd be funny. It would. So like I think for me it's like, yeah, this is embarrassing. So at least let's have fun with it. Let's do. Yeah. Let's at least like, what did you say earlier? We were talking about pronouns Uhhuh. Cause you know, we all use them. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and Jordan, would you feel, would you feel comfortable sharing what you said about my pronouns? Oh sure. Yeah. I, I said, uh, yeah, I know your, your pronouns are pretty much yes. And whatever gender's funniest toward the bit. Yeah. Mm-hmm<affirmative> yeah. So, uh, she, they still don't worry<laugh> but um, yeah, yeah. Committing to the bit and the holy Mamo, the bit is holy man. TMO<laugh> you can put that under your invitations. You can use that one. We have ADHD. Uhhuh. It's not clear. Probably. I just wanna say before we move on. Okay.<laugh> I for one, okay. Respect an event that puts such a large focus on cake. Yeah. That's all I got. That's so FA like that's fair. One of our first I feel like first friendship arguments really was the day that you found out that I was like, I don't really like cake. And if I get married, I don't want a cake at my wedding. Don't know if it was an argument. I was just taken aback. Taken aback. Yeah. Yeah. Our first real friendship argument was what makes a good REA God you're right.<laugh> oh, embarrassing.<laugh> oh God. Well, while we're reminiscing, Uhhuh<affirmative> how about we reminisce on topic? Oh, it's probably a good idea cuz that's what y'all are here for right to, to listen to us after two years of for brain's episodes. Uh, talk about things in a eloquent and intelligent manner. Mm-hmm<affirmative> very educational. Very well thought out. Very scripted. This whole podcast is scripted. Yeah, absolutely. This is not improvised at all. Um, we are, we are not like this in real life.<laugh> we're<laugh> and you tried so hard. Oh, oh God. Okay. So we both have ADHD. Mm-hmm<affirmative> that's pretty clear. Mm-hmm<affirmative> uh, Jordan hit me with the basics of where you were then and where you are now and whatever in between you're feeling up to sharing. Yeah, let's do a little then. And now two years ago was July, 2020. So there's a lot going on there at that point. Anyways, personally, it was a very interesting time in my life because we moved to Chicago in late 2018. Uh, went through 2019. It was not what I expected from life in Chicago at all. I had one kind of cool job and one really job was trying to do theater was having a very hard time doing really anything, but just be tired and then was even more tired and frustrated at how tired and frustrated I was all the time. And I was like, I can't, I can't do this anymore. I can't do this anymore. So I went out and got a therapist and I finally got on some meds and started all of that in like early 20, 20 mm-hmm<affirmative> this started before the pandemic hit mm-hmm<affirmative> mm-hmm<affirmative> like January 20, 20. Yeah. Sorry, take that again. Cause I just, just, I was like just before, um, I'm dripping sweat right now. I'm so sorry. We'll go fast. We'll go fast. Like no, it's like, it's all good. I'm willing to sit in it, but I'm just very sorry. It's okay. I'm really glad that you got COVID and can't smell there. There we go. There's a sound clip for the next social media. Yeah. It was a long time ago, Uhhuh and I do really feel bad and I feel bad that you can't eat eggs anymore either. It's okay. Coming. It's still like coming back. It's making its way, but yeah, it's, it's definitely just one of those things where it's like, I'm not, if you ever want me to stop, I get it. I'm always just trying to make you feel better about like, Hey, at least you don't have to smell me. I appreciate that. And the multiple different smells that I yeah. Produce. Yeah. On a daily basis. Yeah. No, you're good. That sounds so gross. I'm so sorry. Dear audience. We can, we can't we can't cut this. I am just a stinky little man. The was that you good? We, well, the way I tried to not laugh last time didn't work. So I was trying something new and it also didn't work. Um, up. So yeah. I have like a job interview that went really well. I thought in like February of 2020, and I was literally like, this is gonna be my year. I'm finally on meds. I feel better. I'm getting a new job. I had like a really fun trip to San Diego booked in like April 20, 20 mm-hmm<affirmative> and then it was 20, 20<laugh> we didn't know that we don't have to rehash it.