Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast

OLP 037.5: Jordan Forgets the Name of the Podcast (and other bloopers)

June 27, 2022 Jordan Rawlings & Lex Brown
Or, Learn Parkour: An ADHD Podcast
OLP 037.5: Jordan Forgets the Name of the Podcast (and other bloopers)
Show Notes Transcript

Hey y'all! Lex got laid out by a covid booster and Jordan had dental surgery and everything continues to happen so much, so here are some bloopers for you. Take care of yourselves and take care of each other.

CW/TW: Mental health, ADHD,  loud noises, yelling, whale noises, mouth noises.

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Cover art by: Krizia Perito

Theme: There Is A Dark Place

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Speaker 1:

There is a dark place, but I'm not going that. No, no, there is a dark, but

Speaker 2:

Get some, some bloops. Yeah, some blue. Oops. Some, some fruits, some ghost ghost like boo. Oh yeah, yeah. That's good. I, I was like whales. Yeah. No. Which was like, I get it, but like Halloween, come on. I'm sorry. Come on, get with the energy. Do you wanna talk for a little bit? Oh yeah. Um, okay. So this week is a Christmas special of war Lauren parkour. Uh it's. It sure is a special and it sure is before Crio Uhhuh<affirmative> and some of you may be wondering is Crumbo like a Christmas Kimbo. No, but it could be, it could be. I love the idea of that. You know, who's a real Crio who Ned and his Christmas sweater. Yeah.<laugh> just, I do love the idea of like a very hot, very sweet, very, very stupid. Oh, a Crumbo is the male lead in a hallmark film? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, okay. Pack it up. Everybody we've done it, but like specifically, sometimes they're smart guys. Sometimes they're a little crafty. Okay. But like just the dumbest one. Oh, you mean like sometimes hallmark? Yes. Leads are crafty. Yes. I see. Yes. I was like in what world is any Crumbo crafty? No, unless it's to craft Christmas gifts. Yes. And cards. Yes. For their loved ones. Mm-hmm<affirmative> because they do mm-hmm<affirmative> oh, oh. Going Corbin. Blue could be the food person. Cuz you would think by this point he would've learned to make cordon blue. I don't want cordon blue when I'm high. I want McDonald's it's filled with ham. Ew. I want McDonald's okay. Well or like some chips. Okay. I don't know the idea of ham<laugh> I'm like that's fair. Well, you don't have to eat it. I will fair. Um, you know, maybe, maybe eating Corbin, blues, cordon blue while absolutely Baja. Blasted is actually how you see God. Exactly. Exactly. That was a, I did like a chef kiss. Yeah. It was like very, very tender and quiet. I didn't wanna say anything. Cut it. Okay. I was like, I didn't wanna say it's gonna sound weird. Intimate kiss noise. That's why I started explaining it. I like I'm just gonna cut it. Good. Cut it. Well, no you can't. No, you can't. Oh, it'll be in bloopers. That's fine. Um, it was Leah. I, it was Leah. I, If this is your first time tuning into just bump the, try that again. Oh, sorry. You looked down at your computer and we're pausing. And I was like, do you not remember what our podcast is?<laugh> like,<laugh> this is your first time tuning into<laugh>. That would be on brand though. It would. And we did technically change the name of our podcast. That's true. But I'm not gonna say if this is your first time turning into or learn parkour in ADHD podcast. Yeah. If you're wondering, we absolutely only did that for the SEO. We didn't want to betray the park war community by getting their hopes up, I guess. But also I, I was dragged kicking in screaming into this realm and I understand why we had to do it. I do. I didn't like I didn't like having to do it to you, but you know, I had to do it to him. Yeah. I know you had to do it to me specifically.<laugh> anyways, I do appreciate that. We're slowly accomplishing our goal of having a disco ball in every room of the house though. Yeah. We have one in the studio. We have one in the dining or the living room. We now have one in your bedroom. So yeah, the one in my bedroom. We'll see. Yeah. I'm like my bedroom just doesn't get a lot of light. Yeah. But I like the idea of having a disco ball in my room. Yeah. But then I'm like, do I like it hanging in the window or okay. Okay. Yeah. These are not let's let's do this episode. Let's let's do it. Let's do it. All right. Somebody said that to me, like dead pain in a work meeting the other day<laugh> I love your coworkers and I have never met them.<laugh> the relief. You must feel that you don't have to solely shoulder the weight of bullying me anymore to be clear, only weight off my shoulders. I love my coworkers a lot. This is all in good fun to be super clear. God almighty. I hope none of them ever listened to this, but what they already have. Uh, I would set myself on fire. I'm really sorry. Do we need to take a break so you can go get some toilet paper

Speaker 3:


Speaker 2:

Makes good can link burns up fast<laugh> um, yeah, but I was, I was, I had mentioned food network, uh, and watching it as a kid and one of my coworkers was like, you've watched a lot of out in brown. Huh?<laugh> so good. Yeah, that, that is, that is the thing that happened to me.