<laugh> so by I have to laugh. Yeah. We have to. I thought to say by the time we started this podcast and we had kind of been talking about it before then, but it was an interesting point of, I kind of just got a bunch of information and lost every opportunity to put it into motion and try it and live it pretty much completely like new information, new brain mm-hmm<affirmative> new or not new brain, but new way to understand brain, which essentially basically feels like new brain. It does. It absolutely does. And then no structure to help with that at all. Nope. So, Nope, not at all. Yeah. I was at a place where I had just kind of learned where to look for information, but had no information. And I feel like since then through living the rest of my life through getting back to some more opportunities to structure my life, to having more artistic outlets now I've had a lot more time to look for information mm-hmm<affirmative> and understand why my brain works the way it does and like practice it enough to like now I I'm not perfect. I'm still learning so much. Mm-hmm<affirmative> but I feel like it's so much easier to go, oh, I know what kind of structure works for me. Like I have a list stuck right next to my desk here at home. Mm-hmm<affirmative> with just like a list of different things to do. If I find myself having a hard time staying on task, I know the things that work for me. And I know also that having a reminder of them that's visual is helpful. Yeah. Um, I know what kind of structure works or some kinds of structures that work, not all of them for having my best artistic and creative life and just now starting to get to a place where I can practice those. So, you know, hopefully in another two years I'll be able to sit down and be like, yeah, here's this great artistic process I have. And I do. And I'm so creative and doing great, but like I'm not there yet, but I have more tools than I did two years. There's silence those silence. I was like, are you just about to be like, yeah, I'm doing amazing.<laugh> yeah. I'm great. Actually we, we, I, I did it. I learned parkour here we are. It's a lot less impactful on the foam, but uh, you get its sorry. He was sorry. Continue. Yeah, no<laugh> I think that's been the main thing is like getting into a better habit of looking at why I'm feeling and reacting the way I do. And being able to say like, oh, this is because I'm having a rejection sensitive dysphoria moment or, oh this is because I have too much structure and I need to like listen to my body and relax or I don't have enough structure. And I need to just move before I can think about what else to do. Just kind of like building up those, those mental pathways. Mm-hmm<affirmative> of a pattern recognizing essentially I feel like I've just gotten better at pattern recognizing yeah. Self-awareness is a hell of a drug and I mean that in the best pharmaceutical sense, Uhhuh Uhhuh it's really helpful. It is like, can, can you sometimes get stuck in a prison of self-awareness? Absolutely. Mm-hmm<affirmative> um, but generally five stars. 10 outta 10 Uhhuh. Yeah. Yeah. Zero doctors wouldn't recommend<laugh> yeah. I mean, I think I just mentioned it briefly, but the rejection sensitive dysphoria, huge game changer, like so many things about ADHD where I'm like, that makes so much sense. But that especially I think cuz when I like originally started trying to figure out my mental health, the doctors are like, you have, you have depression and you have anxiety. You feel like all the time. And I'm like, I do feel like all the time. And not that there aren't tools in those toolboxes that aren't helpful, but so, so much of reframing the problems that looked like depression and anxiety as like rejection sensitive dysphoria and a conflict between like the part of my ADHD self that like wants to do so many things and like doesn't have the tools to do it and has a lot of expectations from myself and others and doesn't have the tools to do it. Like knowing to look in that box of tools instead mm-hmm<affirmative> incredible. Impeccable. Yeah. 10 out of 10, 10 out of 10. Amazing. Unbelievable up. What do you got? Oh. Okay. Yeah. So I got diagnosed a little while after you mm-hmm<affirmative> uh, but at the beginning of 2020 mm-hmm<affirmative> like in March, February, March, March was March. I had previously been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for a couple years at that point. So I was on meds for that stuff. But then just hit a point of like similarly I will say in all of my experiences, talking to people who are younger, who've moved to Chicago the first year to year and a half sucks. Mm-hmm<affirmative> in Chicago because you don't know nearly as many people as you need to know to feel comfortable in a, you know what I mean? Mm-hmm<affirmative> and you also like the different industries here to work in mm-hmm<affirmative> are all bonkers in their own way. And so many of us end up in service industry jobs right off the bat mm-hmm<affirmative> and I don't know if y'all have watched the bear on Hulu. It's pretty accurate to what working in food service in Chicago is like mm-hmm<affirmative> please be nice. Please be nice to service workers, please, please. God, if you take anything away from this podcast, tip your servers. Be nice to people who are just doing their jobs. They're people. They're human beings. Yeah. Mm-hmm<affirmative> please. Mm-hmm<affirmative> please. Mm-hmm<affirmative> especially you why is he drinking out of Tupperware guy that really got you worked up I'm yeah. And I'm you're so justified. You let it go. Like I'm I'm supporting you a hundred percent, you know that I will never like if someone's like I'm mad about something and I'm like. Yeah. What are we mad about? Granted all that to say I was working at a bar mm-hmm<affirmative> when I started thinking, I don't think that depression and anxiety is like the root of this. I think these are symptoms and severe and definitely like very glad to have been treating those for at least a few years. Right. Mm-hmm<affirmative><affirmative> like, that was still a very good thing for me at the time. But like I just was lacking structure, lacking time to rest adequately mm-hmm<affirmative> every waking moment was just stress of not enough money, customers to get money to exist, to just live mm-hmm<affirmative> uh, and be able to be mildly happy with Jordo and our two caps. Right? Like just reaching for the bare minimum. Yeah. Barely getting there and then a pandemic happened. So, you know, we all, we were there, we were all there. You all know, definitely started out the journey with like a full toolkit for the wrong things.<laugh> and so for me it's been a lot of like unlearning and learning new things as to like what should be in my mental toolkit. Mm-hmm<affirmative> do you know what I mean? Mm-hmm like in terms of self-awareness when I say self-awareness can be a prison for me, that literally means sometimes like I'm so self-aware, it's painful. Mm-hmm<affirmative> you, you cannot tell me something about myself that I don't already think about day in and day out. And I will often get trapped in my head. Right. Of like, I know that I'm doing this because I have ADHD. I know that if I do X, Y, Z thing to solve that, then I could do the thing. But because I'm thinking about it in that way,<laugh> mm-hmm<affirmative> and there's no external pressure and no external structure reinforcing that awareness. I'm just aware of how it is. Mm-hmm<affirmative> you know what I mean? I I'm just, I'm super aware that I have sat on my bed for 45 minutes staring at a wall instead of cleaning my room, which would take maybe 10 minutes, you know, you've all been there, all been there. And if you haven't been there and you're listening to this podcast, I assume, you know, someone who has been there mm-hmm<affirmative><laugh> so, you know, that's where I was at finally got diagnosed, started taking Adderall journeys, shifted a little bit, changed some dosage, things between instant release and extended release. And now I've found a bit more of a balance. I, I ended up getting a job like later in the year in 2020. Thank goodness. Mm-hmm<affirmative> um, that wasn't service industry. And so I've been able to sort of catch my breath mm-hmm<affirmative> and ride this out because that's the other thing, right. Is like still happening mm-hmm<affirmative> like, didn't stop it. Didn't go away. Like when people talk about it in the past tense, I get so confused. Yeah. I'm like what it's okay, sure. Whatever, like it's different than it was at that point. Yeah. But it's still happening still happening. Just a different response to it as a whole, but uh, been a lot better to like, I, I feel like it's been easier for me to start making those steps. Right. Mm-hmm<affirmative> to be able to enforce my own structure. Right. Yeah. But definitely still have work in progress. And honestly, if someone were to be like, Hey, so how's your ADHD doing? In this day and age, I would look at them and be like, I don't know, how's your government doing fans? The answer bad. Like I was like, people are like, Hey, how's it going? And I just constantly been like, oh, you know, and then people just look at me like, do they know? And I'm like, how could you not know? We're all suffering. We're all doing really bad right now. Like people are writing articles and about it. People are doing research on it, cuz we're all doing really bad right now. So I will say being super aware of my ADHD and being able to start implementing those tools has been awesome. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and I don't wanna be a negative Nancy, but I it's, it's kind of hard to say. Right. It's kind of hard to acknowledge like how much progress or lack of progress have I made in the past two years? Because I don't know everything's on fire and half of us don't have like certain rights now. I don't know. And granted, a lot of people have been living without certain rights for a long time, so it's not anything new or special. So like, but it's still happening. Yeah. And that's, it's just, it's all happening. Sh it's just going, so again, sorry, bringing that negative Nancy energy, but my ADHD is just always gonna, probably be pretty severely affected by society because I live in it. Yeah. So, I mean, I think that's a fair response. That's true. We'll think a lot of mental health mm-hmm<affirmative>, you know, mm-hmm,<affirmative>, there's only so much that you can do on a personal level. Yeah. Which is, I don't know if I wanna say blessing and a curse, but it's, it's frustrating one so much, if that is out of your control, I 100% feel that. Yeah. Yeah. But it's also, at least for me alleviates a bit of the stress to know that I'm at least doing as much as I can. Yes. It helps to be able to sort it into an here's what I can do. Mm-hmm<affirmative>, here's what I can. Yes. And yeah, that is a, an excellent point and a much lighter note to the end of my little update too. But the other thing that's kind of big, I guess, that like, and granted, don't worry, I'm not gonna sort through this on the podcast with you cuz I'm a adult. So I can find, you know, professionals to do this with, but uh, worth noting that like Jordan and I have talked about it quite a, quite a bit at this point that, uh, at some point I would really like to be screened and tested for autism because you know, I'm not, I wouldn't claim a self diagnosis at this point or anything. It's just like what we say about a lot of people who, you know, tune into this podcast, right. Is like, even if you don't have ADHD, if anything we say is helpful or makes you feel seen and heard, and you can use that in your own life and apply it to what you're doing or not doing. Hell yeah. Hell yeah. And so that's kind of where I'm at, right. Is like, I think that I might be autistic and have ADHD cuz a lot of us do's a big overlap, you know? Uh, yeah. So my journey clearly still going and, and that's why we're still making this podcast and why we're living. We're both just trying to like lead empathetic and fulfilling lives. Right? Like, like a lot of people are just trying to be here mm-hmm<affirmative> and just exist. Mm-hmm<affirmative> so this sounds bleak, but like I'm good. Good. Don't worry. Like I'm good. It's I say this all with the<laugh> I, I say this all with the like, of course I'm bad. We're all bad right now. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and that's like, it sucks that we're all feeling, but it's okay. It's okay. Mm-hmm<affirmative> like super valid and so allowed like, God I'm not saying this to be negative. I'm I'm really just trying to be like transparent and yeah. You know, like, I don't know a wild world right now. Mm-hmm<affirmative> like, I don't like structure the world. She needs structure. Geez. Yeah, yeah. Yep. I mean, I think that's why so many people got ADHD diagnoses since the pandemic started mm-hmm<affirmative> the world needs structure. Mm-hmm<affirmative> I say that and then I feel like it might sound a little bit, uh, dictator. Yeah. I was thinking about how, if anyone in our audience is like an anarchist or like a libertarian or anything. Sorry the world needs, um, I don't know how to standards. Yeah. Something like we, we need something consistency, something. Yeah. That like, even that though. I huh? Yeah. Yeah. The problem with getting two degrees that are focused on cultural, um, and historical change. I'm gonna drink some more soda now. Yeah.<laugh> me. I'm not gonna be too negative also me. So you're, I'm gonna say some of the most negative I've said in months<laugh>, you know, speak your truth. Yeah.<laugh> so, um, yeah, it it's been a wild two years.<laugh> I will say doing this podcast has I think very much positively impacted how I've learned about and dealt with my own ADHD between the topics that we've talked about, getting to share our experiences mm-hmm<affirmative> with people and hearing that y'all are feeling seen and heard and like that's huge. Like that's really, that's really cool. Yeah. And so like I will say that's definitely, you know, maybe not impacted the way that my brain worms actually work mm-hmm<affirmative> but it's helped with like my toolkit and it's helped with awareness and it's also helped me like, feel good about it. Yeah. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Like again, that's why I say like, this there's so much going on, but like I'm okay. Yeah, because I have good people. It's always easier to do it with community mm-hmm<affirmative> mm-hmm<affirmative> mm-hmm<affirmative> and not in a weird pair of social way. Like not to be weird about it, but like thank you dear audience for hanging out with us for this really weird journey. Yeah. We're happy to get to be a part of however years is going been a long time since we discussed like shrooms and hot air balloons and corvids and like that. Yeah. We do still do our dopamine trampoline. That's that's been consistent this whole time. It absolutely has been and will continue to be because on that note, we're gonna hop on over team ABA boy.<laugh> time to bounce. Time to bounce. Yeah. You do the voice better than I do. Thank you.<laugh> I'm not good at much, but oh shush. Okay. Listen. I have things that I'm decent at. There are a few things that I'm really good at. And one of the few things I'm really good at is imitating Griffin. McElroy. Sorry, bud.<laugh> maybe stop doing such funky little weird voices. That're easy to mimic. I don't know. It's a very accessible Tamber. Yeah. Like I, I, I get it. Yeah. Yeah. Is that, is that your dopamine trampoline for this? No, no. Excuse me is my dopamine trampoline Griffin McElroy Tamber. Then what is it embarrassing? My DT is Shorey cool. I've talked about letter Kenny a couple times. It's a good show. It's a good show. And the lovely writers and team members from letter Kenny decided to make a spinoff television show based on the character. Shorey the chirping rude, just little man. Shorey with a 69 on his Jersey. Incredible. Who's incredibly good at hockey, but also incredibly rude scene. Total piece of, an absolute piece of. And it's a spinoff where we actually get to meet Shorey face to face mm-hmm<affirmative>. Cause we never see his face in letter Kenny, because he is in fact played by Jared Keso who plays the main character Wayne. So they never show his face in letter, Kenny, but it's like the neighbor and home improvement it's in it's it's, it's a good comedic bit. It is. And the fact that they made enough episodes in letter Kenny with Shorey and pulled enough little nuggets of information that this has dropped into conversation and turned it into an entire spin off that alone deserves an award. It's really impressive. Actually. It's really impressive. And listen, I'm gonna tell you so it's like they took everything that they've learned in their progress of they're they're on season 11 right now of letter Kenny mm-hmm<affirmative>. So they've been doing that for a long time now. And it was on YouTube before it was on like Hulu or whatever, the Kenny platforms. Yeah. I don't know. There's too many of them. Yeah. But they took all of the stuff that they learned, distilled it and put it into six episodes of one season. And I am not exaggerating when I say it is one of the best comedic TV shows I have ever seen. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and I watch so much TV. There are a few things that I claim to know a lot about pop culture, specifically television shows, specifically Canadian TV shows. Mm-hmm<affirmative> I'm pretty well versed. Started with Degrassi and D stuff. Dora seems Canadian. Yes. I didn't know that. Yeah. Huh. That's why they push so many interesting boundaries. It's like difference between like UK shows and us shows. Yeah. Canadians shows are similar to American shows in a lot of ways. Mm-hmm<affirmative> but there are still some slight differences in certain boundaries that culturally they are more okay. Pushing yeah. In pop culture than we are. And I think it's really interesting and fun to watch. Interesting. Um, so it's not for everybody and you're gonna be offended. Yeah. Like there's something is gonna be, be said in Shorey that you're gonna be upset by Uhhuh<affirmative> I can almost guarantee that it is so funny. And I don't say that in a like, oh no one takes a joke these days I'm saying this dude is a complete, but you learn that he also will do anything for his friends and the people he's loyal to mm-hmm<affirmative> that he is willing to fight for his love of the game. Mm-hmm<affirmative> this just loves hockey. So much, he loves hockey so much. And he would do anything for his team. The Subbury blueberry bulldog. I want a blueberry bulldog. I wanna so cute. There's so cute. It follows Shorey uh, basically rehabilitating the Sudbury blueberry bulldogs into a team that will never lose again, bold claim. And I'll leave it up to you to figure out what becomes of them when they make that claim and how they get there. And it, it's just funny. It's funny. I've lost count of how many times I, I think I lost count at like seven, my seven three watch. Like there's only what six episodes. There's only six episodes. They're only 25, 30 minutes long. Mm-hmm<affirmative> for those of us stateside it's uh, on Hulu. And I've been suggesting it to everybody who, because I suggest letter Kenny to everybody I meet mm-hmm<affirmative> pretty much. Um, and, and I've stopped doing that and begun actually recommending Shorey first because letter county, like there's 11 seasons, like they're on the 11 season now. Like that that's a lot of TV Uhhuh, even with short episodes in short seasons. That's a lot mm-hmm<affirmative>, that's an endeavor. Mm-hmm<affirmative> just seeing that little scroll down mm-hmm<affirmative> and you have like, if you have to scroll on the little like seasons page that you know what I mean? Yeah. Like that's it hurts your, uh, there's a barrier to entry there. Yes. And so I've been suggesting shorty because it really is like the cinnamon. I can't, I, the cinnamon topography, I was about to say the cinnamon topography on ironically, as if I, cuz I was gonna, I meant to be like, the cinematography is incredible, but the cinnamon topography is incredible. It's shockingly good. There's so many gorgeous, like hockey playing scenes. Like they got some art ho film bro, behind those cameras for a hockey comedy, for a hockey comedy, the combat scenes, the fighting, the brawls, the brawls and the soundtrack ball. Oh, oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Like, sorry not to steal your thunder. I also love shows. No, it it, please, please. I like, Ugh. If I, if I had to say that I'm an evangelist, it's about Shorey it's really embarrassing. It's embarrassing. I um, like I'm it really truly so funny. And also one of the most relatable characters to me. Yes. I do know. I just described this person is an absolute piece of who will upset you and offend you. I'm not trying to sound like Joe Rogan. Cuz I have standards and like empathy. Yeah. Like I'm not a monster. Well, I think the thing that Shorey does well is things happen that are upsetting and maybe offensive, but they're not in there to be upsetting or offensive humor by and large they're mm-hmm<affirmative> there because the characters are multifaceted and that's the way that they behave. Yeah. So it's not there for comedy. It's not there to like glamorize that type of oh is somebody offended? Humor. Yeah. No it's just, this is the character. This is the environment they grew up in. And I mean, if any of y'all have grown up in the world, Midwest and or Ontario, cuz they're very similar. You, you probably get it. Mm-hmm<affirmative> some of us just say, just say things mm-hmm<affirmative> not anything wild. Don't worry.<laugh> don't worry. I'm not saying, but anyways, I, I deeply relate to a character that should put his like should feel as though he is putting his foot in his mouth, but never does<laugh> it's a shockingly good show. It's amazing. If for any reason, any of the writers or producers ever hear this podcast because of how many times I've talked about their work. Like thanks. funny. God just gets me. Mm-hmm<affirmative> it's been a off quoted since it dropped in may in our apartment. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and I love it. Mm-hmm<affirmative> that's my dopamine trampoline. That's a good one. Go watch Shorey mm-hmm<affirmative> please. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and while you're on Hulu, if you finish all six episodes of that and you want something else just kinda says your DT. It is okay. I'm roll. I'm rolling in this transition. Okay. Hell um, you finish normally, normally I'm the one who makes the weird little fun segues. This is no and fresh and sexy.<laugh> well, thank you. Yeah. Um<laugh> yeah. So if you finish Shorey you, you fall in love with it and you're just like not quite ready to not be watching TV about really lovable. Fuckups my demine trampoline is the bear a, I didn't know your, I, I wouldn't have talked about it earlier.<laugh> I'm so sorry. No, just still your thunder to still my thunder to be incredibly clear. I had a different dopamine trampoline prepared and then you mentioned the bear and I was like, oh, the bear. It's good. Here's I haven't finished it. Okay. What's episode. Are you on? I dunno. Okay. Okay. So I I'll try to not spoil it for you and also anyone else who hasn't seen it yet because I'm guessing not everyone will embarrassingly. And I think on brand for the fact that I'm gonna talk about how much I loved the bear. My other DT that we'll probably get to next time was just gonna Berata the cheese. Yeah, but not, not this time. Hey besty. You're so valid. Thanks busty.<laugh> but anyways, do go on another great, great series on Hulu is eight episodes. I think they're a little bit longer than choy. They're like at least 30 minute, but I know it's been a little bit, a little bit divisive in Chicago. Especially some people are like, this is amazing. I felt so seen some people are like, this is not accurate to Chicago. Their accents were all stupid. Nobody calls the street. They had like a mafia uncle named Cicero. That's two on the nose. And I was like, that's fair. I'm not gonna be the person who says like what? Isn't isn't accurate Chicago. We've lived here for three years now. Four years. Yeah. It's not like we grew up here. Yeah. I mean, you, you have more background than I do. I grew up in Southeastern Washington state. Yeah. It's fair. I do the part they don't talk about. Yeah. The part that's not evergreen Uhhuh, Uhhuh, miniature dopamine. Trampoline is driving. It's so funny. It's so good. If you are ever driving like between like Southeastern Washington and like out to Portland, there are two roads that go right along the Columbia river. So like right on the Washington Oregon border, most people usually drive along. The Oregon border of the road is much nicer. But at some point you do have to cross back into Washington in an area called bigs junction. And you've been driving through Oregon on your way back from like the coast. It's beautiful. It's green. It's like the Columbia Gord, literally Mount hood is in your rear view for a while. It's stunning. You're probably playing carry and lo by Sohi young Stevens for a little bit. Oh no, no you are. You are fully in like hay Marai. You just picked up a bang. You never heard of from tender, loving empire. And you're like, oh, there stuff is actually really good. It's so specific. Just spoil so much. Okay. Sorry. It's time to cross back into Washington. Our motto is the evergreen state. And as you cross back over the majestic Columbia river, you are greeted with this motto on a massive, bright green sign that says welcome to Washington, the evergreen state and behind it is a big brown hill. There are no trees on it whatsoever. Yeah. It's it's a desert Uhhuh. Eastern Washington is like deserts and like just open fields. Mm-hmm<affirmative> gorgeous in its own way. Oh yeah. Absolutely. Like this is not to take away from that. Right. And same thing with like Eastern Oregon, like Uhhuh. It it's just a different environment. Yeah. But God, whoever pulled up that sign comedy. Yeah. The inherent hilarity of being surrounded by tumbleweed tumble like tumbleweed, like this is the land of the Sage grouse. Like this is, this is the land of the dust storm. Right? Uhhuh.<affirmative> like, this is to see a giant sign that is bright green with pine trees all over it. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and it's just like this, like the evergreen state. And it's like clearly, so clearly. So, so clearly it's just like people think of Washington and they're like Seattle and just sort of assume that that's what the rest of the state is like. It's a big state. It's a big state. Next time I drive past it. I just wanna just pop outta my car, do a tiny little bit of graffiti and make sure it says welcome to the never grain state. Yes. That's a good idea. Thanks. Uh, but anyways, for legal, for legal reasons, that's a joke. Yeah. Uhhuh I'm kidding. Would never do that. Nope. Anyways, defacing public crime. I'm in Chicago right now. You can't pin anything on me anyways. Sorry. The min the mini DTD tour it's worth it.<laugh> but the main, my, my main DT has been the bear on Hulu. If you have not heard of it, it is about a guy whose name is Carmi. That's short for Carmen. His family is Italian. He is a incredibly talented, fine dining chef who has gone to school. Who's been nominated for like James Beard awards worked at like French laundry and a bunch of other super famous, super bougie restaurants. Like grant Akes is shaking in his boots at this dude. And he has a loss in the family and has to come back to Chicago from working, I think on like the west coast, like in California to run his family's Italian beef joint. And if you are not familiar with Italian beef, uh, I was not before I moved to Chicago, take a hokey roll, leave it out for like two days and then slap some beef in it. Some like stewed beef and peppers, either hot or sweet your choice and then dip the entire thing in beef juice. Yeah. That's an Italian beef. That's the kind of sandwich it is. And to be clear, however, that sounds to you. It is beloved here. It sounds really good. And I'm hungry. So let's wrap this up. Yeah, no, it's, it's, it's really good. Like, no matter what your opinion is of it, it is a Chicago staple. It is. And like west coast team, if you're not familiar with Chicago beef or the Chicago beef joint energy, imagine like zips esque, but they're not gonna make you a milkshake. So that's the general energy of, I think the, the Italian beef joint, it's, it's quick food, but it's not fast food. They're usually older. So as you can tell a, a big change from the fine dining experience, there's a lot of family turmoil happening with taking over this restaurant. He's coming in trying to essentially like get this restaurant under control because it's financially been incredibly mismanaged. There's a lot of bookkeeping that just kind of doesn't exist. Mm-hmm<affirmative> everybody who's been working there has done it for years and years and years. And they have their own rapport and they have their own kind of relationship with each other. Uh, but everyone does things their own way. And there entrenched in that, and it's not very efficient. And so it's about this guy trying to not only whip this restaurant into shape, but also deal with this, this loss in the family. Mm-hmm<affirmative> and like how the restaurant represents that and creating these relationships with these other people. And that's, I mean, mean that's the thing that I love about it. Aside from the thing that I'm gonna talk about after this is the, the found family of it all really truly mm-hmm<affirmative> keep in mind. This is build as a comedy. Oh yeah. It's a Chicago comedy. It's all I can say about it. It's gonna make you laugh so hard. It's also gonna hurt you. Mm-hmm<affirmative> deeply mm-hmm<affirmative> spiritually at the same time often. Yeah. Um, it's really unique to mm-hmm<affirmative> Chicago. I feel mm-hmm,<affirmative> just the energy of the city. Yeah. It's a little grimy, but it's so earnest. Yeah. And it's, it's about working in a kitchen. It's about this back of house kind of mentality. And to be clear, I never worked line. That is not my area of expertise, except like when I did catering in high school, um, that is different, but I've worked in the service industry. I did a year of culinary school. I worked in a bakery that was attached to a line for a very long time, by a very long time. I mean like two years,<laugh>, that's a long time for people our age though. That's fair. And so like the kitchen culture and the mentality and like personalities that just are in that line of work were all so familiar. I love my job right now to be clear. I adore it. The people that I work with are wonderful. The company's great, but I, I had a second washing shows are like, oh God, I miss it. Oh God, I miss working in a kitchen. Interesting. Which is wild. Cause. Interesting. It doesn't go well, a lot of the time for these people, but it's the comradery. It's the, it's the trauma bonding fair. That's so fair. Part of the reason I haven't finished it yet is because it stresses me out. No, because it reminds me of working back house. That's fair. I also to be clear, I also had a relatively nice experience. I worked with really nice people and I was also watching it going, oh my God. I'm so glad that nobody that I worked with was like that. Yeah. Yeah. My, my, if you still listen to this show, I, I love you and I miss you.<laugh> and I hope you do it all right. But just like a familiar cast of personalities, incredibly stressful, I will say as much as I love the rest of the show. Episode seven, no spoilers, but dear God, dear God, dear God. It is all trauma. No bonding. I'll say that. Yeah. Maybe, maybe I actually watch this one first and then watch Shorey it's kind of cleanse your palette. Yeah. Yeah. Which is a wild thing. Hey, use the show Shorey to cleanse your palette.<laugh> take that one to the bank. Jared Keso Uhhuh<affirmative> but yeah, all the characters are wonderful. There's uh, character named Sydney who I would die for. I would kill for, I'd go to the watch Sydney. Um, the actress who plays her is incredible. Uh, the character, I feel like very seen by and I'm rooting for, even though all of these people are disasters in their own special way. Um, aren't we all, aren't we all. And Marcus, Marcus, my, my baker heart. Ugh. Yeah. How's that cake coming. I'm working on it. That's my plan for the rest of the day. Nice. It's a surprise. We'll tell you a, it's a surprise. It's a surprise. It's a, it's an offer. It's a great idea effects. Yeah. Yeah. Anyways, I'll be sure to retweet it from the Orland park horror, Twitter account. Great. Which I am taking over soon. Oh yeah. That's my GT. So let's go. Let's go ahead and get into the housekeeping stuff before we wrap it up. Hell. Yeah. Guess that's the most exciting piece of news is, uh, L is gonna be taking over the Twitter and it's gonna be rap. And this isn't like a ha ha. I'm gonna let Lexi have access to the Twitter for the day. No, Jordan's given me control. You've taken the reins. I've already started a few things. Mm-hmm<affirmative>, I'm sorry. Don't be, uh, but you know, I gotta contribute somehow. Um, so<laugh> you only host half the podcast, you know, you know, uh, so that's happening and then, uh, we have some other fun things coming up that are kind of a surprise. Um, yeah. Is that cuz it's like, this is a, this is technically our two year anniversary episode. Oops. Um, but you know, uh, I like we're, we're still working on merch things, but it we're excited to, you know, tell y'all that that's a thing that we're, we are planning like we're, we're working on it. We're mm-hmm,<affirmative>, we're making like we're working on designs and mm-hmm<affirmative> brainstorming ideas and all of that. So I guess on that note, like we've gotten some really good ideas from our audience. Yeah. And friends of the show. So like, if you have something that you want to have as the thing that you would, that you would buy, if you wanna own it, tell us. Yeah. Cuz we just, we wanna make things that you want to own that benefits both parties here. Yeah. Like we, we wanna, we gotta keep the lights on mm-hmm<affirmative> and we're we're out of batteries. So, uh, oh yeah. I used the last of the batteries for the touch lights. Gotcha. In our back stairwell. Great. Well, let's get the merch rolling then. Yeah. I think that's all the news I had. Yeah. Same. I'm so sleepy and you're hungry. Yeah. Let's let's wrap this up and guess it get some beef. Yeah. Thank you all again. All the love you guys are great. And we're glad to be back mm-hmm<affirmative> thanks for hanging in there with us. Yeah. And we're excited to get back into it and bring you some real cool stuff the rest of this year. Yeah, we got, we got some cool lined up. That's the other exciting thing is we, we took a break and we decided to sit down and kind of plan some things out mm-hmm so that maybe next time we won't need to take quite so long of a break. You know what I mean? Uh, Uhhuh we're we're working on it and we, uh, appreciate your patience and kindness and flexibility. Uh, and for those people who are just diehard loyal fans to us, like just hell yeah. Thanks. You guys are the best. Keeping us really true. Keeping us afloat. Absolutely. Absolutely. Every time people tweet at us or reach out or any of that stuff, it, it really truly means a lot. Mm-hmm<affirmative> it really, really, truly keeps our lights on emotionally. Yeah. So yeah. Uh, thank you guys a whole lot. Thank you. This has been or learn parkour from wholehearted production company. You can find us on Spotify, apple podcast. You're pretty much anywhere that cool people find their podcasts special. Thanks. Toia parade for our wonderful cover art. 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What's your favorite Shorey quote to quote together to quote together. Yeah, I think you know the one. Okay. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Okay. So it's a series of quotes. Yeah. That brought me. Yeah. Amazing. Um, do you want me to read them with you? Yes, please. Would you like to be Shorey or San Gwinette? I'm San Gwinette, right?<laugh> yeah. Okay. Where are we starting? Okay. So context San Gnet asks Shorey for some help in coaching the team mm-hmm<affirmative> and he's upset because he doesn't wanna yell at people. He doesn't wanna be mean that's why I'm San Gwinette. Yes. And so Shorey says, all right, we're teammates. We're brothers. Yeah. And I go to the wall for you. Are you my brother? Yeah. I'm your brother. Would you go to the wall for me? I go to the wall then you're allowed to call me a useless on the way there. Yeah. Hell yeah. Yeah. Hell yeah. Yeah. So, um, that we quote that back and forth a lot. We do in terms of like love. You love you, dude. That means that we can call each other a useless content on the way there. It's true. So if that some that sums it up. Yeah. I'm Jordan. I'm L and this has been or learn parkour. Thanks for listening. And we'll see you in two weeks. Jordan. You ready? Yeah.